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Sunday, January 24

New ABDC Judge

Omarion will be replacing Shane Sparks this season on America's Best Dance Crew. Shane Sparks was let go due to his child molestation charges, some of you may have heard of. I think Omarion is a much better fitting judge than Shane. He'll make it more credible. Now all they have to do is change Lil Mama and the show will be perfect. Season 5 premiers January 28th at 10pm on MTV. I can't wait!


Loniii Ann said...

Dag Omarion, you need to be out promoting this album.

Juskish said...

I do love this switch. This show is about to get my view on a weekly basis now. What WOULD be cool, is if the judges put on some kind of performance though...just a thought We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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