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Wednesday, January 30

NIKE Dunk Be True City Collection

Nike's latest collection is reppin' 7 cities, releasing them in limited quantities....
Rio De Jenairo is green, NYC is white, London is red, Hong Kong is orange, LA is purple, Tokyo is blue, and Paris is yellow. I don't know what their thinking process was in choosing the colors, but I'm cool with coping the NYC & LA joints. I love Tokyo too though. Buuuut their available upon maybe I won't cop a pair. LOLZ

Peace, Love, & City Folk!

Friday, January 25

MUSIC To Vibe To

Check out the artists I see blowing up!
The Cool Kids coming straight out of Illnois, consist of Inglish & Mikey Rocks rapping with old school flows and banging beats. Their Myspace page labels their tunes as rockability, big beat, and hip hop. Their influences consist of some of the greatest like Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Red Hot Chili peppers, Timbaland, & N.E.R.D. Their video for Black Mags is already all over MTV Hits. Plus their styles are the illest, so fucking vintage! Get Wit It Yo!

Santogold coming straight out of the best place on earth, BROOKLYN, is being called the NY M.I.A., but she definitely has her own style apart from her good friend Maya. Even the King of Pop himself has played some snippets of her tracks on his radio station overseas. Her Myspace labels her as new wave, dub, & psychobilly, but I'd call it simply indescribable. She's got an ill voice and something to talk about. Listen Up!

isn't exactly new on the scene, so everyone should know who he is by now. Born in Addis Ababa, but raised in Virginia Beach, Kenna has been doing this officially since 2003 and has been working with Pharrell and The Neptunes ever since. His Myspace labels him as experimental, pop, & alternative. He's also got a clothing line with some pretty cool merchandise. You can catch his video on MTV or hear my personal fav "Say Goodbye To Love" on the dance floor. Fucks with it here!

Chromeo! You gotta love these Canadians! Their electro pop sound has got me dancing all around my bedroom. Although their Myspace page says it's 2-step, haha, it's that too. By looking at them, you'd never imagaine P-Thugg & Dave 1 to be in a group together, an Arab/Jew friendship, but thank God they are 'cause the music represents coolness to its fullest. I'd love to be Dave 1's tenderoni, lolz :P They both got their own personal style. In Complex's Dec/Jan issue P-Thugg expresses his love for original JO's and Levi's classic jeans and one of Dave 1's favorite designers is Margiela and he digs New Cure Denim by A.P.C. Get to Dancing!

Peace & Headphones

Thursday, January 24

middle finger trouble.

if you flipped the bird and directed it at a cop, should you get arrested or ticketed? when does the right of expression get cut off? i mean- why can't we, as americans, walk around with our middle finger in the air? there were many cases in the US where people were arrested and ticketed for their middle finger being out and they all ended up very different. some were rewarded money in their favor and others weren't as lucky.

1977: A state appeals court in Connecticut overturns the conviction of a high school student who gave the finger to a state trooper from the back of his school bus. The officer had stopped behind the bus at a red light.
a teen on a school bus gets in trouble for flippin off a police officer? how much disorder could the highschooler be planning to pursue? that cop obviously wanted to fill his quota that month. what a country we live in.

1990: When a patrol helicopter hovers 800 feet over a home in Oceanside, California, the owner grabs a flashlight, aims it at the chopper and flips off the officers. Minutes later, a dozen officers converge on the home, hogtie him and arrest him and his wife. The prosecutor refuses to press charges against the couple, who later win $300,000 in damages.
now that's what the flip i like to hear. the police losing at their own game! why would the police in the helicopter go through all that trouble to arrest someone for the middle finger? and why would the wife get arrested? at least they got $300,000... and i bet they'd do it again.

1990: In the case of an Arizona man pulled over in 1987 for flipping off a cop, a federal court rules that "no matter how peculiar, abrasive, unruly or distasteful a person's conduct may be, it cannot justify a police stop unless it suggests that some specific crime has been, or is about to be, committed." It also ruled, "We cannot condone Duran's conduct; it was boorish, crass and, initially at least, unjustified. Our hard-working law enforcement officers surely deserve better treatment from members of the public. But disgraceful as Duran's behavior may have been, it was not illegal; criticism of the police is not a crime."
justice served.

