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Saturday, February 28

Reports say they're back together

According to Us Weekly & Chris Brown & Rihanna are back together. Reports say: "The couple is staying together at a house owned by Sean “Diddy” Combs on Star Island near Miami, Florida. Brown has been seen smiling, riding a jet ski, and flexing his arm muscles. Rihanna arrived four days ago, according to a source."

I am deeply saddened by this. If this is true, & sadly it probably is, I am extremely disappointed in Rihanna. I was hoping she was a strong woman. Hopefully she doesn't learn of her mistakes like most domestic violence victims do, with death. He didn't just hit her. He viciously attacked her. And let's not fail to mention his infidelity.
Millions of money, millions of fans, and all the fame in the world can't buy you smarts huh.
I'm interested in what they're going to say. And where their careers will go from here.
God bless them.

I didn't post a picture because the site of them together disturbs me.

*read from concreteloop which has pics of her recently spotted in Mexico
UPDATE: pics of Chris & Rihanna's friends (no Rihanna) at Diddy's crib here

hip hop decathlon

So as I talked to you guys on Thursday about America's Best Dance Crew's final 2 Beat Freaks & Quest Crew & how they ripped the stage! In case you missed it or wanna watch it again, 'cause you should, here are the videos of 2 of the sickest performances ever on MTV's ABDC.

I loved Quest Crew's parts to Ne-Yo's song & their crumping...and everything basically

I love homegirl from Beat Freaks' solo housing. I need to learn that shit. And their tuttin' was on point. These bitches are on fire.

Amanda Blank album coming...

I fucking love Amanda Blank like you would never know!
I picked up the March issue of Nylon Mag (which is super good) and inside Amanda Blank talks about her debut LP dropping this Spring. Hollaaaaz! I'm too hype but hold up, it gets better. She says Lykke Li will be on it! Hollaaaz! That's gonna be a great fucking track. Of course she also has Santogold & M.I.A. on there. I'm assuming Spank Rock as well. I listen to Bump non-stop 'cause Amanda's verse is like my favorite verse ever. If you Youtube her you'll get a gazillion videos of performances that make you wish you were there. I need to see her & Spank live asap, fa real. I couldn't decide on a video to show. But here's her at Rock The Bells '08.
Jump for more videos. There's an interview with her & Spank with Dj A-Cup, what kinda of amazing-ass name is A-Cup? I love it. A-Cups in the house!

Dj A-Cup interview



Kanye West Storytellers

VH1 Storytellers: Kanye West

Tonight @ 9pm

the turtle wins the race

I love Carla from Bravo's Top Chef. This clip cracks me up. Unfortunately she didn't win, but she should have.

Friday, February 27

Miranda Cosgrove

A-Li$t & I were just talking about how much we love the Nickelodeon show ICarly. It's a really great show. It's mad funny too. Well I been meaning to post this video from Miranda Cosgrove, who is the lead in ICarly. It's for her song About You Now. I like this track a lot

About You Now - Miranda Cosgrove

The Last House on the Left

This movie looks intense. And it's rated R, which means it has definite potential. This is the full length trailer. In theaters March 13th.

See more movie trailers over in Issue 2

Celtics Sign Stephon Marbury

Congratulations to the Boston Celtics for signing free agent, Stephon Marbury. He is a cutie and I love the star tattoo on his head although I am tired of seeing stars. lol But now that he has joined KG and others, let's hope he can lead the Celtics to the finals for the 18th banner. That would be great for us Boston folks, fingers are crossed. Stephon will wear # 8, so look for him on the court.

*pic via Celtics homepage

Rihanna Tattoos

Speaking of Rihanna, her tattoos are classy hot. She has 11 in total (that we know of) and they are very well thought out and respectable, and she works every single one! A beautiful woman rocking beautiful tattoos!

Elle wrote about this one! A beautiful design
I never knew about this one, beautiful though
As you may of heard, 

For In Style Magazine,

Lily Allen<3

Speaking of Lily, this her performing on the Ellen show. I love Lily, she's the coolest biotch ever

Ni** Sky @ Proposition tonight!

Nothing to do tonight, well Proposition is the place to be because Nicole from Nina Sky, will be in the house. So HOLLA! 509 E. 6th Street, NY

Throwback Friday : Vintage BOW WOW

I know a ton of you guys were bumping to this. HAHA

Lil Bow Wow F/ Jagged Edge- Thank You

VV Brown- LEAVE!

I came across this new artist, VV Brown, as I was reading Solange's blog. VV is from London and has been in this business for 10 years now, writing and producing. She describes her sound as, "do wop indie, whilst traveling on a rocket, all the way up into the deepest part of outer space." It's crazy because she kind of reminds me of Janelle Monae a little bit. This video is crazy cool. Love it!!!

