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Monday, November 30

A poem for you on my missing monday...

Problems that you gave me, how would ive known that you would save me.
For the people that said we cant.
You always told me that I always can.
Smell takes me to another level, type of high that jesus would even have to gel to.
I found you in the 2nd grade.
Grandmoms broke, father gone, had to speak about it, so this is how I use my vocals.
Never any limit, call me anytime for you im always sleepless.
Corner store story's.
This love is priceless..Spend my life with you, then die holding you in my casket.
These walls wont let it happen..GRAFFITTI..( well real graffitti that is.)
I miss you!

I miss DJ AM..he was a great guy. As well being a big part of the sneaker culture and music industry. BUTTTTTTTTT, I got awesome news...

A Nike X DJ AM collabo! Not much info. is out, but the kicks look amazing and def. a must have for any avid collector.

Clipse X Howard Homecoming '09

Howard Homecoming '09 from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

Drake Room For Improvement

So Drake has previously released the "Room For Improvement" mixtape, however this version was updated, hence the "room for improvement," also the tape has no feature DJ. I've honestly never heard the first version, so I'll enjoy this regardless, but if you've heard the first version, see if you could hear where the improvement was made.

Missing Monday
Lauryn Hill has been, and is still one of my favorite artist. My favorite album of hers is, of course, "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill." I don't know how many times I've played this album, but I know it's at the top of the list of my most played albums on my itunes. I miss her music. I mostly miss how articulate she was as a female artist and the best part, was that she was respected. In 2007 she had a single call "Loose Myself" and I thought she was back, but no. Lauryn where are you? Your music is needed gurl!!!

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Gaga feat Cudi in concert

Lady Gaga threatens Kid Cudi, then explains what music is about. The two performed

Poker face recently in Canada. Damn, I wanna see her in concert now!


@RevRunWisdom if you've ever felt like you just can't get THAT BIG BREAK (dont worry!) God loooves taking the hopeless & making them the DOPEST!

I love reading RevRun's tweets in the morning and, matter of fact, throughout the day. This one really spoke to me because I realize that when shit are not going as planned, somehow and someway, things end up working out so nicely. More so, have you ever notice that the most successful people have a story? Stories that makes you go"damn!" I trust that the people that go through the worst shit are the strongest people in every kind of way and the most successful! So when things aren't going as planned, trust that the break through is soon to come...word!

Get Get, Get It!

Ahhhhh, check out this lil kid rain on a street performer's parade. It's the funniest/cutest thing ever. I love stuff like this. Lil man is maybe 5 years old and he's knows MJ's moves; that is so awesome.

Missing Monday

We miss Lindsay Lohan. Watching Mean Girls helped remind us how awesome Lindsay Lohan is in movies. And we miss watching her act. Hopefully she has some good movies coming out soon. We'll be waiting.


Sunday, November 29

Sunday Songs

Solange- "Would've Been The One" this song remind me of Christmas. And i love her voice on it so fucking enjoy it or else -_-.

Sunday Songs

Hip hop. "REAL" hip hop, subconscious, verbally gifted rhyme slayers, Kevin Mercer, Dave Jude Jolicoeur, Vincent Manson aka the peace master, make up the incredible group De La Soul. Long Island natvies brought classic hits like, "Me Myself and I" collabs with the Gorillaz in "Clint Eastwood". Here's my favorite...

Stakes is High

Sunday Songs

I have been sleeping on Travis Porter, unsigned southern boys, hailing from Atlanta, Ga. My friend told me about them a while back but I never got around to listening, and yes I am regretting it. Then, the other day I was on my friends facebook page and there was a video posted which was the making of their video for their new single, Go Shorty Go. Ever since then I fell in love with that song and now I can say I am officially a fan. Better late than never, right? Check it out.

Jump for the making of go shorty go.

Supra Skytop 2

Im starting to see alot of supra's on new yorkers feet. I really like these, and I hear there will be more on stock for new york, but who knows now a days..

Sunday Songs

I'm happy to hear a new track from Gym Class Heroes. It's a bit of a new sound, since Travis isn't rapping, but instead he's singing, and so is guitarist, Disashi. I like it.

Live A Little

Sunday Songs

Loni posted this before, and ever since I've had it on heavy rotation. This song is great.

Clipse Feat. Cam'ron- Popular Demand

Maestro Knows & Jonathan Mannion

I could watch the 1st 19 seconds of this video over and over again. Maestro is too fucking cute I can't take it! If I ran into him here in NYC, I'd...I'd probably bitch up. lol. But this episode is a pretty great one. He gets up with famous photographer Jonathan Mannion; who has shot some of the greatest celebs in the music industry. He's captured some of hip hop's most legendary photos. In this episode they give a sneak peek of Lil' Wayne's album cover. Now go and enjoy Maestro's smile. I know I will.

Leighton Meester ft. Robin Thicke

Here's the official music video for Leighton Meester's 1st single. I showed her performing this last week, but the song actually features Robin Thicke. I fucking love it! I'm so excited for Leighton. And Robin Thicke looks so damn delicious. I love his style!

Somebody To Love

Sunday Songs

Common "The People"

Saturday, November 28

Sunday Songs
This sunday we're going to take it back to a classic, Clipse "Gangsta Lean"

Silly Saturday

Only in California where they would do some shit like this.


Friday, November 27

My day Friday


How fucking amazing are these Gucci platform mary-janes! They're from Spring 2009. I happened to find imitations of these beauties at TopShop, on sale for $30! With student discount, $27 dollars! I wish I could own these Guccis, they are perfect in every way. The wood is stunning, the bronze is beautiful, and the strap around the heel of the foot, spanking. But these reasonably priced shoes I got are a perfect substitute. Jump for a fuzzy phone pic of mine.


