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Tuesday, March 24

New Albums from Keri Hilson & Jim Jones

Not many new album releases today except for Keri Hilson's 1st debut album, In A Perfect World, and Jim Jones', Pray IV Reign. Complex Magazine is calling Jim's album. "the album of the week". Word, just the week? lol But as far as Keri's album I have not heard much talk about it but I am hoping it's a hit record because she has talent and she just dropped that fresh new video out now with Kanye & Ne-yo, which we posted yesterday, so check back for that. Wishing them both the best of luck on the charts. Also Look for a possible album review in 21-7's April issue, but for now go read the new March issue up now!!!

1 comment:

Fresh 5 said...

Didnt get to rock to the keri joint as yet, the Jimmy album..HORRIBLE..if u like skulls and bones and glitter on your jeans and grown men saying na-na-na-na...then this is the album for you..
out of 10 ill give it 4, and thats for the semi glossed beats.. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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