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Friday, February 29

mulatto love.

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mulatto is the hottest band. claiming long beach, they are crazy diverse: racially & musically. their myspace explains them as,

"A sextet of young men melodically netting ears across the nation. With electric guitarist Luke Aiono, Markay Fairley on keys, drummer Margis Miles, bassist Dustin Moore, Tom Terrell’s trumpet and the vocals of Diondre Tribble."
just by hearing the instruments they play confirms that their sounds is innovative, ranging from nu-jazz to alternative to soul to hip-hop. their melodies and lyrics will have you humming them throughout the day. check out their song, "it's you" performed live,

show some support:

keep it jazzy yall

Tuesday, February 26

Ain't No Reason

Song by Brett Dennon

No reason for this

Makes me I apart of the cure?...or apart of the disease?


Theo makes statements

There is this new Kenneth Cole ad with one of the illest forms of art ever. Tattoos show the body as a blank canvas, and Theo Kogan has painted hers brightly. Theo is a Brooklyn born & bred rock singer, actress, DJ, & model. The new Kenneth Cole ad showcases Theo's sleeve tats, left calve tats, & ankle & foot tats. but she's got more than that. And she's also got something to say. In an article with , she speaks on how it is your choice what you do with your body. She especially advocates for woman saying "it is a woman's choice! Not a man's choice, not a government's choice, not a supreme court justice's choice not anyone else's choice but hers." I respect that as a woman, because even today in 2008, it's still sort of taboo for a woman to get too many tattoos. And if a woman does, society feels it should be a "feminine" tattoo in a "feminine" area. It's your choice what feminine is. She stands on a lot of other issues, and encourages voting saying "Your life, YOUR CHOICE....I beg of you, stand up and be counted! Your vote matters! Your opinion matters!! Let your voice be heard! Now!"


Another article & links here

You define your art, don't let it define you


Monday, February 25

dear mexican,

¡ask a mexican! is a column in OC weekly, an alternative newspaper, circulated in orange county & long beach, california. readers send in question about mexicans and gustavo arellano replies. in 2004, it was published just for laughs but all the hype gained it a permanent spot. the column is very contentious, as many would assume. arellano begins his replies with "dear gabacho," which is a demeaning name for white-americans. may of last year he published the book, ¡ask a mexican! controversialists rock.
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gringo, you gotta question or just curious?
just for laughs

provoke the world!!

Saturday, February 23

Save It


Doesn't it just break your heart?

Urbanoutfitters tee....sold out online, but you can check the stores

Peace yal!

Friday, February 22


kid rock came out with this amazing song & vid called amen. it's so beautiful that he is raising awareness, it's time to wake up people!!

support the cause:

Wednesday, February 20

greener on the other side?

we've all heard it, "plant a tree." but have any of us done it? the UNEP the website describes it: The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has launched a major worldwide tree planting campaign. Under the Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign, people, communities, business and industry, civil society organizations and governments are encouraged to enter tree planting pledges online with the objective of planting at least one billion trees worldwide each year.

so far about 2 billion have been recorded worldwide. in the united states 13,094,595 have been planted! many people don't understand the importance of a single tree. in one year the average tree inhales 26 pounds of carbon dioxide, the amount released by a car on an 11,000 mile trip. trees take in all the carbon dioxide we release through breathing, our vehicles, machines and release oxygen. let's start caring about things that don't directly effect us, because it will effect the future.

"Life without love is like a tree without blossom and fruit." - Khalil Gibran

after you plant a tree or two record it here:

save the planet!!

Friday, February 15

glamour kills.

it's true fool, glamour kills. they're a cool label with designs that are pro-active, like the shirt saying, "glamour kills sez, stop! global warming keep our earth looking cool." part of the proceeds go towards! and the back gives a couple of hints how to help:
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now, you know us at 21-7 love any kind of prudent behavior. but overall, GK has many abstract designs with some groovy sayings. check em out and drop some cash:

GK online store
GK website
GK myspace

make the money yo, dont let it make you

Thursday, February 14

Negative Thinking......Fuck That!

The Death Set: Negative Thinking....There's something about a video consisting of regular Joes rocking out that makes you love it....and I fucking love it!

More music here!

p.s mad random but Polaroid is going to stop producing its instant film joints....ass right? glad I still have mine.

Peace yal!

Tuesday, February 12

Sneaker Art

Artist Dave White has created an amazing collection inspired by the Nike Be True To Your School collection and the portraits will be on showcase at the Malaysian store Sole What? this Friday. I think it's pretty darn snazzy.

See more from Dave White here.

Peace yal!

MOB + Uffie = money well spent

The one and only, MOB has released their Spring '08 Collection featuring the one and only Uffie (if you don't know who she is, you're kinda lame but listen to her here) and the photo shoot was taken by the one and only Mark the Cobrasnake. The line has new hoodies, military style jackets, and the usual raunchy tee, some reading MTTM, "Do I look like I give a fuck?", an interesting mug shot, a special collabo with Fafi for MOB, and my fav, a naked Jane Birkin. Jane is my style icon, so you already know my order has been sent. Some stuff are a lil whack but yal shuld still jump on the good stuff. Peep the line here.


who dropped the 'N' bomb?

nas did! with kelis there to support him, duh!

