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Saturday, February 21

Issue #2 has arrived

It's the 21st! So you know what that means. Another caffeinated issue to re-boost your souls. We got some ill shit for you guys this month. How do you feel about these nouns, Ryan Leslie, M.I.A. Presidents, Female erogenous zones, Jesse Boykins, Sway, Hot Boyz, Betsey Johnson, Def Pen Radio, Day n Night, Life, Aaliyah, Honesty, Dating in the spotlight, and...alright we're sleepy. Oh the irony! :P Enjoy the issue guys. And thanks for all the love. You people are the shit!


Loniii said...

hell yeah cuz. 21-7 IS THAT SHIT!!! i just got back from my summit sorry i have not blogged.this summit is 12+ hours aka my life.

LeiTxo said...



A-LI$T said...

hollerrr We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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