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Wednesday, April 30

The Wackness

we already told yal about this movie when we professed our love for Josh Peck in our Oh to be In Love spot. Well's hittin theaters this Summer and we finally got a trailer. Holla! The Wackness looks like it's gonna bring some great 90's memories. Raekwon, a Tribe Called Quest, and the Notorious B.I.G. are just a few to grace the soundtrack.

I don't care who got next

SUNY Oneonta's Students of Color Coalition held their annual Charity Basketball game. The proceeds went to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. 21-7 was there reppin' SUCO's Student Fashion Society....Here's a clip from the great game! & a couple pics. We obviously lost in the first tournament, but it's all good.

we're nice right?

a little one on one

These fellas won the championship

Bball is a fun work out

peace yal

Tuesday, April 29

rock the bells

the craziest shit is goin down from july 19th until aug 30th.. ROCK THE BELLS!!! 21-7 is definitely going to be there, are you? tickets haven't gone on sale yet, but we'll keep you updated!

July 19
Chicago, IL at First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
July 20
Toronto, ON, Canada at Molson Amphitheatre
July 26
Boston, MA at Tweeter Center
July 27
New York, NY at Jones Beach Amphitheatre
Aug 2
Miami, FL at Cruzan Amphitheatre
Aug 3
Philadelphia, PA at Susquehanna Bank Center
Aug 9
Denver, CO at Coors Amphitheatre
Aug 16
San Francisco, CA at Shoreline Amphitheatre
Aug 23
Los Angeles, CA at Glen Helen Amphitheatre
Aug 30
Vancouver, BC, Canada at Venue TBD

today is the last day

any last minute votes due? the poll closes tonight! thank you all for previous input!!! a new poll will be up soon...

Sunday, April 27


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Saturday, April 26

a silent movement into swimwear...

the movement may be silent, but 21-7 is screaming BLYNK out loud!! Dominique Sadé, the hottest shit out of NYC, released her label BLYNK (Be Like You & No 1 Known) The line consists of swimwear that transforms from a day at the beach to a night at the hottest club. Dominique tells us her next collection will consist of more than swimwear and she may be doing some things for the fellas!

be known

Friday, April 25

Summer Summer Summer Tiiiime

Thought we'd showcase some cool kicks for the lovely weather.

available at Urban Outfitters, are those lovely Liberty dunks below (they got 'em in low too)

Vivid Blue Air Structure Triax 91 Now available for both sexes.

Do it for the ladies! These drop this Summer!

The Lacoste Ibiza....fresh for you cool cats....see em at Atmos

TETRIS! cop at the Rivington Club, among other Puma retailers

Holland joints...cop em on Ebay

White Gum...mad pretty yo....on Ebay

These sexy joints will be released May 5th, only 350 pairs, 50 of which will be available at MOB. Damn they're beautiful

Talk about beauty, these are gorgeous...Lemon Frost...also on Ebay

Goldstone, out in May

Germany! out tomorrow! Check Atmos, suckers

So many collabos....drops in Amsterdam April 29th, worldwide May 3rd.

These 2 are the SB May releases....up top, Ferris Buller....and below so minty, lol i made that up.

Spend that cheddar ma' fuckas

Thanks Sneakernews for all the info.

Peace yal!

Thursday, April 24

21-7 Weekly Poll: 6 days left!!!

the poll to the right will close in 6 days!! 21-7 needs YOUR input!! do you dig it or not?!


Wednesday, April 23

Pick that shit up!

Soooo, we decided since it was Earth day and all, what better reason is there to clean up your community? So along with our good friend Garrett, we went around the beautiful town of Oneonta to clean up. Along the way we talked to many people, and met a cool guy name James who said "hey I could drink for another half hour or do this" so he joined us in cleaning. We also ran into a pig on a leash! Waaaat! It was a very blessed day. It ended with some amazing Golden Gurnsey ice cream (and some other green things ;) Here are some pics:

it takes 700 years for plastic to break down and 4000 years for glass! Whaaaaat!

this shirt was starting to become apart of the earth it was so buried under sad & so gross

We intend to do this a lot more...and not just for Earth Week

Peace yal

Tuesday, April 22

Its Earth Day yo!

we know it ain't easy to change your lives suddenly to help protect your mother earth. But it really doesn't take too much to help. As cliche as it sounds, the small things really do matter. Gradually you'll develop to the big things. Here are some simple things you can do:

Get rid of junk mail, The Federal Trade Commission website explains how to remove yourself from getting those annoying ass offers and shit. I read that if everyone in the US reduced the junk mail they get every week, 100 million trees would be saved.

