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Monday, February 16

21-7 Weekly Poll:

Do you forgive Chris Brown?

In shock, still can't believe it 54%
Naw, woman beater 41%
Yaw, angry mistake 1%

Chris Brown just released a statement apologizing. I think we are all still in shock with what happened. We grow to love these music artists because we become so intimate with their songs. But truthfully we don't know them at all. We only know who they want us to see. I've read & I honestly believe that he has hit her before. Domestic abuse is the most disgusting thing to me. And no I cannot forgive Chris Brown for what he did to her. But he is human, & I understand that. A mistake, no? He knew what he was doing, and I think hitting her was something he was fine with doing for a while, until it finally blew up in his face. I hope he gets help and becomes a better person. Unfortunately he wasn't taught a woman's worth, or any human's worth. Hopefully he'll grow from this. We should all wish him & Rihanna the best.

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Loniii said...

damn right i am in shock, these rumors all over thee place, i believe nothing. none of these sources seem true.
so until then i am still in shock.until i get a real true vh1 story, lol.

A-LI$T said...

yeah i just cant believe it. and its even crazier that MTV is did a "Chris Brown & Rihanna: Love in Trouble" special... to clear it all up i guess... oh boy

ELLE said...

really wen did it or is it airing? We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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