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Wednesday, March 25

Ops she did it again. lol

Clearly Britney has something to say. Around 48secs, hear what she had to say at her concert in DC. Perez is asking, " Did she forget to take her medication." lol lol Idk, watch and listen folks.


ELLE said...

lmao did she say merry christmas? lol i luv britney she is that bitch, #1 always

Loniii said...

lmfaoooooooooo she sure did.

Fresh 5 said...

Fuck her..shes trash..IMMA HATER..Sis u know..loni does 2, alist, allo f yall know..IMMA this stupid chick!!!

Loniii said...

alrighty then.
fresh is MADDDDDD! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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