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Sunday, February 28

Sunday Songs

I love this song and Alanis, my gosh! I was singing this on Rock Band 2 the other day, so much fun.

Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know

Sunday Songs

This track is just dope! JUMP for BTS of the video.

Big Sean f/ GLC & Chip Tha Ripper - Okay


Sunday Songs

I love me some Teedra Moses, she has a beautiful voice that way too many people sleep on. Those people need to get it together and enjoy!

Teedra Moses - Be Your Girl

Sunday Songs

Why do sad love songs make good dance club songs?

Taio Cruz f/ Ludacris - Break Your Heart

Sunday Songs

Speaking of One Republic, let's take a trip down memory lane of all their greatest hits, which is all of their song they have every put out, in my opinion. My all time favorite is, Say (All I Need). Enjoy this mini collection.

JUMP for more!

One Republic - Stop And State

One Republic - Mercy

Timbaland f/ One Republic - Apologies

Decoding "Bad Romance"

This shit is fucking deep and A LOT to take in. Just the other night me and Elle were wondering wtf does that video mean? Tonight, I happened to stumble upon a possible answer. Life is funny. And scary.

The McQueen reference is what really got me. If he was really into the satanic shit too and his mother happened to die, and his best friend committed sudicide and then he did too... na! That's too fishy of a story, something happened.
Jump for a McQueen video

Watch more here

April 2009: Justin Tranter

Release date: April 2009 - Issue 4
Interview by Leslieann Santiago

Justin Tranter bleeds talent! He's the front man and leader singer of the street glam band Semi Precious Weapons and designer of Fetty jewelry. He has taken both of these magnetic babies and turned them into success stories. Semi Precious Weapons is in the beginning of taking over the rock & roll scene, bringing back the bad ass beats, bad ass lyrics and even badder behavior. While they're taking over, Justin has managed to take Fetty of Brooklyn from shipping out of his apartment to selling crazy in Barney's CO-OP. We got the chance to talk with Justin on what inspires his art, guns, New York City, and all the filthy things he's up to. Listen up mother fuckers.


Why don't I remember this at ALL?

Saturday, February 27

21-7 Weekly Poll:

What's your status?

In a relationship 20%
Single 80%
Married 0%
Divorced 0%

I figured single would be the popular answer. Though it is still "cuffing season", there are many who just hate to be tied down. And as warm weather approaches, I'm sure the number of singles will increase. Those in relationships, I hope they're good ones. Wishing you all the best with the one you choose to give your heart to.

"If you are single there is always one thing you should take out with you on a Saturday night... your friends." - Sex in the City

Peep the new poll!

J.Cole x The Loft

I really really really, like J.Cole, he brings something new to this music game and I like that! Smooth. Check him out as he performs at The Loft in ATL.

J.Cole @ The Loft, Atlanta. from Benjamin Styles on Vimeo.

Silly Saturday

Come on, this is funny. LOL!

One Republic - All The Right Moves

Heard this song on the radio one time and fell inlove after one listen, now I am purchasing it on itunes and pressing repeat and turning the volume to an all time high. One Republic is a great group, their songs are always a hit. Enjoy this video.

Silly Saturday

Just the title of this video is funny. If you really want to laugh press play to see Mr. Chi-City in action, LOL.

Nov 2008: Wordspit

Release date: Nov 2008
Interview by Alysia Mazzella

Wordspit the Illest is definitely an artist to fuck wit. He has swag, a down-to-earth personality and most of all, he is a serious lyricist. We interviewed Wordspit the Illest about how he became a rapper, what his plans are for "Spit-Hop," his recent video shoot for "Not a Joke This Year," what exactly Jesus Juice is, his top songs in rotation, why he's a heartbroken kinda guy (right now), he offers some inspirational words for you dreamers, and answers some fun This or That questions. All in 11 minutes.

Silly Saturday
Is this funny or mean? We can't decide.

Sweet Louiiiiiii.

Dzmitry Samal x Louis Vuitton Sunglasses. I Like!

Friday, February 26

XV - 30 Minute Layover

XV finally decided to break us off with something new, 30 Minute Layover, which features 10 freestyles. Consider this a tiny nibble of what's to come. This will definitely keep our anticipation levels at a constant high until the release of Vizzy Zone, which is dropping March 26. I can dig it. If you're a freestyle fanatic you're going to need this for your collection, Vizzy goes hard. Don't miss this plane, enjoy! PS. Aren't you just loving the artwork, I am! DOWNLOAD IT ALL HERE!

