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Monday, February 16

Lady GaGa: Love Games video!

She's amazing- who DOESN'T love LADY GAGA!!!


ELLE said...

aw man, my bitch my bitch my bitch myyyy bitch! her style is so ahead of her time..and she's so naughty, i love that bitch

A-LI$T said...

word she is very naughty lol

Loniii said...

the platinum blond hair is my favorite about her esp with the big bows. her outfits are crazy sexy it.

LeiTxo said...

Pretty girl.

Whack video.


.stac. said...

this is my fave lady gaga song!!!!
she's dope!

i love this vid, there's so many parts and elements i love

i want to single out the jagged barbed wire type eyewear!

god. i'm in love.

A-LI$T said...

LeiTxo you wildin!

ELLE said...

lol at stac We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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