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Wednesday, February 25

Natasha - Sidekick

I think I am late with this female artist, but her name is Natasha and here is her video for her new single,"Sidekick". The video is cool not too spectacular, I think her voice has potential. So I am on the look out for her.


ELLE said...

everytime this video comes on i watch..b.c her face wen she dances is hilarious...and she looks really funny wen she dances 2...her style is kinda ass...but her voice does have potential..but honestly im over it...she's just another r&b singer tryin 2 come up and join the rihanna's and keri's of the world but i think she'll end up with the christina's and tierra's

Loniii said...

daggggg elle.
I hope she doesn't end up there. I hope she makes it. I need some new female R&B artist at the top. Tired of who's there now, except beyonce and keri, cause those the only two I listen too and adore.
So best of luck to her.
= ]

A-LI$T said...

lol whats good with the neck movement in the beginning... im not feeling it... she aint gon make it... she looks like nivea anyways... too regular

LeiTxo said...

He strategy and gimmick into the game is almost the same as Ciara's. Though she seems to be more of a singer than Ciara though (at least naturally).

BUT on the other hand she is maddd pretty for real.. just needs a little more meat. & girls who can dance just have major plus in my book, lol.


ELLE said...

yea her marketing plan is fucked up...she shuld stop tryin 2 be a hit...not many want 2 be natural artists anymore huh We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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