My day Friday

My Day Friday, consists of staying in the casa, doing duty and watching Jumanji, an all time favorite of mine. Love it ! Everyone else be safe and have fun.


Rihanna found herself trying to teach Alan Carr how to dance. TOO FUNNY! She must have forgotten the moves she learned for the "Rude Boy" video, because WTF is this? Alan is funny in this though!

Still on top bitchesssss

Stop hating and get to know KESHAAA!

May 2009: Colin Munroe

Release date: May 2009 - Issue 5
Interview by Alysia Mazzella

Colin Munroe's multi-talent is taking the world by storm; from his voicebox, to the piano, the guitar, banjo, film and more. After being home-schooled in his earlier years, he learned that public school has much more benefits. He lets the feeling inside him guide him on his journey to stardom. We talk to Mr. Munroe about currently being on tour with Wale, his future moves, why he is the "Unsung Hero," we have a few laughs, and much more, listen carefully!

You know my name

lol I love Nic's laugh, and Nat is so funny :)


Thursday, February 25

Curtiss King - Can I Vent?

We love us some Curtiss! This is dope, listen up!

Curtiss King - Can I Vent? from Curtiss King on Vimeo.

JUMP for another video from Mr. King

Pop goes Katy!

Katy Perry covers the March 2010 issue of Nylon, rocking a Jeremy Scott jacket.
JUMP for the fun photos! I love the floral Moschino jacket she wears!

You can see more photos at

Curren$y x Stalley - Address


Twitter is all you need huh

Erykah Badu had some trouble getting Paul McCartney (of The Beatles, you should already know this) to approve her track that samples him. She and her fans used the power of twitter, and voila, sample approved.


Snoop Dogg on my soap!

Snoop Dogg was on One Life To Live yesterday. It was a great episode! Everyone knows All My Children is my number one, but I been watching both these forever. And Snoop's apprearance was one to remember. Apparently it wasn't his first time visiting Llanview (the town's name), he kept saying "Llanview, what it do". And he's actually good friends with Bo Buchanan (long time character). When he went to Bo's house he referred to Snoop by his real name and they talked about real things, like Snoop's fam. He spoke in a lot of slang, which was kind of funny. Then he performed at their night club and everyone was jamming to his track I Wanna Rock. I had so much fun watching! They even re-did the soap's theme song with a Snoop Dogg version. Jump for his "acting" part. This here is his performance.

He's in the beginning of this and then the rest of his scene is at about 2 min.

On a Truck With Theophilus London

Fader TV did this amazing video with Theo on a truck. He does an amazing performance of Humdrum Town. Sounds awesome. I love the woodsy theme. Enjoy!

My new favorite person

Ellen Page<3

Thanks to Elle and the good people that brought us the movie "Whip It" (a MUST see)

Sif on the radioooo

Sif's single was debuted on a California radio station! How ill

Galax Music!

MeLo-X + Visionary Dary = Galax Music! Download the debut mix "Position X"

Coming soon...
Audio Foreplay (Sonic Intercourse prelude) & Sonic Intercourse from MeLo-X,
and the Nikki NTU sampler!

1. Bieng near you- D.V.S*
2. (Only)Reprise + Love Test (Only)- Phaseone
3. (A Sweaterless Suite)Phase 2- AFTA-1 & Cazeaux Oslo - M.M.J.S
4. Eve (I Need You)- Dwele
5. Superheroes (Afta-1 remix)- Esthero
6. Aunties lock Infinitum- Flying Lotus feat. Laura Darlington
7. My Day- Joya Mooi ft. Mar
8. J.Birly-The Ins X Miles Bonny
9. Done It- Jazz Chronicles
10. Mega Joy-Kidkanevil (Tokimonsta Usound Bliss Remix)
11. Houstatlantavegas - SonnyMoon

Ray Ray on Drums


RAY RAY ON DRUMS from TONE on Vimeo.

Little Brother "Left Back"

Little Brother is back with their album "Left Back" available April 20th!