* pic via afro-punk

Lil Wayne - Prom Queen Video Teaser

Interesting wayne.

23: The Street History of a Shoe - Air Jordan Documentary Preview





Time Square Arts Center
669 8th Avenue
Between W. 42nd and W. 43rd St.
Times Square, New York


Lindsay Lohan & Lily Allen went to get matching tattoos. A tattoo that Rihanna actually has already. I think it's a cute tat. Lindsay & Lily as friends is what's odd to me.

3 shootings 1 day

I have a lot of pride in being born & bred in East New York. But it's bad out here. Every time we think it's gotten better, it all turns around. All in one day there was 3 shootings. On Wednesday, a 22 year old girl was shot in the head & killed on Jerome & Linden. And a 20 year old, with her, was also shot in the head, but is in critical condition. The 22 year old had a restraining order against these girls who she had problems with in her own building and they jumped her the morning of her death, where her father made a police report and nothing was done. One of the problem girls' boyfriend shot the victims from a car.
On Sutter Avenue a girl shot her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend (21yrs old) as she walked down the street. She died.
Also on Wednesday, in East NY, a mother and her boyfriend where fighting when he pulled out a gun and started shooting a closed door. He shot that woman's 11 year old daughter in the chest. She is in critical, but stable condition.

This is all so sad. It's scary because they happened right outside on the side walk. And I learned very young, that a bullet has no name on it. Why do people want to kill? I'll never understand.

Exclusive Mixtape: The G's is Back!

The G’s is definetely back with a whole new look and record label!  Download your Free copy and get in the Gino Green mix.  In support of independent artist expression ” Volume 2 will be supported by a “Mixtape Contest”.  Enter the contest for a chance to win Gino Green Wardrobe valued at $200 and a slot on Volume 2.  Read on for details.

Please submit your hottest song it should include one example, whether it is in the lyrics, the actual title or any other related way about the Gino Green Global clothing line.  Be creative and original.

Submissions are due by Wednesday March 18, 2009. Please include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail in your submission. Good luck! Send submissions to: Black Reign

Jump for tracklisting!

1. Gino Green Intro……….FlipGates
2. Na Na nana Na Na…………Jim Jones
3. Best Rapper Alive ……….Murda Mook
4. I Get It In………. 50 cent
5. We Aint Got Nothin To Prove……….. French & Akon
6. Can’t Stop Me………. Jadakiss
7. Gringo………. Akon ft. Don Dinero /Jose Kash
8. All The Above………. Maino ft. T. Pain
9. Money Man………. BXL Northstarz Ent.
10. Hottest in Da hood………. Red Cafe
11. Shake em off Me………. Drag On & Swizz Beatz
12. Magic Swagga ……….Nat Turner ft. Zay and Poe of 3.2.6.
13. Hustler’s Anthem………. Busta Ryhmes ft. TPain
14. Superstar Status………. Chubbie Baby Ft. Bobby Valentino
15. Amnesia………. Papoose
16. Heels Loaded ……….Lux ft. Superstar Torch
17. Life is a Battle ……….Don Dinero/Jose Kash
18. Fuc Wit Us………. Bloc Boyz ft. Black Reign & Mike Ant!
19. Chunk ……….Mansion Chunk
20. My Life………. Mic Skillz
21. Here I am ……….Fuse 100 ft Lil Will
22. One N Da Head……….. The Facts
23. Clear My Way………. Mic Handler
24. I Got It……….. Tum Tum & lil Will
25. Keep it Hood………. Black Reign
26. Da G’s Is Back……….. Mic Handler
27. Rep Ya Set ………..Luck Billz
28. Stay In My Corner ……….Head Ice ft. The Coach
29. Deep In The South………. Lil Flip
30. If You Wit me………. D. Walker
31. Love is Love………. Rafeese

Thursday, February 26

America's Best Dance Crew 3

Who is watching America's Best Dance Crew right now? They have to do a dance where they have to incorporate diff styles in one dance, like tutting, waving, threading, housing, & crumping. Seriously Beat Freaks is the shit. They are an all female group breaking all the stereotypes of female dancers. Last week shorty spinned on her head for dumb long & put on her shades while spinning. I fucking love them!
Buuut Quest Crew just ripped the stage!!! They got a standing o! Their crumping, tutting, b-boy shit, & smooth moves were off the hook. I really want females to take it home, but I love Quest Crew too. Hok & Dominic are my heart since I watched them on So you Think You Can Dance. And this team is really something else. But so is Beat Freaks. Them girls are bad! They're innovative, fun, and extremely talented. Here's last week's episode...and if you just missed the past performances it comes on again at 11pm.

