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Sunday, February 15

Officer Ricky Ep. 3: Everybody Hates Chris

This shit gets funnier and funnier each episode. 50 took the beef from the tracks to a CARTOON! What could be a better way to poke fun? Stop being so serious, and watch the episode!

In this episode: Even though he has huge rap dreams, Officer Ricky still takes his career as a Police Officer very seriously as chases down Chris Brown, the latest in his quest to lock up all of the music industry. Officer Ricky then hangs out with some of his NYPD buddies and shoots a music video right in New York city!

Episode 3: Everybody Hates Chris

Haven't seen the first 2 episodes? Jump for more laughs!

Episode 2: How Officer Ricky Got Signed F/ Jay-Z

Episode 1: "LOCKED UP" with Officer Ricky!


LeiTxo said...

Even though 50 Cent as a rapper has sucked ever since the day AFTER he dropped "Get Rich or Die Tryin'", one thing I have to respect about him is that he is definitely not someone to mess with. Dude goes all out and doesn't stop until you're gone.


Fresh 5 said...

50 is a vindictive cancer...bad a russian with a bull's heart..this has nothing to do with get rich or die trying, or any of his music..this is lil clowns trying to play themselfs and being 50 airing that azz clean the fuck out..Now my thing is why didnt he do this 2 Jada? or any dblock member ( x out gayhood )..? Hmmmm TXO!!

A-LI$T said...

50 is the ultimate survivor! reigning supreme every time

A-LI$T said...

50 is the ultimate survivor! reigning supreme every time We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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