Bike, walk, take public transportation, carpool, drive slower, & keep your tires inflated. Bikes are mad cool! and along with walking, you're exercising duh. And public transportation is fun! Don't you love all the bums you see on the train? But if you must drive, go slower with good tire inflation. It saves fuel, tires, and lowers emissions.

Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle. This saves energy and landfill space. Plastic bags are horrible for the earth, but they're really unavoidable. Try using tote bags or check google for all the cool reusable bags, that are affordable and pretty. And when you absolutely have to use plastic bags, just make sure you keep 'em, and reuse 'em. Do not use styrofoam! It is the worst thing ever! Shop at thrift stores and salvation armys. Thats mad reusing! Plus vintage clothes are the shit. Recycle everything! Paper, plastic, whatever, just do it. Why not?

Conserve water people!!!!! Don't let faucets run! It's such a pet peeve when people leave the shower or faucet running. It is so unnecessary. The hardest for me, but the easiest really, is turning off the water when brushing my teeth. It doesn't need to run, just remind yourself that every time you brush. Take shorter showers, or hey skip a few. As relaxing as showers are, we don't need to be in there for but so long. Refill your water bottle. Every time we buy a new bottle of water, more plastic is being used and wasted. There are so many people in this world without clean drinking water. We shouldn't abuse the blessing of having it.

Plant a tree. It sounds mad cory but it's sweet. Do it with a child and help them build good ethics. Teaching the kids to love and care for the planet is the most important thing we can do to protect the future of our home, earth and of humankind.

Unplug yo shit!!! You know you don't need all those electronics plugged in. When something isn't in use, unplug it. Cell phone chargers, radios, a dvd player, fan, whatever it is. Unplugging it when it isn't in use is the simplest thing you can do.

Buy those really good light bulbs. Yeah they're a little pricey but they last mad long, so they end up costing you cheaper than buying the cheap ones all the time.

Put your computers/laptops on power save. I love my screen saver, but it's better to let it sleep or hibernate (whatever one it is). You can have your screen saver come on in 5 minutes and have it sleep within like 20minutes (when plugged in) and like 15/10 when not plugged in. It helps the world, and your computer rest.

Pick that shit up. Garbage is every where, if you see an empty can on the bus, pick it up and throw it out. Keep your wrappers in your bag or pocket, until you reach a garbage can. If you spot garbage on the floors, in any place, I know it seems gross, but you won't get sick, i'm sure, just pick it up, and throw it out. Littering is so horrible, when it is so easy to get to a garbage can. We live on this planet. We should treat it as we do our homes, and our friends' homes, because this planet is all of our home.

Open your windows homie. AC feels fuckin amazing in the summer time! I know, but damn it wastes mad od energy. The world is getting hotter, so ACs get used more but it's only making the environment worse, therefore making it hotter. Sit outside and enjoy the fresh air.

All these things help you individually, and help us all in whole. They're only small changes. It starts with one person, one day. Also use suncreen. The sun's rays are out of this world, and as bronze as i'd like to be, it's safe to protect your skin. We were out for that Rock to Cure thing from only 12-3 and got crazy sun burn. Here's a fact we learned that day, whatever spf you use, double the number and you're suppose to apply it that many times. Ex: SPF 15. double it makes it 30, so apply it every 30 minutes. You can buy pocket size ones.

Make earth a happy earth yal.


Monday, April 21

Rock to Cure

This weekend SUNY Oneonta's Rock to Cure club put on a nice little start to earth week, on campus. It was a gathering of people, all in good company, listening to good music, local artists and learning how to protect our mother earth better. Our good friend, Garrett James performed, we had some great hot dogs, met a pitbull name Karma, and learned that cutting our shower 1 minute won't make us smell any worse, but it will help save the earth.

another good performance

The world is yours

Sunday, April 20

abortion, art?

Aliza Shvarts:

"For the past year, I performed repeated self-induced miscarriages. I created a group of fabricators from volunteers who submitted to periodic STD screenings and agreed to their complete and permanent anonymity. From the 9th to the 15th day of my menstrual cycle, the fabricators would provide me with sperm samples, which I used to privately self-inseminate. Using a needleless syringe, I would inject the sperm near my cervix within 30 minutes of its collection, so as to insure the possibility of fertilization. On the 28th day of my cycle, I would ingest an abortifacient, after which I would experience cramps and heavy bleeding.

