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Tuesday, March 24

Could it be ? NO WAY !!

Holiday 2009 is looking great so far, but today news dropped of a very special release. The air jordan 11' / space jam colorway will be making a drop !! Get your paper right people !!


Fresh 5 said...

oooh man not these again and again and again..reall tired of these joints..really but i love em..!!!

ELLE said...

im getting them...i will not let them slip by me again

(SEX)AVIER said...

please tell me you lying
ill put the money away right now

LoU vEga!! a.K. a> yUnG proPaNe!! said...

tHeSe iS tHE oNly j O's i wouLd cop nOw...nIGgaz fucked it uP makIng mAaD booTlEg shiTs We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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