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Monday, March 30

Jermaine Dupri’s Jordan Closet and more

Another dope video from Jermaine. The dude has a book of all his sneakers with numbers, how sick is that ?


Fresh 5 said...

The ONLY dood i would say has a touch of fashion or a northern swagg to him from the south ( no to hate on the south (( cuz i do !!)) but hes the only 1 Dupri, but to much organization to me i just like to dig in the closet and reach for anything and rock not looking thru a is he Kimora!!

ELLE said...

lmao...word rite (at the kimora comment) but a book is crazy hot...Get it JD!!!! i mean wen i get my official crib i just plan 2 have all my shoes & kicks on display, like my own mini boutique.. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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