1998: A jury awards a junkyard owner in Arkansas $4000 in damages against a state trooper who arrested him for flipping the bird as they passed on a county road. Earlier that year, the man's nephew had received a $2500 settlement after being arrested for flipping off a different cop.
let's all go to arkansas and flip off a cop, and get a couple thousands in a settlement!

2001: Robert Coggin allegedly gives the finger to a slow driver on a San Antonio highway. The driver calls police, and Coggin spends $15,000 over the next two years to get the $250 fine reversed. An appeals court rules that the digitus impudicus ("impudent finger") is protected speech, especially if its target is not "violently aroused."
the fact that Coggin spent more money & time on getting justice served instead of simply paying the $250, shows that there are righteous people left in america. but it is understandable that not everyone has that kind of money to get their justice served, but it's cool that at least one of us does.

this is amazing to me that police really go through all this because of the middle finger. and how do they know that the middle finger's meaning hasn't been re-invented yet? every word means something different nowadays. and as with many of the cases listed above, since there wasn't a distinct message to pursue a violent act, then why should someone be arrested? in other countries like in UK, ireland, australia and new zealand when you put up the peace sign with your palm facing inward it means "fuck you/off" and here in america it means an absolutely different thing. so if i'm from the UK and i give a police officer the peace sign but i really mean "fuck off"- will i be okay? who establishes this stuff anyways?

what a mystery.

some inspiration from me to you.

ART is beautiful. it's defined as: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination to be appreciated primarily for its beauty or emotional power. and that is exactly why i love art. it internally moves me.. through chills, a racing heartbeat or even a smile. art makes me grateful for my life and inspires me to share it with others who feel the same way about art. envision life without color, words or any type of a imaginative vision. it would be nothing- empty. but with a drawing of an alluring face, a splash of yellow, or a phrase saying "peace now." the world changes to this incredible place that gives you the spirit to persist through any kind of struggle. EMBRACE ART!

just a thought

Tuesday, January 22

Politics as Usual.

There are many opinions about the United States, they are mainly these three:
1) The U.S. is saving the world
2) The U.S. government is lying
3) "I don't know or want to know."

Where do you fall? In between two & three, fully in one? Or have you not really thought about it? I am not posting this to shift anyone's opinion, but if I do change anyone's mind due to this, I would like everyone to be anti-choice 3! A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Everyday there is a chance to expand your mind, the only way to grow is through knowledge. Don't ever allow anyone to think for you because what you think, changes what you do. Enough with the slogans- seriously, there are things going on in this country that we may not be okay with. And the best way to change that is BEFORE it happens. The video below is a theory about the 9/11 incidents. Don't let the word "theory" fool you, the governments explanation of 9/11 is also a theory. There is never one truth- there is always two sides to a story- all that matters is what you believe. Before you view the video I would like to say, if you do not believe it, I encourage you to not believe the government's explanation either and I motivate you to do your own research. Find a logical explanation that you do believe. Don't just pick a side- truly consider each explanation. The world is in your hands.

The video is a little over an hour, but knowledge is invaluable and this video is worth every second. You won't want to stop watching it! If you can't watch it all in one sitting, come back to finish it later! I want to make a change in this world, it's called consciousness. I want you to know both sides before you pick one. Use the art of you mind to pick a side, and then use the art of communication to share it with the world. Another suggestion to is take down some names you see or hear in the video and google them with 9/11 in the search box, see what you find.

Want to join the movement? Try out some of these links:
Know your Amendments
North American Aerospace Demand Comand?
Removal of the Bomb Sniffing Dogs and the Security Cut
An Amazing Stock Foreshadow
"I Heard the Bombs"
Firefighter's Who Saw the Black Boxes

Still want more? Contact me at

It's your opinion, all you have to do is voice it.

