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Saturday, February 14

Fashion Week...

It's been Fashion Week for 2 days so far. I had a chance to go to the Nicole Miller runway show, but I was on call at work and they needed me. smfh. I hate part time work!!! Any who, here's a video from the Barbie runway show. It's the finale scene, and the clothes look amazing of course. It looked like a really fun show.


LeiTxo said...

That show would've been fun to attend it seems.. with the confetti dropping, etc. The last one I attended was for Ed Hardy's swimwear line, and that was like a C-grade show.

Though, one thing I hate about Fashion Shows is all the ugly, ultra skinny models they have. Kind of sickening at times and I see a few in this show but I mean at least the clothing was on point - no homo.


ELLE said...

i feel u on the models...this 1 seemed good...but sum of these models be so grossly scary skinny We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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