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Thursday, February 26

America's Best Dance Crew 3

Who is watching America's Best Dance Crew right now? They have to do a dance where they have to incorporate diff styles in one dance, like tutting, waving, threading, housing, & crumping. Seriously Beat Freaks is the shit. They are an all female group breaking all the stereotypes of female dancers. Last week shorty spinned on her head for dumb long & put on her shades while spinning. I fucking love them!
Buuut Quest Crew just ripped the stage!!! They got a standing o! Their crumping, tutting, b-boy shit, & smooth moves were off the hook. I really want females to take it home, but I love Quest Crew too. Hok & Dominic are my heart since I watched them on So you Think You Can Dance. And this team is really something else. But so is Beat Freaks. Them girls are bad! They're innovative, fun, and extremely talented. Here's last week's episode...and if you just missed the past performances it comes on again at 11pm.

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