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Wednesday, March 18

The saint & the sinner

Kim Kardashian & her NFL boyfriend Reggie Bush are in GQ's April 2009 issue.
I love Kim & I think her & Reggie look super cute together.
Read the interview & see pics from inside the issue on


21-7 Magazine said...

why theheck did you pick this picture.. the others are MAGNIFICENT


In A NY State Of Mind said...

Kim top 10 dead or alive. fuck it.

A-LI$T said...

lol word i love that pic!

Loniii said...


Fresh 5 said...

Overated pussy and a failing rb, needs to rehab..RAY J U GO BOY..turned this chick into a super star!!!

ELLE said...

lol fresh shut the fuck up

Fresh 5 said...

sry elle but i call it like i c it..what has kim REALLY done besides make a tape? how can u relate her? and Reggie is a bum, cant play a single season with injury ...he was good at usc, and kim was good..iite, on dvd...I SEEN THE TAPE KIM!! lol We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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