Monday, January 21

Gotta love ma little Nasty Gal

Think circa 1977. Now think 2008. Ever want to fuse the two? Or maybe 1963, or 1986. Well there is a vintage shop to support all those retro needs. Nasty Gal Vintage, according to it's Ebay account, has been around since 2002. I've been watching its store for about a year now, and I'm proudly watching it grow. They have a Myspace page, photo shoots, forums, a friend's list of 17508, and a web page coming soon. They sell all vintage clothing from the 1960's to the 1980's. Their incredibly chic model is styled with retro looks in a modern tone. It never goes over board, looking like Granny threw up all over you. Their items always start at very affordable prices, but with such an outstanding collection, some bids tend to go high up into the hundreds. Each item is one-of-a kind and in great quality. Not only is a it a trust worthy shop, the owner is super sweet as well. When I first requested the shop on Myspace, a couple days later I had a comment from Nasty Gal reading "xoxo". Short and sweet, a lot like their many Mod/Hippie dresses. From Grandma's closet to Blondie's closet, there is an item to suit any vintage fanatic. It's such a chic shop, I occasionally visit for style inspiration alone. With a selection like this, you can't help but to become a little nasty gal. Get Addicted!


Sunday, January 20

foreshadowing a legacy.

some may know him simply as danny but when he steps in his studio located in newburgh NY- he's legacy. now this multi-talented 20 year old is not only producing a song & playing the piano- he's also in the booth singing the hook. time has gained him expertise in all 3 areas, he has been singing since he was 5, playing the piano since he was 10 and producing since he was 12. but legacy doesn't want you to get shit all mixed up because he says his main priority is always going to be producing. when 21-7 mag asked legacy what genre he considered his beats to be he replied with, r&b, pop, semi-hip hop, rock, gospel, and summed it all up with "experimental." in newburgh, legacy is well known and has produced local artists like critical, esty, ralph williams, moodswing, j.meeks, T.I.U., darren isaiah, j.o.- just to name a few. while producing his inspiration is pharrell, darkchild and the all-mighty timbaland! and usher has always motivated him while singing but currently his favorite artist is one of usher's prodigy's: rob from the group one chance. legacy commends rob b/c "as a producer, everything i look for in a singer he has." legacy is ever so popular on myspace, pushing over 24,500 friends! & he has a vid dedicated to the fans saying things like, "thanks for showing the love, i really appreciate it" and "i do this for the music but i also do this for [the fans] too, 'cause ya'll the ones who matter in the long run." which is undoubtedly true! in 5 years legacy said, "i see myself as a very well known producer internationally." so start take a good look fans, because in 2013 you're going to see him taking major steps.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

check out his myspace, put in a friend request, and maybe even add his song to your page. he's a very down-to-earth guy and is happy to meet new people: legacy music

The D.E.Y.

I seen this group a minute ago on MTV tres, and they finally got a video. It consists of Divine, Elan Luz, and Yeyo, two guys, one girl. It's a Spanish and English (spanglish) group, and that's why I dig it. Not just 'cause I'm Boricua, but diversity is key. This song is cool, and so are some other tracks they have. Start to love 'em, ya hear?
Check 'em out!


Saturday, January 19

The name is Shwayze, kinda like Patrick

Shwayze is my latest obsession. He's a rapper hailing from Malibu, along side Cisco Adler who sings all his hooks. The music is Indie Hip Hop and the single "Buzzin" is literally buzzin all over. He has some funny & interesting lyrics. I don't appreciate him playing NY girls, calling us giraffes in the "Corona & Lime" track, 'cause aren't there more skinny girls in Cali then in NY? I believe so...but hey, everyones a critic. But Shwayze has a nice smooth flow, kinda old school, very indie, and the collaboration with Cisco's indescribable voice is pure perfection! It's a very hippie hood vibe and I love it! Although Shwayze states "I ain't from the hood but my rap is good." Hood or not his lyrics are real, talking about his life, everyday life and everyday people. Most of the tunes are very laid back, roll a blunt, grab whatever u sippin' on and bop your head. I've never been to Cali but it sounds like straight Cali music. There are pics in his myspace album for a "Buzzin" video, and I found one on youtube, it's not the official one, but the upside is we get to see a lil' flash of Shwayze's bootay. haha. Peep it here. These two are also joined by Dj Skeet Skeet on the 1s & 2s!