1. Curtain Call (Prod. By Khrysis)
2. Table For Two Feat. Jozeemo & Yahzarah (Prod. By Khrysis)
3. Tigallo For Dolo (Prod. By Khrysis)
4. Revenge Feat. Truck North & Median (Prod. By Khrysis)
5. So Cold Feat. Chaundon (Prod. By King Karnov)
6. Second Chances Feat. Bilal & Darien Brockington (Prod. By Denaun Porter)
7. Go Off Go On (Prod. By Khrysis)
8. What We Are Feat. Quiana (Prod. By Young R.J.)
9. After The Party Feat. Carlitta Durand (S1 and Caleb’s Who Shot JR Ewing Remix) (Prod. By S1 and Caleb)
10. Two Step Blues Feat. Darien Brockington (Zo’s Purple Suit With The Matching Gators Remix) (Prod. By Zo!)
11. Get Enough Pt. 2 Feat. Khrysis (Prod. By Khrysis)
12. Before The Night Is Over (Prod. By J.Bizness)
13. 24 Feat. Torae (Prod. By Khrysis)

Black Lips are cool as shit

"Take My Heart" off 200 Million Thousand


Love her for life.

All ehT Girls 2

Mixed by DJ ehT Mills!
Music by Eric Sosa, Mickey Factz, Maggie Horn, Roxy Cottontail, Memberz Only, NINJASONIK, Prophit, and more!

Nov 2008: Dame Grease

Release date: November 2008
Interview by Alysia Mazzella

Dame Grease rings bells. He has been around the block and back again, all of Lot Musik beats are straight hits. This Harlem native has produced for an endless list of music artists; DMX, LL Cool J, Nas, Jay-Z, Styles P, Cam'ron, Freeway, DJ Drama, Carl Thomas, Eve, Mary J. Blige, Fat Joe, The Lox, Max B, French Montana, Kelis and more. 21-7 got the chance to catch up with the multi-platinum producer. He talks about his resume, (practically) the only artist he hasn't worked with, N.I.B., his plans as a rapper and producer, who turned his beat into the hottest song, Lot Musik future plans, and why no one has a swag like his.

Thoughtful Thursday
"Perception of life is shaped by the concepts already established in our minds."

That's why there is no such thing as "right" and "wrong," the world has too many perspectives to deem something/someone good or bad and right or wrong. Open your mind.

Wednesday, February 24


i love acoustic covers!

This I Invented Sex cover by Brad Doggett, is fantastic, no really. I remember when Trey posted this on his twitter, I fell in love off one listen. I love the acoustic guitar and his voice is lovely. Enjoy

No Hables Ingles

co-Hosted by 21-7 :) Be there

Click to enlarge!

VV: Alice in Wonderland

Vintage Vandalizm is a genius when it comes to playing dress up! Check out her outfits inspired by her favorite movie, Alice in Wonderland. She presents amazing interpretations of the characters. [View original post here]


Queen of Hearts, The White Rabbit, The Mad Hatter & Alice!

Click to enlarge


Monday NYC!


Back home in Newburgh...

Look what my brother made! Isn't it just fantastic?!

Justin Bieber is a life-ruiner.

So there's a little fucking three-year-old crying over Mr. Bieber. WTF is going on in this world? That little girl is going to have serious unhealthy relationships in the future.

Embedding was disabled, so view the proof here.

Do it.


Live & inCOLOR

This is the second event of a monthly series brought to you by Live & inCOLOR. This month they present Jade<3 with music by DJ Bonnie Danger. They're switching it up and offering an event before 10pm, also without a cover charge, all beautiful things! [View the FB event page]

Date: Thursday, February 25, 2010
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Leopard Lounge
Address: 248 E 5th St New York, NY

Nina Sky!

Cover the song "Be My Baby" from the movie Dirty Dancing. Beautiful! Download it here!



Kush x Orange Juice

So this is the official trailer for the mixtape. Can't wait.

Kush x Orange Juice Trailer from taylorgang on Vimeo.


Worldwide drinking ages

Thought this was interesting. Click to enlarge, view the whole list [here]

Did you know
-It is perfectly legal for minors to drink alcohol in most states in the US, just not purchase it
-Some US states allow minors to drink only under parental/guardian supervision, such as Louisanna and Texas
-It is only illegal for a minor to drink in 7 States in the US

Omahyra Mota

You can't dislike her, that's just hating.


"2010 smells major."

April 2009: Jesse Boykins III

Release date: April 2009 - Issue 4
Interview by Alexandria Neason

Jesse Boykins III is deeper than R&B, he has soul. We talked with him about what the future holds, the direction R&B music is taking and more. Get to know JB3 and why he has just enough charm and soul.


"If you stay focused on your goal,
the path should eventually open up and allow you to continue on your way."


Relax your mind, and take a nice, warm bath. Consider using bubbles even. Light candles, read a book or listen to some music. Enjoy some calm alone time.

Photo: Bathe in Settling Sun by dkim on Etsy We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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