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Saturday, January 31


Most of America is.
In our culture section we featured videos on Marijuana in our good ol' USA
Check it out here!

Italian Vogue

Loves this


*pic via

Gisele Bundchen for True Religion

Finally True Religion got a clue. I normally hate all their ads.
But for Spring 2009 they got Gisele Bundchen to be their campaign model. The ads are great...and well it's Gisele so you already know.

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speaking of sandals

Sigerson Morrison <3
Spring coooome!
These are about $670, but just wait til Steven Madden brings out their Spring imitations.
My money should be up by then, & imma have a ball! Photobucket
*pic via a woman & her shoes

Christian Lacroix Spring 09

I'm so excited for Spring. I cannot say it enough.
Strappy sandals are definitely a must do this coming warm weather.
How great are these?



1 of the Missbehave girls got those Coraline dunks sent to her...and here's what she wrote:
"Wow! Look at these crazzee crazzers shoes I got from Nike for the new Coraline movie. What do you think? The shoes have tails! I don’t know much about the Coraline Movie because I’m not…ummmmm….8"

I'm pissed, they should of sent them here! And she took this whack pic of them for their readers. Just this pic. SMFH. In the words of Emily from DWP

"You don't deserve them! I mean you eat carbs, for Chrissake!"

Cassie is a "bad girl" - me and you video remix

enjoy guys !

Lil Wayne a rapper & a gangsta

Tune in this Wednesday, for Katie Couric's interview with some Grammy nominees on CBS
Here is a preview of her interview with Lil' Wayne. He weirds me out a little. I think he's a genius..& a druggy..scary combo.

Watch CBS Videos Online

I'm a Dreamer

K'NAAN - Dreamer

via nah right

My favorite of all time.


These 7's were the only Jordans I ever really beasted for. But no I didn't wait on line, I didn't even get them the Saturday they came out, it was like a day or 2 later & they still had my size <3. I loved that sole. I bought a Kings jersey to wear with 'em. My driver's license picture is from the day I wore that outfit, sweet 16 (damn I need a new pic, that was 6 yrs ago)
But eventually they fell apart & left my life. I want them again. I need you bad as my heartbeat. So pretty

Burberry Prorsum Men's Fall 2009

Burberry Prorsum's Fall collection for the fellas is one to talk about. The coats were the highlight. They came in different styles, huge lapels, & different shades. The blazers, the tees, the chunky scarves, & the iconic plaid were all so sexy!
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*See the whole collection at


Vanessa Hudgens is one of my best dressed of the week. She looks so cute & hot in this Moschino dress & Jimmy Choo shoes. Work it hunay!

(in Japan for HSM3 premiere)

Friday, January 30

Lions, Tigers & Bears

New Jazmine Sullivan

Lions, Tigers & Bears - Jazmine Sullivan

A Tribe Called Quest Jordan

A Tribe Called Quest Air Jordan I strap available at Proper now



Sneakers To The Ceiling from AdamKaplan on Vimeo.

Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole is back with her 2nd video You Complete Me off her new album A Different Me. I haven't really listened to the album fully but from what I've heard it's a pretty hot album. This video's nice and traditional. The black hair really fits Keyshia although she can pull off any color. But I wish she would have released Oh-Oh Yea-Yea feat. Nas, but since she did not I am hoping it will be her 3rd single.

Oh-Oh, Yeah - Yea feat. Nas - Keyshia Cole

Calvin Klein Jeans makes it wet!

3somes! Wooh--hoo! CK Jeans just released this extremely sexy commercial & it's been banned from t.v. The ad is def too much for a commercial, but I love it. It was shot by Steven Meisel.

*thanks nitrolicious

McQ for Target Preview

Remember the Alexander McQueen collection for Target? of course you do, it's greatness. Well we told yal it drops in March but there will be a 2 day preview this Valentine's Day!
It's in the mecca of course, Manhattan, at 330 West Street. The place will be a mad house. Oui vey.

Eat healthy

Aol listed the top 10 low calorie snacks. All under 175 calories. Domo & I been trying to make healthier choices when it comes to food. She's been doing pretty good. I'm gettin' there.

1) Banana (I eat one every morning)
2) Animal Crackers (yummy surprise)
3) Half of a whole grain bagel (spread with jam or low-fat cream cheese)
4) Almonds (I suppose it doesn't count in my hershey's bar?)
5) Baby carrots (eat a handful with a creamy dip. Ranch & carrots = yum)
6) Whole wheat pretzels (I love Rold Gold honey wheat braided twists, eating some now actually)
7) Sweet potato (they said baked and cooled, it's a delicious alternative to fruit)
8) A cup of instant bean soup (sounds gross, but it's fiber filled)
9) Whole grain cereal (Low-fat, low-sugar I'm obsessed w/ Frosted Flakes)
10) Low-fat string cheese (I love cheese!)

Watch! Watch! Watch! Watch!

Seriously I have been hearing about this movie everywhere I turn. In class, on t.v, in writing, on the net.
Slumdog Millionaire has already won at the Golden Globes & SAG Awards and now they are up for 10 Oscar nominations! I am going to see it asap & I will be back with what I believe will be an inspiring story. I love the Indian culture, I think they are really beautiful people with great spirits. I am looking forward to watching this film and you all should too.
Here is the trailer & you can check the Amanda Diva show where she discussed it.
The plot is: A Mumbai teen who grew up in the slums, becomes a contestant on the Indian version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" He is arrested under suspicion of cheating, and while being interrogated, events from his life history are shown which explain why he knows the answers

Baby Zuma

How cute is little Stefani aka Zuma. Awwwwwwww. that name is sooo cute!!!
*picture from people


Sophia Somajo

Sophia, also from Sweden, is the shit. I like this track.
but Jump for her video to her single I Rony, it's my favorite.
I love finding good music.
And Sophia Somajo is a bad bitch.

Can You Dig This - Sophia Somajo We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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