To protect myself and others, only I know the number of fabricators who participated, the frequency and accuracy with which I inseminated and the specific abortifacient I used. Because of these measures of privacy, the piece exists only in its telling. This telling can take textual, visual, spatial, temporal and performative forms — copies of copies of which there is no original.

This piece — in its textual and sculptural forms — is meant to call into question the relationship between form and function as they converge on the body. The artwork exists as the verbal narrative you see above, as an installation that will take place in Green Hall, as a time-based performance, as a independent concept, as a myth and as a public discourse.

It creates an ambiguity that isolates the locus of ontology to an act of readership. An intentional ambiguity pervades both the act and the objects I produced in relation to it. The performance exists only as I chose to represent it. For me, the most poignant aspect of this representation — the part most meaningful in terms of its political agenda (and, incidentally, the aspect that has not been discussed thus far) — is the impossibility of accurately identifying the resulting blood. Because the miscarriages coincide with the expected date of menstruation (the 28th day of my cycle), it remains ambiguous whether the there was ever a fertilized ovum or not. The reality of the pregnancy, both for myself and for the audience, is a matter of reading.

This ambivalence makes obvious how the act of identification or naming — the act of ascribing a word to something physical — is at its heart an ideological act, an act that literally has the power to construct bodies. In a sense, the act of conception occurs when the viewer assigns the term “miscarriage” or “period” to that blood.

In some sense, neither term is exactly accurate or inaccurate; the ambiguity is not merely a matter of context, but is embodied in the physicality of the object. This central ambiguity defies a clear definition of the act. The reality of miscarriage is very much a linguistic and political reality, an act of reading constructed by an act of naming — an authorial act.

It is the intention of this piece to destabilize the locus of that authorial act, and in doing so, reclaim it from the heteronormative structures that seek to naturalize it.

As an intervention into our normative understanding of “the real” and its accompanying politics of convention, this performance piece has numerous conceptual goals. The first is to assert that often, normative understandings of biological function are a mythology imposed on form. It is this mythology that creates the sexist, racist, ableist, nationalist and homophobic perspective, distinguishing what body parts are “meant” to do from their physical capability. The myth that a certain set of functions are “natural” (while all the other potential functions are “unnatural”) undermines that sense of capability, confining lifestyle choices to the bounds of normatively defined narratives.

Just as it is a myth that women are “meant” to be feminine and men masculine, that penises and vaginas are “meant” for penetrative heterosexual sex (or that mouths, anuses, breasts, feet or leather, silicone, vinyl, rubber, or metal implements are not “meant” for sex at all), it is a myth that ovaries and a uterus are “meant” to birth a child.

When considering my own bodily form, I recognize its potential as extending beyond its ability to participate in a normative function. While my organs are capable of engaging with the narrative of reproduction — the time-based linkage of discrete events from conception to birth — the realm of capability extends beyond the bounds of that specific narrative chain. These organs can do other things, can have other purposes, and it is the prerogative of every individual to acknowledge and explore this wide realm of capability."

more here


L.A. Times' Anne Powers gives this review on Kanye West's Glow In The Dark Tour:
"An apocalyptic space opera…a show that carried his braggadocio into the realm of myth itself…This was pure comic-book adventure…But the real message came through those unstoppable images. Glow in the Dark raises the bar for arena tours as no show has since U2's 1992 Zoo TV breakthrough. It's that innovative and galvanizing…the ridiculous, beautiful heights of West's heroics."

Rolling Stone:

The headliner took his time, playing eighteen songs in an unbroken ninety-minute set. Half of the songs came from 2007’s Graduation, five from 2005’s Late Registration and the rest from 2004’s The College Dropout. Kanye stood alone on a stage that was made out to look like a spaceship, complete with a giant video backdrop that flashed psychedelic fractal patterns, bursting stars and moonscapes. Ostensibly, Kanye was trapped aboard a rogue ship piloted by a female version, dubbed Jane, of 2001’s HAL 9000. Kanye began with “Good Morning,” then touched on “Through the Wire,” the thematically inevitable trio of “Flashing Lights,” “Spaceship,” and “All Falls Down” and hit his climax for “Hey Mama,” during which he bowed forward on his knees and delivered an emotional monologue about following one’s dreams. The song that came immediately after Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’,” blasting over the PA before Kanye-in-space got his strength back to deliver “Stronger.”

