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Friday, February 27

Rihanna Tattoos

Speaking of Rihanna, her tattoos are classy hot. She has 11 in total (that we know of) and they are very well thought out and respectable, and she works every single one! A beautiful woman rocking beautiful tattoos!

Elle wrote about this one! A beautiful design
I never knew about this one, beautiful though
As you may of heard, 

For In Style Magazine,


Loniii said...

my favorite one is the one on her shoulder, she got sexy skin so all power to her, and i love how they are all well thought out too because people who get unnecessary tattoo's bother me.

ELLE said...

word i looove rihanna's tattoos...they're all perfect...that crossbone 1 is new 2 me...and i love it, its so cute & hopin 2 get tatted up sum more next week or so cuz im feenin

LeiTxo said...

The stars on her back is the only sexy one to me. The one on the lower right side of her body WOULD have been hot if placed somewhere else but eh..

Sure a tattoo can be meaningful.. so put just as much thought into how it will look and where to place it a bit more.

-LeiTxo We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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