His style is very cool....He rocks a mini fro with a old school pic up in there. Fitted tees....Fitted jeans....Kicks, Nikes, Chucks etc....Fitted many shades, most frequently wayfers (like myself :D) ....He's cute...seems like a mad cool dude.....Cisco's style is cool too, very vintage rock...Well check out the tunes! I hope Shwayze, along wit Cisco blows up super big! Cause I'm sooo buzzin' all over them.

Shwayze's page!

aight yal

2008 Dunks

New Year New Nikes!

Peace, Love, & Swoosh

Wonderwall for Bape

The Bape store in Shibuya, one of the busiest shopping spots in Tokyo, a few months ago, but us Americans are finally able to see inside. It was designed by the famous interior design firm called Wonderwall who have designed all the Bape stores and other stores like Uniqlo. The store's stairs have a multi-colored LED system (an ill lighting system). The store looks ridiculous! And I mean that in a good way!


Fight For The Right To Party!!!

Our newest favorite youngin'! Cory Worthington threw Aussy's best party ever! Now he's got a 20,000 fine, mad publicity, and some famous shades! Peep this funny interview

Partay man Partay!

Friday, January 18

Dolce & Gabbana's Spring Art

Spring 2008 ad campains are popping up all over. From Gisele Bundchen for Versace to Kirsten Dunst for Miu Miu, we can already spot the artistic direction we're headed this April. Newly released is the Dolce & Gabbana ad. It features my two favorite models Gemma Ward and Jessica Stam, along with Lily Donaldson. Now that's a hot trio. It took place in an art studio, and the models styled a burgundy lip, with smokey eyes, and frizzy, wavy hair. Domenico and Stefano were inspired by the starving artist, whom I'm sure only gets 3 hours of sleep max!
The collection is a master piece! My fav is the paint splattered t-shirt, 'cause I'm a baggy tee kind of girl, See it Here, but I do love their avant garde full dresses! I'm that kind of girl too!

aight yal, until next time


NYC recycles

Last week, New York's City Council passed a bill requiring that large stores & retail chains must collect & recycle plastic shopping bags. According to a New York Times report: "New York is by far the largest American city to enact so broad a measure to limit the environmental impact of the bags. Altogether, each year the country is estimated to use 86 billion bags, which end up blowing down city streets, or tangled in the stomachs of whales, sea turtles and birds, or buried in landfills where they enjoy free rent for 1,000 years."

Other cities like San Francisco have completely banned plastic bags. San Francisco was the first city in the US to ban non-recyclable & non-biodegradable bags made from petroleum products. Other countries like Africa and China have joined the movement also. China uses 3 billion plastic bags daily!

It is very difficult for me not to use plastic bags, and I hate that I do. But I have minimized my usage and try to bring my handy Steve Madden tote bag with me every time I go to Walmart. When I buy small items at the corner store, or 99cent store, I put them in my purse or just carry them in my hand. One time I bought a gallon of milk and when I said no bag, the counter guy looked at me like I was crazy and so did other people as I walked down my block carrying it. I know its hard to change a lifestyle you're so use to, but the smallest change helps. It starts with one small step. So if everyone can start to slowly decrease they're use of plastic bags, before you know it, they'll be gone all together. We have to take care of our Mother Earth, and don't you care about the poor little sea turtles? Recycling saves the world people!

Peace, Love, & Recyclables

the first amendment paralyzed...permanently?

