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Wednesday, March 17

Issue 10 is now available!


Hello beautiful people. Thanks for your patience, it has finally arrived! Issue 10 is here along with our brand new website. We will be debuting 10 articles per week and have moved our blog over, so check back here often for daily fun, fresh weekly features and new interviews. At the end of each month we will debut a virtual flip magazine full of graphics and bonus features for all subscribers to enjoy. But first, say hello to our 21 featured Go Getters starring New York City extraordinaire, MeLo-X! This week we also feature Margaux Lange, A Bold 2010, Sweet Sounds of Music, and much more. Celebrate 21-7 and start clicking

P.S. Say goodbye to the blogspot and hello to our new blog home on the site.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I hope dudes catch on to the kilt trend!


Lil Friday is really getting it in tho, the young spanish Spank Rock, perhaps better? Let's see :) "Everyday is Friday" coming soon!


Wet Wednesday
Ain't nothing wetter than Maestro in Hawaii.

Maestro Knows - Episode 5 (Hawaiian Vacation) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 16

pretty girl

I saw this photo on We Heart It and it grabbed my eye instantly. I can't recall which country &/or ethnicity wears this type of necklace but it's insane that this little girl is wearing one. (I know they come in different sizes in order to stretch the neck.) But I just love this. She looks so sweet with her lovely, flower headpiece, innocently blowing bubbles.

Shia covers GQ

This is the April 2010 Issue of GQ Magazine starring Shia LaBeouf.
He's wearing a Club Monaco suit on the cover. I work for Club Monaco, um, meant to be maybe =) Click here for photos from inside and quotes from his interview.


Sometimes, the hardest things and the right things are the same.
-The Fray


I loooooove Chick-O-Sticks! They are known as nostalgia candy, since they've been around since the 1930's. I've loved them since I was a kid, my pops got me hooked. They are peanut butter and roasted coconut candy sticks. I don't like anything coconut but this! They are too good and now available in bite size!

The Wang Gang


Alexander Wang had this awesome shoot for Interview Magazine's March issue. It showed him mixed in a party of models, including some of his muses, Erin Wasson and Alice Dellal. It was photographed by Mikael Jansson and includes Alexander Wang Spring 2010 pieces, styled by Karl Templer. JUMP for more pics and a fun video of them dancing on set.


Viktor & Rolf Fall 2010

Glamour Factory was the theme behind the dynamic, Dutch duo's latest runway collection. The show began with model Kristen McMenamy dressed in 23 layers of clothes! She stood still in a rotating center while the designers undressed her, one piece at a time, placing it on models as they came wobbling down the runway in their dark and daring platforms. They undressed her until she was wearing a one piece swim suit and then reversed the show by taking the garments off the walking models and placing them back on Kristen until her opening looking was relived. Fucking fantastic! Viktor & Rolf actually recycled this idea, they did a similar show for their 1999 collection. Love it! JUMP for part 2 of the show.

Monday, March 15


SunChips are so delicious! Plus they're healthy, since they're whole grain. What a lovely combination! And SunChips' bags are now 100% compostable, because they're now made from plants. This is the greeniest plastic can get! They're the world's first ever chip bag to be so. Now that's a company worth supporting.

Missing Monday

We miss the Sun. Good thing we can smell Spring :)

Audio Foreplay

It's here! Produced & Mixed By MeLo-X, he's back with is prelude to Sonic Intercourse, Audio Foreplay. Download for free and enjoy!

Happy bday Nina Sky

I was starring at this flyer for a while, wishing i would have went, when i realized, the 16th is TOMORROW! Lets do it.

Prophit SXSW

If you'll be at SXSW check out our homie Prophit


Film Skool Rejects: Music For The Bitches

I really couldnt find much about these guys but I like they're music. They come off a little bit raunchy and aggresive at first but easy to warm up to. DOWNLOAD HERE

Dirty Nasty & Andy!

I love them. "I pull out fucking naked in a hummer" lmfo


Sunday, March 14

Sunday Songs

This Monday, March 15th Melo-X is dropping his Audio Foreplay project. Here's the tracklisting. We can't wait for tomorrow!

1. Texting Sem Intro (DJ Semtex BBC 1Xtra)
2. The Highest (Extended Live Redit)
3. Google Wave (Sonic Intercourse Album Snippet)
4. A Tribe Called Dilla
5. JHS97 Riddim (Mark Ronson EVR Shout Out)
6. Drown Me Out Ft. Jade (MeLo-X Remix)
7. Hear The Static Ft. MNDR
8. Paramali (Sonic Intercourse Album Snippet)
9. Work This City Ft. Body Language (MeLo-X Remix)
10. Kada Manja Ft. The Very Best (MeLo-X Remix)
11. Birth of Venus Ft. Nikki NTU (MeLo-X Remix)
12. Female Prophylactic (Endtro)
13. Houstatlantavegas Ft. Sonnymoon (MeLo-X Sonnymoon vs. Nite Jewel Vs. Drake Mashup Remix)
14. ZephyrXtra (Basement Jaxx Rework)
15. Outro (Gilles Peterson Meets Marlon Wayans Meets DJ Semtex)

Twinkle, twinkle little star

This is a Freeze Frame from Fall 2010 Fashion Week, by Tommy Ton. I believe these sparkling beauties are Louis Vuitton Fall 2010.

click to enlarge

Obsessed With You

Hellz Bellz Spring 2010 Delivery One; Obsessed With You.

See it all here!

Click to enlarge!

Sunday Songs
My favorite part about the movie, Where the Wild Things Are, is the soundtrack. It's amazing. Most of the songs are from Karen O and The Kids. These 3 are my top favorite, in this order. Hideaway does something serious to my soul; "Hideaway, where they'll seat us in the sun." Then there's All Is Love, and Worried Shoes.


All is Love

Worried Shoes

Happy Birthday Staci!!!

Today is Nastasia's 22nd birthday! Show her some love on her twitter, @Stah_see

Kemizt "The Vigil"

It's finally here people!! Download this work of art NOW at


Sunday Songs

Can never go wrong with any Day26 song, sing it to me boys!

Day 26 - Perfectly Blind

Amor Amanda

Amanda Seyfried is in the April issue of Esquire and she turned the volume up! She has been working very hard, with 3 movies out in like a 4 month span, not to mention her HBO show, Big Love. Can you believe she's 32 years old! I think she's beautiful. Jump for more photos. click to enlarge

Saturday, March 13

Silly Saturday

Although it's never a good idea to mess with a drunk person, sometimes it could be the most funniest sh*t ever. Even being the drunk person, you too sometimes do some funny stuff. Last Thursday Loni and I were in a pizza shop talking like Jamaicans. I swore they believed we were Jamaicans too! OMG! The highlight of that night. Everyone was laughing and it was the most fun I've ever had on a Thirsty Thursday!

Silly Saturday

Too fricken funny and cute! Ahaha....oh my goodness. LOL

Silly Saturday
Now if this isn't funny, the public must REALLY love George Bush.

Friday, March 12

April 17th!

April 17th will be super deluxe. Come thru and show our homie @gitoo some bday loving! More info to come!

My day Friday

"Times are changing. Now, it's about who can be the best them! Because the real power has and will always be with you." - Nikki NTU

This is an excerpt from our interview with one of our 21 Go Getters, Nikki NTU. All of the interviews will inspire you. Issue 10 will be up soon. Sign up for the newletter and you'll be one of the first to know.


 We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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