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Monday, January 25

Missing Monday

All of Elle's Oney pics makes me miss Oney. I mean, I dont miss the actuality of going to school in Oney... but the aroma, the spirits, the curiosity, the encouragement, the suspense. It was a great place to grow and learn, not only through class, but through the dynamic of each person there. It definitely was an almighty experience that you do not have at community colleges. Not recommended for all though. Check out some awesome memories I have... unforgettable!


Garrett, of Lets Tokyo, & Elle
me n elle... house party
daddy's an a-li$ter. we were prolly going to taco bell
me n domo... VIP in daddys house party.. feel me tho?
smoking spot.. what street name was this again?? that's how u know its a real smoking spot huh? I can't even remember the fucking name!!
why i miss my hair. fuck cha-cha diva.
some house party bathroom
elle sewing lol
sexy domo winning and elle looking like to coolest girl on earth
domo sewing lol
earth day! cleaned up the neighborhood. got free ice cream, met a friend and a pig. View post here
best pic ever. birth of 21-7 and shit.
immortal technique concert... most inspiring day ever
lmfao end of a craaaaaazy night at my radio show
lmfao fuck yo couch!
GFT reps
seriously tho, fuck yo couch... elle will dutty wine on that shit
like that?
SFS party
shopping at walmart
lmfao i always said i'd use this as blackmail
VOS performance
some party... doing the soulja boy
get it
who dat
sif's bday... where's sif?
bonnie & clyde '07


ELLE said...

lol i love these memories

Kay ♥ said...

awwwwwu guys looked like you had so much fun!!! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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