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Friday, February 27


Lindsay Lohan & Lily Allen went to get matching tattoos. A tattoo that Rihanna actually has already. I think it's a cute tat. Lindsay & Lily as friends is what's odd to me.


BackPack said...

this can be a very sexy and seductive tat if its used the right way ;-) loll

BackPack Productionz

Loniii said...

i like it!
looks like it hurts.

Jess said...

Logan and Allen friends? thats a big wow!

I thought Allen was better than that.

I didn't even knoew Rihanna added another tatt to her growing collection.

21-7 Magazine said...

yeah their a cool match, but i dont think rhi rhi's tat is real


21-7 Magazine said...

oh it is real.. wow rhi has MAADDD tats!


A-LI$T said...

Mark Ronson! it completely makes sense! thats how they met!

ELLE said...

lol yea threw mark mayb...but lily allen was dissing lohan in the media a lil bit ago so its odd that theyre friends now...well u know hollywood its all about the frenemies We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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