Exclusive Media Thursdays with DJ LJ

21-7 fam! What's good, it's ya man DJ LJ! One year older and I feel great! Yeuppp thats right- I jus celebrated my b-day this past monday.. I'm still celebratin! lol it may not be my day, but now its my week! But welcome to another edition of Exclusive Media Thursdays. This week we have lots of stuff to cover, kick back and get that mouse clickin... its EMT baby!!

This week is extra exclusive! >Jump to peep 50 x Angie Martinez interview on Hot 97, the brand new single from Kanye West & T-Pain, the official 2009 freestyle by Kid Cudi, Memphis Bleek's return mixtape, and Jamie Foxx's official video for Blame it on (the alcohol)!

Mr. G-Unit himself... 50 Cent! This man is craziiii. Peep his exclusive interview with Angie Martinez on Hot 97!

He speaks on beef in general, his marketing schemes, Rick Ross, Cam'ron, Rihanna & Chris Brown and more!

This week we got the tag team duo- two of the most unique figures in today's music- K-West & T-Pain! They have a new smash single out called "Flight School" check it,


 Man, man, man, the boi
Kid Cudi put out the official 2009 Freestyle. Check this ish out, craziii


This week we got the big homie Memphis Bleek droppin a crazi new mixtape. I honestly think that Bleek is finished but we can't forget the mega hits that he had throughout his career. Here's his
latest project called, "Feed The Streets" check it out & let me know wat u think...

Download on Zshare


Jamie Fox- Blame it on (the alcohol)










Betsey Johnson Fall 2009

Betsey Johnson gets better every season. Her household brand turned 30 last year. We wrote an amazing article on the rise of this iconic label, featuring some of her best collections. Check it out in Issue 2
Betsey Johnson has always been known for doing her own thing & switching it up on the fashion world. For her Fall 2009 collection she didn't do a runway show. Instead Betsey invited guests to "Betsey Crocker's Kitchen" in her showroom. The setting was super cute& very Betsey. The collection had 17 looks that included all our girly favorites. There are roses, sequence, lace, cheetah, prints, zippers, corset-like belts, bright tights, full skirts, & lots of fun.
Jump & enjoy

Peep the Louboutins!


pics via

let's talk shit


Soooo here's Kanye, Amber Rose, & Kid Cudi during fashion week. I like Amber's style. I like her name. These boots are fya, & so is that America coin purse, who they're by is on the tip of my tongue. I love her pink lipstick, those shades are hot!, but I'm not crazy about the lame' leggings paired with a denim jacket. This outfit does look mad 80s, but it's still simple & yet modern, so I dig it. Kanye in New Balances. I hate New Balances no matter how many pairs Alife drops. Some people, certain styled people can rock 'em & they work though. Some how I think Kanye looks ok in these because he's older & NB are an old school kinda kick. He looks like a regular dude, & I can respect that. Now Cudi. I am so over this skinny jeans & Jordans thing, but hey if you like it, then rock it. But what I'm not feeling is this wallet hanging from his jeans. I commented on it with the 106 post, and I've seen about 3 different pics of him, at 3 different places, rockin' this same LV wallet in the same spot on his jeans. He's obviously trying something, and I sense people will follow soon. Hey, to each it's own right? I still love Cudi's style, minus the chain, but I'm just sayin' though. I'm wide awake, it's 2am, so I'm just talkin' shit right now. Blogs allow this. lol

Wednesday, February 25

Ladies First

A-Li$t put you guys on to an upcoming collabo between Stussy & Hellz Bellz a couple weeks ago. Well it has arrived.
I like the Stussy & Hellz tee. And unfortunately, that's it. Available March 7th.
Jump to see.


pics via hypebeast

Strike a Pose Mixtape Part 2

MadeMe Strike A Pose mixtape Part 2! Wowzers! I bump the first one in the whip hard body! And numero dose can only be better! Mixed by NI** SKY! Download yours now!

Go to site, click mixtape to download (Part 1 is available there too!)

Missed it last night?

Well watch it now!

On Tuesday, President Obama delivered his first address to a joint session of Congress to call for a new era of responsibility and a renewed commitment to investing in energy, health care, and education.

Dyme-A-Duzin Behind The Scenes

Y'all remember Dyme-A-Duzin from way back when? Well 21-7 featured him last year but we got more on him. Yup, here's some behind the scene footage from his "She's Sexy", video shoot that he posted on his youtube. How cool is he? He is doing big things and one especially is making this music video for his record. Too legit with his camera crew lol. I am so happy to see his progress. Much love to you Dymez, keep up the good work. Peep our other featured artist Crucial in the video too. holla


This is Michelle Obama & her husband, our President Barack Obama at their first black tie event.
Michelle Obama looks stunning. This dress, matched with those necklaces, I love it. I've been hearing she doesn't have a stylist & picks her outfits herself, but i think she had some help here. You go girl!

(click to enlarge) We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

Dig it? Click it!