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Friday, February 20

Kanye West and Kid Cudi on 106 & Park


ELLE said...

his style is on point...blk wayfers, biker style leather and the black tee are classic style elements...the red kanye luis' are hot. I'm assuming those pinky rings are Ti$A. I could prolly do wit out the hangin wallet...cudi is sexy...the pearly whites, nice...i can see when you start blowin up its hard not 2 get a big head...i see his not really feelin kanye's outfit...very vintage MJ, love varsity jackets, love bow ties not crazy bout its whole look, but hey he's kanye, he can do whatever

LeiTxo said...

Kanye USED to be the flyest dude in the game but lately the more I see him mix & matching stuff like what he's wearing on the show.. the more he's losing credibility. I remember I couldn't wait to see Kanye pop up on tv or someone's video and be like "yo Kanye is on some flyyyyy shit!" but not so much any more.. more like "wow.. why is Kanye wearing that?" He used to be at the cutting edge of fashion/flyness, now he's more over the edge it seems.

Anyway, first dude sucked to me.. as I try to remember a minute after watching this, I don't know what he said. Kanye on the other hand rippppped it. I dunno why the hell he didn't rap so vicious on his last album but hopefully saved 'em for his next release.

-LeiTxo We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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