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Friday, November 27

My day Friday

I came home (upstate) for the week to visit my fantastical family. I had lots of fun and lots of food :) Coming home really helps me get grounded and realize the reasons why I moved with Elle in Brooklyn. One thing I truly miss here is my kitty Pacman aka Pacman-man aka Pacmania aka Pacistan, he's the fucking greatest... if we ignore the fact he kills an average of 14 animals (mainly birds & rabbits) per week. But overall, it was a great relaxing week. I got my LONG OVERDUE haircut, solved my computer mystery, bonded with the ones I love, and most of all, had a GREAT thanksgiving. It was nice to get away from my day-job and the busy city, but now I'm ready to get it alllllll back. Hello Brooklyn!!

1 comment:

ELLE said...

word ur lucky ur ass had a sweet break! my back hurt, i love you, give me a massage. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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