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Monday, March 23

Ok Complex!

So Complex decided to step their cover game up. And who better to make that happen than Kanye, huh? This cover is more than the shit. And exactly what the mag needed. Plus Kim Kardashian graces the other side of this April/May issue (which Complex says they will show 2moro). She was on E! News & said Complex has gotten edgier. Interesting, eh? With the magazine industry in shambles, it's time for re-design. This issue will probably show their best sales all year. I guess I'll be copping it.

Jump for the video Complex posted with this cover, it's Kanye talking & shit. I haven't watched it yet though, 'cause my computer is reeeeeeetarded. lol, luv u yeezy.

UPDATE: Pics from inside the mag after the jump!

Click to enlarge


Loniii said...

yeah i saw this cover earlier.
i love complex, the double sided covers are the shit. the only magazine i am still subscribed too!
well worth it, and this issue better be on time in my mailbox or else...

A-LI$T said...

kanye and kim.. great choices!

Fresh 5 said...

To save the magazine i think this was a great choice...the only 2 in the game worth KANYE!

Juskish said...

Kanye=TOO RUDE, DOPE and FRESH...I love it! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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