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Wednesday, March 10

21-7 Weekly Poll:

Do you believe in Evolution? Yes 50%
No 37%
Not sure 12%

Majority of you believe in the theory of evolution. I, however, am not a believer, I voted no. When I was younger I hated the theory of evolution. And then I was told, hate comes from ignorance, you hate what you don't understand. So soon I took an Anthropology class & was finally enlightened. Evolution is, biologically, "the change in the inherited traits of a population of organisms through generations. When a population splits into smaller groups, they evolve independently and develop into new species." The earlier species couldn't survive long, so new born species would then develop traits to help them. I asked my professor, why aren't we still evolving? FYI, this was happening all over the world, so that's how races came about. But it's basically mutation, and that would mean that we are mutants and have the ability of mutation. My professor said it's just that we became a complete species, with all the necessary traits to be successful in living a long life. We didn't need to mutate anymore. I guess that makes sense. I read a little on gene flow and genetic drift which explains how, scientifically, genes move and create new "people". So, I certainly don't hate the theory, now that I get it's possibility. Because I believe, all in all, anything is possible, no one really knows the truth. I still believe we were made from God, starting with Adam and Eve and all that incest. Lol. Educate yourself on all things, even though you may not agree with it. Knowledge is power, my friends.
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