andrew meyers. he is a student at the university of florida. he exercised his first amendment right to ask john kerry a couple of questions at a 2007 forum. after meyers asked some exposing questions that john kerry choked on, his mic got turned off. then some police officers came and attempted to arrest him. meyers resisted (what a horrible crime!) and- long story short- he got tasered. couldn't be that bad right? it's just a taser. the dictionary defines taser as a weapon firing barbs (or spikes like on a barbed wire) attached by wires to batteries, causing temporary paralysis. PARALYSIS? PARALYSIS! wow. so now ask yourself this: did meyers get tasered for resisting arrest or for going against a governmental official? if you say resisting arrest, why was he arrested in the first place? for speaking out against a governmental official? exactly. america is based off of freedom. but why do we hear a story every so often about someone being assaulted or killed for exercising their freedoms? that is what sets us apart from those other countries. why do we have to fight for our rights, when we're supposedly born with them? now it's your turn to be the judge:

everytime i watch it & hear him scream i get chills. not only because the police tased meyers, but because of why this happened. all of this because he spoke out AGAINST john kerry. the government does this on purpose. they do this to shut us up. they want us to be afraid to speak out against the government. they want their citizens to know that we can speak out, but they want us to be afraid to speak out. and there will always be those select few who refuse to be held down. no ones voice should be taken away. YOUR VOICE IS YOUR GREATEST ART!!!

a youtuber suggested the america will turn into the video below. the video is good but personally, the lyrics weren't delivered well. it does make me think about the future of america. and we need to consider the future of america. we need to do our part!!

lyrics to Sepultura - Refuse/Resist

Chaos A.D.
Tanks on the streets
Confronting police
Bleeding the plebs
Raging crowd
Burning cars
Bloodshed stars
Wholl be alive?!

Chaos A.D.
Army in siege
Total alarm
Im sick of this
Inside the state
War is created
No mans land
Wholl be alive?!


Chaos A.D.
Disorder unleashed
Starting to burn
Starting to lynch
Silence means death
Stand on your feet
Inner fear
Your worst enemy



interested in more andrew meyers?
blogspot: dont taser me blog

this link below is to first amendment project that publicizes when people get their first amendment taken away, it's a good read for some worthy knowledge.. check check check it out:
the first amendment project

stay true to the voice within.

Balls anyone?

Italian artist and activist Graziano Cecchini dumped 500,000 multi-colored plastic balls down Rome’s famous Spanish Steps. Balls in Italian is "Palle" which also can mean "untruth". Cecchini said ”This is an artistic operation which documents through art the problem that we have in Italy. They’re always telling us lies, both the Left and the Right.” He was arrested for "interrupting public services." He did piss a lot of people of, but had many tourist in a happy frenzy. I would have LOVED IT!!!! I wish I was there so bad yo. LOL. This isn't something new for the artist, three months ago he dyed the Trevi fountain red (google that). He's a jokester with a message. i so dig.


Throw-Back Movie: WONDERLAND

One of the illest true-life murder movies ever! The movie goes through two different stories about what happened the night of the infamous Wonderland murders in Los Angeles in 1981, questioning around iconic porn star John Holmes. You might have heard of this real-life gruesome murder during VH1's special "20 Most Horrifying Hollywood Murders", but this movie gives you the whole story, visually and verbally. It stars Val Kilmer, Kate Bosworth, and Lisa Kudrow, among others. It has a very hippie style, being that most of the movie's events took place in the 1970s. It was accompanied by classic 70s rock songs by various artists like Billy Joel, Joan Jet, and The Cars. I was so loving it. I thought Kate Bosworth was adorable playing the druggy porn star's naive teenage girlfriend and Val Kilmer, even as a drug attic, still seemed sort of dreamy with his hot golden, wavy locks. It was directed by James Cox, and was wonderfully done. I'm no film expert but I debuted it to my bffs Domo & A-List tonight, and loved it more than I did the 1st time I saw it. Sex, Guns, Money, & Murder. Welcome to L.A.

Peace yal!

