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Sunday, March 1

Mistakes Happen

So a couple days ago I wrote a post on the new Spring collection from Hellz Bellz. Some how I called their creative director Lanie, Leah. Don't ask me how I made that mistake 'cause I don't even know. I am completely aware of the differences between the two, trust me. Well some how Hellz Bellz came across our post & made a post on their blog correcting us. They seemed to be understanding that it was an honest mistake, but what bothered me was that it was put on blast. So now there's a post up of our silly mistake and of course people are going to talk negatively about it. I know not all publicity will be good but after reading their post I've been really upset with myself. After talking with A-List, I've realized sometimes people are going to notice the bad over the good and that's just life. I wish the girls at Hellz would have just corrected us rather than put it on blast for the whole internet world to see, especially since I really love their brand, and we fixed it the same day, but hey shit happens. I guess I won't be getting that jacket from Lanie huh lol
But I just want to encourage you all to take negative publicity with a grain of salt and never beat yourself up about mistakes you've made in life. Because they're just mistakes. You can't press rewind, you can just move forward.


Loniii said...

that was od i just read the post.
love you elle, apparently i make a ton of mistakes but it just makes a more cautious better person.

Loniii said...


Kay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kay said...

I was like in shoooock when i saw it i was like omg... good thing i corrected u asap lol but i`m sure u woulda noticed!

Look at it this way.. ppl will come to the blog & see what they like... :D

A-LI$T said...

yeah this is life! for instance, ppl mistake 21-7 and say 24-7 all the time!

honest mistake, but atleast their talking bout us!
holla We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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