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nigger is the name of nas' new album due to drop sometime this month. according to nas, nigger is not being used to offend black people anymore, he is re-inventing it and using it to prevent ignorance around the world. nigger symbolizes the global hate word for every ethnicity. now peep this, when the cnn reported asks nas about the way he is advocating, he replies in what seems to be a different language to the reporter, then she is mentally stuck for a couple seconds and just goes on asks more empty questions; insinuating that hip-hop isn't dead because kanyes been nominated for eight grammys. nas then replies in more ways that she cannot comprehend.

want to vote in 23 years? here are some websites, you chose what to believe:

advocate your beliefs!

Sunday, February 10

those damn womanizers.

bangers & cash consist of spank rock and benny blanco. and bangers & cash are playin a game: who can offend women the most?! they definitely win. but i'm not offended, i actually love their naughty lyrics and porno inspired music videos. the sound is very laid back, but rowdy at the same time. we could call it hip-hop, rap with an electronic sway. the titles of their songs range from: shake that to loose to b-o-o-t-a-y to pu$$y to bitch. when you first hear them you may think, typical rap products. but think again mofo!! they truly live the life. this is my interpretation: bangers & cash are doing a drug(s), drinkin a special juice. then benny blanco produces a beat and they record saying the first words to come to mind, then they don't give a fuck and it all equals a hit. that's my personal opinion though. they're inspired by 2 live crew, rock with artists like amanda blank, xxxchange, santogold, devlin & darko, hollertronix, mapei, pase rock, of course M.I.A. and yadda yadda. but their music will definitely make you laugh, dance, and wake up the next day thinking: "where did the hair on the left side of my head go?" and who doesn't love that?

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cop their CD on for $4.49!!!!

keep it funky

Friday, February 8

love the kitty, embrace the kitty.

introducing the hottest cat since the hairless cat; the bengal cat.
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i've been obsessed with these cats for a long time now, i mean who doesn't want a mini (friendly) leopard in their crib? people started breading regular domestic cats and asian leopard cats in the early 80's. and yes they're legal. google 'em & go cop one!

kudos to dominant genes

Tuesday, February 5

Yes, We Can.

This is an inspiring video created by Black Eye Peas' Will.I.Am and Jesse Dylan (son of Bob Dylan), and it features many celebrities singing and speaking along. It is based off of Presidential candidate Barack Obama's speech at the New Hampshire primary. Regardless of who you vote for, let us all just hope and believe that Yes, We Can.

Peace, Love, & Hope

Sunday, February 3

All Gone 2007

You have to cop this....The best in Street Culture...the best Culture! All 2007's hottest collectibles from kicks to toys
Cop it Here Bout $62 (cool website too)
A look inside

Art from James Jarvis, Claw Money, KR, Reas, So Me, Genevieve Gauckler & Kaws.

Peace & Collectibles! Holla!

2008 SBs

A trade show gave us a sneak peek at some new sbs....

feelin them prods

luuuuvs the 1s on top...& them tie dye joints


Ready to Glow?


It's Going to be Historical!


The Power of Music

Isn't it amazing how a song can touch you? How a certain song can make you angry, sad, happy, or horny? Make you want to party or make you want to fight for something? A-list and I were mad zooted last night watching VH1's Nocturnal State when Coldplay's Trouble came on. We were just staring at the t.v. wanting to cry and shit. I'm sure everyone has heard this song at the end of a t.v. show or movie, but we had never listened to it fully. It is so beautiful and so sad. The piano is an amazing tool. The video is very fanciful, and the sound is kind of ethereal. Chris Martin's voice has this indescribable effect. The song is saying that he made such stupid mistakes and he hurt someone, and now he's tangled in this web because he never meant to hurt them. And we've all be there at one time or another. We were listening to the song (sober) and it was crazy how much it touched us. It made me suddenly so sad. It's outstanding the effect music can have on you. The way the lyrics or just the beat, the sound of the instrument(s), the voice, they all just touch your soul, your heart, your mind. You can't touch it back, but you feel it so powerfully. That is the power of music, it brings emotion. It's beautiful. Listen to Trouble here and check out more Coldplay, they're geniuses.

Peace yal!

Friday, February 1

DeadStock Kicks for your Vintage Fix

Sneakerhead? Vintage Fiend? Nike Lover? Either way ya boy Ric has got what you need. Ricardo Iezama Jr AKA Deadstock Ric has been selling kicks from his Brooklyn warehouse for two years now. He's got whatever it is you need, from Air Max, to Reeboks, Jordans, or Filas, Ric is the man to see. I asked Ric what made him start and he said "The fact that I feel the sneakers back in the day were so much better in quality and style made me want to do this. Its fun, I woke up one day, quit my job, made a myspace page and now I’m here." He uses his Myspace page to post new merchandise (and takes requests) but you can also find him at prestige sneaker events like SneakerPimps and the DunkXchange.

I asked Ric where he wants to take this sneaker business, his response was "my future plan is to open a sneaker spot where any type of person, either its a kid who just got in the game or a collector can come and get something to fit their needs. I'll have it all, from new age to vintage, basically, what my style is based off."

For my last question, and most important, I asked Ric "Do you see this whole sneaker head lifestyle as an art?" He responded "I def do, you make it to what you want it to be. Everyone comes with something different to mix in the pot, it's a collection of styles and personalities. There in itself is art. And this is what it's all about. Everyone comes different, a different pair of kicks, colors,'s all art 'cause we all try to put something a blank canvas, you got our body..and we dress it up, like painting a picture. From the shirt on our back, to our's all art..and when we go out we want to show it off." Well said Ric!

Aight yal,
Peace! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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