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Saturday, February 14

13 year old daddy

Fresh & I were talking about this craziness earlier. A 13 year old boy from London just had a baby with a 15year old girl. She was 14 when she got pregnant, and he was 12. He looks like he's 9! Reports say it was his 1st time, and he was allowed to spend the night at her house. Well duh. How the hell you let children spend the night together and expect them not to try something. These kids know too much now-a-days. Shit my 10year old niece watches Real Chance of Love, smfh. These kids are too grown, and it is all the parents fault. I was not thinking about sex at no fucking 12 years old. Though I knew what it was. His pops said they plan to have a talk with him about the birds & the bees so that another baby doesn't come. A little late huh.
When reporters asked him how he could support the baby financially, he responded in his under developed voice "What's financially?". And the little girl was on birth control but missed a pill. What the fuck! 14 years old on birth control. She was obviously a hot one. It's just sad. The boy's going to be 23 with a 10 year old daughter. Good luck homie.


LeiTxo said...

Actually I'm not that surprised. In this day and age, kids are having kids all the time and they're all starting to be pretty sexually aware around the middle school age (about 11 or 12).

At least he wasn't like that one little girl how was pregnant at like 3 or 5!


A-LI$T said...

wow. this is insane We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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