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Sunday, January 31

Sunday Songs

The Black Eyed Peas never seize to amaze me with their music, so great. Imma Be is my new favorite song of theirs, its super catchy and just a great song. The video better be coming out next. Enjoy this audio for now.

Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be

the wild wild west


These are Kanye West's hands. That 2 finger pyramid ring and the heavy-looking pinky ring is pretty ridiculous. This is a photo taken by Olivier Zahm in Paris last week. Kanye never ceases to amaze.

They Say

new from Kelis ft. Kid Cudi ? On Kanye's blog this says featuring Jean Baptiste. But when you go to download it says featuring Kid Cudi. After Youtubing, I found some they say one and some that say the other. So yo ne se. But I like it.

Download here

Sunday Songs

"They say life is what you make it/So I wait quick on a spaceship so I can take it"

Common f/John Legend & Kanye West - They Say

Dee & Ricky Pepsi Brooches

"Dee & Ricky have been commissioned by Pepsi and Epiphany to produce a limited-edition run of Pepsi-logo branded brooches. True to their style, the twin duo have once again flipped pop iconography and re-contextualized it into their unique language of LEGO mastery. The pins were made in a super-limited quantity, with the first batch being gifted to a select range of cultural influencers. A later retail release date will be announced in the near future."

text and photo via Hypebeast

Dear 21-7 Readers,

We are very proud to see that 100% of votes on the weekly poll are saying yes to recycling becoming a law! Ya know, if all of us that voted could run America, it would be a very good place. Let's start a movement.

There are more good people than bad in the world, it's just that the good people aren't as loud. Vote, sign, do something. The 'green' movement with Pussy Galoreee is coming soon, for real though. You with us?

Sunday Songs
London band, Example original song "Won't Go Quietly" very beautiful.

Jump to watch them doing a Ke$ha "Tik Tok" cover. Loving it, accents are fuckin crazy.


Seriously, what?

Sunday Songs
Babyface is THAT DUDE! A must add to your love making list...or a starter if you don't have one. I know, I know, the song is titled "When Can I See You Again," but his voice compliments any touch. Get It In!

Sunday Songs
Rise and Grind the play button on Sunday Morning by Maroon 5. A super great song, had to do it again!

Why Did I Get Married Too

Not too many people are fond of Tyler Perry's work, but I must admit, that Why Did I Get Married was one of my favorite movies. The cast was star studded and the drama mixed with just enough comedy kept me on the edge of my chair. Well, OH BOY! I can not wait to see part two, Why Did I Get Married Too. I've heard about it being made, more so, during the passing of MJ as Janet Jackson admitted to. A trailer is here and all I need is a release date. I MUST see this!

The blacker the berry...

Wowzers! Is this even appropriate for a Sunday post?! OMG! This here David Agbobji is one sexy mutha effa. The proof is in the pudding and when you JUMP you can see more of this spring Calvin Klein collection campaign that was shot by Steven Klein.

Sunday Songs
One of the better songs from 112, "Cupid." On that note, where the heck have they been???

Sunday Songs

Man I can never get enough of this DVD, Beyonce killed this concert in 2007. I love her period. She looks flawless in this video.Peep the scenary/dancers, so cool. She just sounds so beautiful. You better sang that song B!!!!

Beyonce - Dangerously In Love - The Beyonce Experience

Sunday Songs
Chester French ft. Diddy & Jadakiss - Ciroc Star

Damn this track dropped in April of '09 and we're just getting a video for it. Worth the wait! The boys look super fresh, as expected, and it features Diddy, Clinton Sparks, Jadakiss, and all their celebrity friends living it up. Enjoy =)

Sunday Songs
John Mayer - Daughters

Such a beautiful song. In VH1 Storytellers, Mayer said he wrote this song because of a girl he dated who couldn't trust, because of father issues. The video stars model Gemma Ward.

Miss America 2010

Miss Virginia Caressa Cameron

Sunday Songs
Mary J. Blige - Seven Days Circa 1997

Crookers x Steed Lord

It's been a while since I tuned into some new Steed Lord, but this new mix popped up on my newsfeed today on facebook and I am absolutely in love, DUH! Anything Steed Lord, I heart! They are fucking awesome! Enjoy

Crookers f/ Steed Lord - Transilvania (Steed Lord Remix)

Sunday Songs

David Guetta f/ Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over Live on George Lopez. I love this song!

Saturday, January 30

Silly Saturday
What's silly is, how fuckin great this photo is. Yes Texas.

Beautiful People

Nina Sky brings you this video for their track Beautiful People, which features footage of the girls in the studio, at rehearsal, performing and more. It's off their Sophomore album Starting Today.

Don't Think


This is sad, huh?
via WeHeartIt

Don't think. Don't fucking think. Because when you think you realize just how fucked up everything really is. You realize you'd know how you got where you are, you don't know where you're going, and you don't know what to do anymore.

River Viiperi


I found this gorgeous male model named River. Which is the hippie name our friend Lil (Ginger Sling) gave me and the name that will be my first born daughter. I love the name. and I love this kid's face.

Silly Saturday

Cool mom or moron? Lady gets tattoo of Dj's face so that her daughter can get tickets to see Justin Bieber.

Fergie rocks POP

Recently spotted in Cali rocking a Princess of The Posse tee. Legit.


Alexander Wang T Line Ad


Photographed by Dan Jackson and featuring model Hannah Holman. This ad is specifically created for guerrilla style publicity. They’ll be plastered all over downtown Manhattan, the intersections of Third Avenue and 12th Street and Grand and Crosby, as well as random hot spots throughout the East Village and Lower East Side.

Wang said “The [images] were originally only supposed to be posters we were going to send to editors and stores, but I felt the energy was much more appropriate for something like guerrilla marketing than anything too proper or formal. Because T is really the core foundation of what Alexander Wang stands for, I thought it should be something that could be much more democratic.” via WWD


Party Pics: Alejandro Perez

Alejandro definitely caught some crisp, precise moments. Download them here!


Silly Saturday

Kelis,what were you thinking? This deserves a Silly Saturday title because this is pure silly and
gets nothing but giggles from me. LOL I do love the spiked headband and grey hair, everything else is a no no!

Silly Saturday

The kid wants a music video. LOL

life as we know it.

"Laugh as much as you breathe and love as much as you live."
-unknown We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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