Damn, we're itchin' over here


When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.

-Bob Marley

Saturday, April 19

11 days left

there's only 11 days left to vote on the poll to the right.. let us know what you think about our magazine!!

keep it funky

Oh to be in love...


he's amazing on all different levels. first, he's hott with glasses & even hotter without (kinda like urkel & that machine). he plays so many different positions. he's a rapper ...duhhh.. and a activist, teacher, coolest guy whaaat and down to ground. he drops crazy knowledge consistently. eg: like the album's story: the cool, the game & the streets ORRR how he went to a university and answered questions about politics, hip-hop and homophobia. he confuses many just by muttering his labels. he's an amazing man!! lupe's album is the shiiiiiiit (if you're late) cop it now!!

peace and much love to ya

check out the latest lupe news at

Wednesday, April 16


this is for anyone in this world who has big dreams that they are not following for whatever reason,

do not let anyone tell you different from what you feel, follow your dreams! as long as you are being smart about it and doing it right anything can happen. thoroughly think your dreams through and then go get em. lupe has some words of wisdom for us dreamers in his song fighters ft matthew santos:

or is it somethin they could never believe
or is it somethin you could never acheive
is it beyond your means
is it inside your dreams
can it
never come out
cuz its scared to
unprepared to
too worried about the words of the people it's weird too
you dont want em to hear you
you just wish it was a door that would appear
that you can go disappear through
well im feelin your pain
i was feelin the same
but i said id never feel that again

Tuesday, April 15

Oh to be in love

Josh Peck is an uber cutie, not to mention he's fucking hilarious. He started his acting career as a child star on The Amanda Show, and has had a long-runing show on Nickelodeon called Drake & Josh. He's been hitting the Indie film scene with movies like "The Wackness" where he plays a teenage drug dealer in the '90's. He has a few more projects coming up too. We love Josh because he's charming, whitty, so funny on Drake & Josh, recently ruggedly adorable, can play the piano, hangs with Method Man, IMDB says he makes hip hop beats, has a fish name Beefy and a dog name Monster. But who knows how true that is. We still love it. He's 6'1", from NYC, smokes marijuana, has amazing eyes, an interesting sense of style, and we cant forget how perfect his acting skills are. Make sure yal watch Drake & Josh. And keep a look out for "The Wackness" among other films. You can peep this cool interview on youtube, it gives a cool idea of the kinda dude he is.
With deep love,


so vintage.

These beautiful Nike Dunk Hi's are apart of the Nike Vintage collection. Not surprisingly, they only come in men and can be purchased at import sneaker online store, LTD Online. You can see more pics there & at hypebeast.

peace yal

Monday, April 14

you don't wana mess with a Duffy

Cool song from new UK singer Duffy, called Mercy

More music at her myspace, duh

Peace yal

new nina sky- secrets

Secrets (Prod Ryan Leslie)[ www.FromDaHood.BlogSpot.Com ] - Nina Sky

lupe fiasco- paris tokyo

mo' music

Sooooo I love Taryn Manning for sum reason. I been listenin 2 run away for a minute now. and there's finally a vid. check out more music at her myspace. she's the shit all around!

Sunday, April 13


as of right now there is only 17 days left to vote on the poll to the right of the page... VOTE!!! everyone VOTE!!!!!! let us know what you think about 21-7.. does it suit you?

<33 peace

Friday, April 11


jabbawockeez tribute to gee one. killlllllllerrrrrr!

Thursday, April 10

They call it rebel music

thinkin movies?

renting some movies? here are some 21-7 suggestions:

