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Saturday, February 28

Reports say they're back together

According to Us Weekly & Chris Brown & Rihanna are back together. Reports say: "The couple is staying together at a house owned by Sean “Diddy” Combs on Star Island near Miami, Florida. Brown has been seen smiling, riding a jet ski, and flexing his arm muscles. Rihanna arrived four days ago, according to a source."

I am deeply saddened by this. If this is true, & sadly it probably is, I am extremely disappointed in Rihanna. I was hoping she was a strong woman. Hopefully she doesn't learn of her mistakes like most domestic violence victims do, with death. He didn't just hit her. He viciously attacked her. And let's not fail to mention his infidelity.
Millions of money, millions of fans, and all the fame in the world can't buy you smarts huh.
I'm interested in what they're going to say. And where their careers will go from here.
God bless them.

I didn't post a picture because the site of them together disturbs me.

*read from concreteloop which has pics of her recently spotted in Mexico
UPDATE: pics of Chris & Rihanna's friends (no Rihanna) at Diddy's crib here


A-LI$T said...

well being together doesnt necessarily mean their dating again..although chances are

but to each its own. hopefully they learned from this and will learn to discuss their problems better.

love is love, she can't deny how she feels

and I TRULY didnt think she would get back with him though, because its sort of a choice, like 50 said, between her career or love.. atleast love more important to her than money

& the only thing money, fans or fame buys is criticism

Kay said...

but he BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HER & i cant forget that lol.. idk like i lost respect for both of them but w.e to each its own right?

ELLE said...

sadly right...but damn he's never gonna change now...she took him bak within like 3 weeks...and wat kind of fucking friends hang out wit the man that just beat the shit outa ur friend?
this is just so sad

A-LI$T said...

how easily we pass judgment on situations we know little about.. oh gossip

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