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Saturday, March 21

Charlie V. a hardcore Twitter

Charlie Villanueva, # 31 of the Milwaukee Bucks, gets caught twittering during half time. Usually players would be practicing their shoots and warming up but nope, not Charlie V. He was on that damn Twitter. And all he got was a charge for twittering. This is what he said in DIME Magazine, " It tooks some gangstaness to be able to twitt during the halftime of a game, but it took me like 10sec, real quick, didnt interfere. " Wow lol, twitter is that serious. Clearly it ment a lot to him to the point where he had to sneak in a twitt during half time to update his followers. Then he allows mention this, "The halftime twitt actually motivated me. That’s why I did it, plus of course to keep you guys in the loop of some live action. " I guess it did motivate him, because they did beat my home team, Boston Celtics. Shoot they were just lucky. lol But that is sad, twitter is taking over peoples lives like that!!! Damn you social networking. Like his coach said, "we need more toughness CV." I agree, focus mang!

*thanks DIME Magazine and yahoo sports


Loniii said...

& big thanks to (sex) for telling me about this.

Fresh 5 said...

this happend last week..i read bout it, he actually got a fine for this when they beat BOSTON!!!

Loniii said...

associated press article has this in it,
"Skiles said Villanueva would not be fined for the incident but said it was a "no-brainer" that players shouldn't be doing such things from the locker room any more."

lol he better get it together

ELLE said...

lol thats funny...but damn its just a second thing....but his head shuld be in the game and not twitter.. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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