To Die For (1995) starring Nicole Kidman & Matt Dillion
Suzanne Stone is an aspiring TV personality who will do anything to be in the spotlight- including enlisting 3 teenagers to kill her husband.
Factory Girl (2006) starring Sienna Miller & Guy Pearce
Based on the rise and fall of socialite Edie Sedgwick, concentrating on her relationships with Andy Warhol and a folk singer.
How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (2003) starring Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey
Benjamin Barry is an advertising executive and ladies' man who, to win a big campaign, bets that he can make a woman fall in love with him in 10 days. Andie Anderson covers the "How To" beat for "Composure" magazine and is assigned to write an article on "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days." They meet in a bar shortly after the bet is made.
Edward Scissorhands (1990) starring Johnny Depp & Winona Ryder
An uncommonly gentle young man, who happens to have scissors for hands, falls in love with a beautiful teenage girl.
Tristan + Isolde (2006) starring James Franco & Sophia Myles
An affair between the second in line to Britain's throne and the princess of the feuding Irish spells doom for the young lovers
Moulin Rouge! (2001) starring Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor
A poet falls for a beautiful courtesan whom a jealous duke covets in this stylish musical, with music drawn from familiar 20th century sources.
Cheaper By The Dozen (2003) Funny movie about a family with 12 kids. The plot basically shows all the sacrifice and benefits there are to raising a family. Both 1 & 2 are great!
Leon The Professional (1994) A professional assassin takes care of a 12-year old girl who's whole family had just been murdered. He begins to teach her his trade, and develop a bond with her.
City of God (2002) This movie takes place in the slums of Brazil, showing the path of teenagers growing up in the violent hoods. It is all in Portuguese, but reading the subtitles never takes away from the movie. It always maintains your attention.
The Wood (1991) Mad funny tail of 3 best friends growing up in Inglewood, Cali.
Sixteen Candles (1984) Classic 80s movie. Girls family forgets her 16th birthday, and the entire day becomes a day of embarrassing events, including a quest to get to her crush.
Knocked Up (2007) Romantic comedy about a one night stand gone wrong.
Belly (1998) Two gangtas (Nas & DMX) go threw mad bullshit in and out of their hood, due to their business, and progressively have spiritual awakenings. "I am the original Jamaican Don Dada!"

Political Updates

uhhhhh any1 else smell bullshit?

Tuesday, April 8

Jungle gym in your crib? Whaaat!


This is the most amazing house ever! Artists & Architects Madeline & Arakawa Gins have built a Bioscleave House created to help people "maintain equilibrium." The house is made so that you use your body in unexpected ways, keeping you on guard at all times, and keeping you young with everyday challenges. The walls are painted in over 40 colors, there are jungle gym like lounge areas, rippled floors, oddly placed power outlets, multiple levels (so you feel like you're in two places at once), and an assortment of windows in different sizes. The house has some risks (have no clue what), so a waiver needs to be signed before entering, and children aren't allowed. It's going for over $2 million dollars and is oddly located in Long Island, NY. Friend and architect Steven Holl, says its purpose is "that you’re only as old as you think you are." Many say their work is meant to make you think in a way different from the "normal." Kinda like drugs. Haha.
Check here for more info and more pics on some of their other amazing projects. The video is a must see. The theories they have behind it is amazing. 21-7 is a new fan of the couple. But peep the apartments in Japan too, whaaaat! Crazy!


Peace Yal

Sunday, April 6

Peace, Love, Empathy

“The duty of youth is to challenge corruption” Kurt Cobain


check out the 21-7 playlist on!! consistently in development.


Friday, April 4

a day in the life works with people to document their lives through audio recordings. yeah, it sounds boring, but the website has interesting stories. and why not exercise our imaginations instead of having the TV tell us what to picture in our mind? the website states:

Radio Diaries works with people to document their own lives for public radio: teenagers, seniors, prison inmates and others whose voices are rarely heard. We help people share their stories—and their lives—in their own words, creating documentaries that are powerful, surprising, intimate and timeless.

they currently have stories like "Thembi's AIDS Diary: A Year in the Life of a South African Teenager" and "IDENTICAL STRANGERS" twins separated at birth then reunited at age 35, and much more.

Thursday, April 3

You Don't Have To Answer!

Them good 'ol Filipino prison dancers are back! This time they're protesting a political scandal going on in their country, involving President Gloria. This is the best thing ever. Who choreographed this? Whaaat! They were gettin' down! Mad together and shit, we love it. Gotta watch the whole thing. Dance is such a fun way to express protest. Who knew The Philippines were so rhythmically inclined. And you can't front, that 80s classic Gloria, by Laura Branigan...tough.


Wednesday, April 2

taking it back

we all heard the song by the lady who sings la da dee la dee da, but we don't know her name! well re-introducing, crystal waters!!
her main singles include gypsy woman, 100% pure love and party in the ghetto. she's an amazing artist so imeem her and check it out. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

Dig it? Click it!