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Friday, March 27

Cudi & the.Life Files

the.LIFE Files did an ill interview with Kid Cudi over at Alife's Rivington Club. It's pretty long & worth the listen. He discusses mad shit, so all my opinions are bubbling in my brain right now...i'm sure yours will too. He talks his start in the mc game, his style musically & physically, his friendship with Kanye West, his retiring announcement bullshit, his album, some dumb chicks, and much much more.'s very intersting


Fresh 5 said...

like the cut..smooth dood..not to much into the store tho..imma supreme head!!

Loniiii said...

for someone who wanted to retire.
he has a lot of interviews.

ELLE said...

lol right (2 loni)...i luv cudi...i do...but honestly i worry about him like i worry about my other favorite budding stars...are they in it 4 the art or the fame...and are they really just full of shit...i hope not wit cudi...only time will tell

and 2 fresh i choose alife over supreme! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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