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Friday, February 20

Rihanna abused photo

JUMP to see the horrific photograph.

Oh my God. TMZ has gotten and released this photo of Rihanna after her attack by Chris Brown. It makes me cry. I cannot believe this happened to her. This should happen to no woman. To no person. I can't look at it without hurting for her. How could he do this? Is this proof enough now? Look at her forehead. Look at the bruises and the cuts. Could you imagine how hard he must have been coming at her face? Could you imagine for one second what it would feel like, internally and externally, to have someone who is suppose to love you hitting you on your face with their fist or God knows what else? Forget that this is Rihanna and forget that this is Chris Brown. Feel for women that have or are being physically abused by someone who they thought was suppose to love them. Really, is this proof enough now? I don't know about the threats, which right now is his biggest charge. But it's his word against hers. I think this photo and whatever other photos there are will do a lot of talking. Are you listening?

*Jump for the story that lead up to the attack. The story according to Rihanna's police report on what started the fight and more.

according to TMZ...


*pic from concreteloop..story pic tmz


autumn said...

this is so sad.

Loniii said...

this is disturbing can we please take it down. I see this photo everywhere.
so tiring.

ELLE said...

well lonii my love, altho it is disturbing...its reality...and i think most importantly you chris brown fans need 2 see this and wake up...tiring shuldnt even be said...a woman has been beaten by sum1 that many of you continue 2 wats tiring is the continued chris brown support...he is a coward and a monster for doing this...and althos backing him are just as pathetic

Loniii said...

its tiring just hearing about the whole dilemma. ok yes rihanna got beat up i understand that but its like this happens everyday they just makin it a big deal cause they are famous and its like i dont care because i dont know them. i aint takin chris browns side. i like chris browns music and what not i aint saying what he did was ok or anything. I just wont believe anything until i get a reliable source because there is so much floating around. THAT ALL. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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