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Wednesday, March 3

ABC vs Cablevision...vs The people

Hmm. I wanted to post Cablevision's commercial about this shit but you can only watch the extended version of it here. All this price hiking shit is getting out of control. Us 3.1 million Cablevision customers may not be able to watch the Oscars on t.v. this Sunday :( Disney is mad fucking greedy. Everyone is mad fucking greedy. ABC says Cablevision pockets over 40 million a month from their customers, for networks like ABC that are basically free. WE are the victims, not Cablevision or WABC. No matter what, we still lose. Below is what Cabevision posted on their site. To the right is a news report. Jump for a news video and a video from WABC.

ABC is threatening to pull the plug on WABC-7 unless Cablevision and its customers agree to pay millions of dollars in new fees.
In these difficult and challenging economic times, it is not fair for ABC to force Cablevision and its customers to pay what amounts to a new TV tax for the same programming that is available today for free over the air and on the Internet.
Cablevision already pays ABC's parent company more than $200 million per year to carry its channels; now ABC wants a 20 percent fee increase for exactly the same programming.
It is wrong for ABC to demand $40 million in new fees to help pay the salaries and bonuses for top ABC executives.
Cablevision has tried in good faith to reach a fair agreement with ABC. In fact, top Cablevision executives traveled to ABC offices in California earlier this month, and had lengthy face-to-face meetings this week in Bethpage and New York City. We have made numerous proposals, all of which have been rejected.
E-mail or call 1-877-NO-TV-TAX and tell ABC not to turn off WABC-TV while we negotiate a deal that is fair for everyone.

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