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Friday, March 12

Diggy Simmons - Made You Look

Diggy as a rapper is still growing on me, but I do like this little video he got. OK then diggster.


ELLE said...

ok so this is my 1st time hearing diggy spit and i really love it. I loved all his lines, well most, and his flow. and of course it doesnt hurt that he's so fucking cute. it does hurt that he's like, what? 13 tho? smh But im wondering if ppl really believe he's writing all this. i totally think its possible. I love that its conscious lyrics. I think that it's odd he'd say he's from Queens tho, cause he grew up in Jersey, I believe. Maybe born in Queens. But overall, this gets an A

(SEX) said...

yooo he rap way better then jojo, if he keep it up hell be good We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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