"Ice Cream Paint Job" Parody

Lol this is funny this chick Traci Bankston took Lil Wayne's "Ice Cream Paint Job" and made a parody. The video's whack.. but the lyrics are HILARIOUSSSSSS


My day Friday

I came home (upstate) for the week to visit my fantastical family. I had lots of fun and lots of food :) Coming home really helps me get grounded and realize the reasons why I moved with Elle in Brooklyn. One thing I truly miss here is my kitty Pacman aka Pacman-man aka Pacmania aka Pacistan, he's the fucking greatest... if we ignore the fact he kills an average of 14 animals (mainly birds & rabbits) per week. But overall, it was a great relaxing week. I got my LONG OVERDUE haircut, solved my computer mystery, bonded with the ones I love, and most of all, had a GREAT thanksgiving. It was nice to get away from my day-job and the busy city, but now I'm ready to get it alllllll back. Hello Brooklyn!!


"I worked hard for everything, so why not salute?"
-Wiz Khalifa, "S.D.L." featured on his mixtape collabo with Curren$y How Fly

My day Friday

In the meantime, read up on Jade or Poppa Purp in Issue 9!

Hey readers! Thanks for your patience with Issue 10, we will resume on a regular schedule on January 1st 2010. We will also be debuting an entirely new website with lots of updates for a more interactive and enjoyable visit every time you type in! We've came a long way since beginning with this Blogger one sweet Tuesday two years ago. Now, we're ready and able to give you our dream 100%. If you were hooked before, we're really going to be keeping you awake next year.

20-10, please (re-)welcome 21-7.

Thursday, November 26

Thoughtful Thursday


I think these Louboutins are beautiful and so is this photo. And so is her outfit. The shades create a calming vibe. And I love the damp street floor. Photo by Jak & Jil

rich girls poor girls


Rich girls will break your heart Poor girls will take your money

I've seen this the last few times I walked to the J on Bowery. It's by Haculla.

21-7 Weekly Poll:

Are you ready for Winter?

No 93%
Don't care 6%
Yes 0%

I had a feeling the poll would go this way. No one is ready for Winter. Especially since the New York weather has been playing so many games. One day it's freezing the next it's sunny and warm, like wtf. I really don't want to have to buy a winter coat. I don't want to have to wear long-johns under my jeans, or have to put a hat on. But I would like a white Christmas, and winter coming is inevitable. I have this really bad feeling it's going to be a rough Winter though. Hopefully it won't be a crazy long one. The trains are the worst during this season.

peep the new poll

Melo-X Ep. 2

Remember these, The Mind of Mustafa: A Web doc-series. He's back with Episode 2! And he's STILL better than ever. Keep updated on

The Mind Of Mustafa : Episode 02 : The PreShow from MeLo X on Vimeo.

Thoughtful Thursday

"I do not think of all the misery, but of the glory that remains. Go outside into the fields, nature and the sun, go out and seek happiness in yourself and in God. Think of the beauty that again and again discharges itself within and without you and be happy. "

~Anne Frank

The King

I've seen so many pics of The King of Pop floating around since his passing. I think this one is the best one i've seen thus far. What y'all think?

Thoughtful Thursday

Trenchtown Rock - Bob Marley & The Wailers

"One thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain." Bob Marley


Lil Duval has got to be one of the funniest people on twitter. I went to his page this week and I peeped his profile pic and no lie, I couldn't stop laughing. This looks like a lil boy looking up to his father, but this is no little boy. I love this man. Follow him on twitter to keep up with the laughs @lilduval.

Trey feat Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy- LOL :-)

Trey Songz finally has a video for "LOL :-)." I honestly laughed more than anything at the video. No Trey, but it seems like the video was made for the fans. Check it out!

Thoughtful Thursday

I'm all about questioning everything. I have a tinkle of rebellious in me and I enjoy to learn on my own. It's the hard way though, because it leads you to make realizations that completely change your mindset and outlook on the world.

Existential philosophy is defined as the "explicit conceptual manifestation of an existential attitude that begins with a sense of disorientation and confusion in the face of an apparently meaningless or absurd world."

I think we all experience a time when we question everything that is taught for us to simply accept. Definitely keep questioning it and doing your own research to find your own truth.

This world is INSANE when you really think about it. But too much thinking can drive any man crazy. Personally, I think that we're put on the earth to learn. I also believe everything happens for a reason; as a lesson for you to deeply consider and change in the event of. In any case, let's just keep gaining and spreading knowledge. One cannot learn solely through talking or listening, mutual communication is the KEY.

New Lupe Fiasco

The mixtape is here, the Lupe Fiasco one that I spoke of on missing monday. It is entitled, enemy of the state: a love story. What more to be thankful for on Thanksgiving then some new Lupe. I'm hype, enjoy!!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!

It's that special time of the year again, kicking off the Holiday season, bringing family and friends together, to eat lots of delicious food, and give thanks for our blessings. Certainly, we should give thanks everyday. But it's great to have this special day for togetherness, and relaxation. Everyone have a wonderful holiday!

Wednesday, November 25

Leighton Meester - Somebody to Love

I fucking love Leighton Meester. I think this whole style she's doing as a music artist is kind of random, but fuck it. I dig it, not the back up dancers though.

Beyonce & Lady Gaga Spoof

it's pretty great. Video Phone Behind The Scenes

get a kick out of this...

LMFAO! I stumbled upon this facebook and I clicked it and started lmao. The caption said, "yo hold on, we about to go down a hill". This shit is to funny and unreal. omg! It's one of those picture you tag everyone in just to be silly. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

Dig it? Click it!