(2004 DVD Cover)

(2007 Re-release Cover)

Thursday, January 17

does your macbook fly?

check out this 8 minute preview to the worlds thinnest notebook!

the bird turned promiscuous.

nelly furtado people! (applause)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

now, raise your hand if you remember the old nelly that looked like this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

we'll call her comeback re-inventing. 'cause not only did she come back with a new look, but also with a new flow, message, and one of the top producers! some people weren't feeling the new flow 'cause she bailed on her traditional tune, but who wouldn't capitalize on a body & face like that?!

back in the day when she debuted in 2000 with whoa, nelly! she put out a couple hits like, "turn off the light" and won a grammy for "i'm like a bird". and they always reminded me inspiring, soft, real positive songs. then she popped out her first daughter, nevis. and in 2003 released her second album, forklore, yeah it was like an invisible unheard of album, right? so we won't talk about it & embarrass the beauty. after separating from her deejaying baby daddy in 2005 the magic seriously happened. in 2006 she released loose. definitely my fav album- still in 2008! some say her flourishing comeback was due to timbaland, but i refuse to concur. nelly always had an amazing-if i may-pizzazz. there was always a distinct difference from her and other female artists. i am not ignoring all of timbalands efforts, i'm just saying he did not create her, instead he helped to re-create her. then she murdered the charts with her singles like: promiscuous, no hay igual, say it right, te besque, all good things (come to an end), and (MY FAVORITE!!!) maneater. and she teamed up with justin timberlake and timbaland to launch "give it to me" (definitely getting at some rivals) and more recently she came out with do it feat. missy elliot. oh, the life of a canadian.

visit her myspace:

don't we all wish we'll be that successful, hott & rich at 29!

Wednesday, January 16

skeet, skeet, skeet, mafucka!

dave chappelle once said, "you know what's so dope about skeet? white people don't know what it means yet! when they find out they're going to be like (announcer man voice): 'my god! what have we done!" Listen here. if this is true dave, the white people still haven't found out, 'cause this dj is skeeting all over these damn clubs.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

dj skeet skeet has a bad boy look with his rugged facial hair, his nappy fro, and don't forget the blackeye. but with a gleem from his beautiful almond shaped eyes and a soft peck from his full lips a chic will be under a spell quick. but anyways... he's from davenport, iowa but he's steady reppin' LA! he comes off as a real down to earth kid- inviting fans to the clubs he's spinnin at, pretty levelheaded and that's how you win an audience over! some songs he mixed were: party like a rockstar- shopboyz (what dj could resist?), you're so gay by cory enemy (hot joint check it on his myspace), smells like teen spirit by nirvana (hottest mix byfar), i want you back by the jackson 5, glamorous by fergie.. etc, etc, etc. and many of the tracks listed are free on this website . legal & free music is a fantasy gift that many of the world won't be able to experience in their lifetime- but you can! check him out!!

DJ Skeet Skeet's myspace

don't forget to rap it up kids!

Tuesday, January 15

Next President?

So I just finished watching BET's What's In It For Us? Hillary Clinton & The Black Vote. I watched the one with Obama the other day. I do not want to get into a whole post about my feelings on politics, but i do want to encourage everyone to vote. Even if you do not feel that your vote matters, trust me it does in a big way. Your opinion, your voice is your greatest art. Use it. Regardless of who wins, we will hopefully have a Democratic President. It does not matter the President's skin color, or the President's gender, but what he/she stands for, and the ethics that lie behind that person. Read on what each President stands for and vote for the best person for the position. Maybe some things they say are bullshit, but in these situations you can only base your vote on the information given. I encourage you to watch the YouTube videos and see for yourself if you believe the words the Candidates are speaking. I think I've made my decision. I hope that whom ever our next President is, they intend on breaking the Black and White barriers, and making us 1 nation. America is so much more than Black & White. Among many other things I believe in, I have read all I can and I finally feel some what confident in my decision.
Here is a good website that I went to:

Peace yal!

Debut 2 the world!

wat up world.....Its A-List & Elle introducing yal 2 our latest project: 21-7 Magazine, for the artists that need 3 hours of sleep.....
21-7 is for artists that are so in love with their work/job/lifestyle that sleep is a waste of time to them, it's for artists that are passionate about what they create. It will include many different sections that all pertain to art. Like fashion, paintings & drawings, graffiti, tattoos, music, the art of communication, etc. It will also debut many new artists. There is no limit to 21-7! When we say "art" we mean it in every sense of the word! If you consider yourself an artist and are interested in some amazing exposure, then hit us up here or at We hope the first issue will drop some time in '08. Please show your support!!

-A-list & Elle We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

Dig it? Click it!