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Thursday, July 31

ABDC On Tour

Randy Jackson presents, America's Best Dance Crew is hittin' the road this fall. Season 1 winners Jabbawockeez, BrakeSk8, and more unannounced crews will be touring the U.S. on a 4 week, 20 city tour starting in Miami, Florida on September 18 (Waterfront Theater at the American Airlines Arena). Come watch your favorites duke it out live--The show should be sick and definitely a good investment. Tickets aren't on sale yet but keep checking and as soon as they are, 21-7 will link you so you can grab a pair.

Jump for tour dates and locations.
Sep 18 Miami, FL: Waterfront Theatre at the American Airlines Arena
Sep 19 Tampa, FL: Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
Sep 20 Atlanta, GA: Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center
Sep 21 Clemson, SC: Littlejohn Coliseum
Sep 23 New York, NY: WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden
Sep 25 Boston, MA: Citi Performing Arts Center
Sep 26 Atlantic City, NJ: Adrian Phillips Ballroom
Sep 27 Sewell, NJ: Commerce Bank Arts Centre
Sep 29 Washington, DC: DAR Constitution Hall
Sep 30 Newark, NJ: New Jersey Performing Arts Center
Oct 1 Albany, NY: The Palace Theater
Oct 3 Detroit, MI: Masonic Temple Theatre
Oct 4 Milwaukee, WI: Milwaukee Theatre
Oct 5 Rosemont, IL: Rosemont Theatre
Oct 6 Kansas City, MO: Midland Theatre
Oct 8 Denver, CO: Wells Fargo Theatre
Oct 11 Oakland, CA: Paramount Theatre of the Arts
Oct 12 Los Angeles, CA: Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE
Oct 14 Portland, OR: Rose Quarter - Theater Of The Clouds
Oct 15 Everett, WA: Comcast Arena at Everett Events Center

Mack supports Fanny Pack! 818 ftw!

Grass Flip Flops

UK residents can now enjoy the perks of summertime, all year round. Or, for as long as they remember to water their feet. Krispy Kreme is offering the world's first Grass Flip Flops. They contain actual grass and give you the "stroll through the meadow barefoot" feeling even when your miles away from the nearest clear field. They can take around 3 weeks to grow, and are good for up to 4 months if you water and care for them. UK readers, your in luck; they're being handed out to London residents for FREE. Could these be the new Crocs? Does anybody else think this is some pretty weird shit?

Thieves and Villains: New Tourdates & Songs

Check out the Theives & Villians myspace for new tour dates & new songs off their new album, Movement. They are currently on tour so show some support! Cop the album, if you haven't already!

Official Tourdates on myspace

Jump to view tourdates

August, 21 2008 05:30 PM - Vibe Lounge w/ Socratic, The Years Gone By
60 Front St, Rockville Center, New York - $10

August, 22 2008 06:00 PM - Penn Monster Factory w/ Socratic, The Years Gone By
17 Saw Mill Ct, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania - $10

August, 23 2008 06:00 PM - The School w/ Socratic, The Years Gone By
2438 California Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - $10

August, 24 2008 06:00 PM - Days Hotel w/ Socratic, The Years Gone By
1 W 9 Mile Rd., Hazel Park, Michigan 48030 - $10

August, 25 2008 06:00 PM - Black Sheep Café w/ The Years Gone By
1120 S. 11th, Springfield, Illinois - $6

August, 26 2008 05:00 PM - Reggie’s Rock Club w/ Socratic, The Years Gone By
2109 South State Street, Chicago, Illinois - $8

August, 27 2008 05:30 PM - Mac’s Bar w/ Socratic, The Years Gone By
2700 E. Michigan Ave, Lansing, Michigan 48912 - $8

August, 28 2008 07:30 PM - Howards Club H w/ Socratic, The Years Gone By
210 N Main, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 - $6

August, 29 2008 04:30 PM - Waterstreet Music Hall w/ Socratic, The Years Gone By
204 N. Water St., Rochester, New York 14604 - $10

August, 30 2008 06:30 PM - A Different Drummer Café w/ Socratic, The Years Gone By
12 Paddock Arcade, Watertown, New York - $6

August, 31 2008 06:30 PM - The SSCC w/ Socratic, The Years Gone By
5 William St, Saratoga Springs, New York - $10

Wednesday, July 30

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince trailer

The sixth film-version of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, is set to for a tentative release on November 21, 2008 in the U.S. J.K. Rowling has become an international literary legend--I personally own and have read the entire series. David Yates returns to direct this film (he directed the fifth film, Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoeniex). The movie versions are always a little disappointing; it's nearly impossible to fit every event from the book into the film but Yates assures us that "we've still got some really cool ones". Based on the trailer, it looks like dissapointment will be kept to a minimum with this one. Everything looks GREAT. It's dark and violent and prepares us to get inside Voldemort's head. I like the excessive use of dark colors in the trailer: black's and grey's. It accentuates the morbid tone of the movie. Rumor has it that the final movie (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) will be filmed and released in two installments, the first in November 2010, and the last in May 2011. Check out the trailer below:

Quote Source:

Friday Night on MTV: Miley Cyrus

Go-Getter, Miley Cyrus will be on FNMTV this Friday (8/1) for a special live performance of “7 Things
Tune into MTV at 8pm!

JUMP to watch “7 Things” music video!

Miley Cyrus - 7 Things

Justin Nozuka: Thorough Talent

Justin Nozuka is half Asian and half American. He was born in NY and raised in Canada. "After Tonight," his first single, was a hit! Nozuka's personalized mix of soul, pop, R&B and acoustic creates a perfect blend to soothe the ears. His voice is pure beauty!
Cop his new album titled, Holly!
May we suggest? Mr. Therapy Man & Supposed to Grow Old

"Supposed to Grow Old" performed live

Tuesday, July 29

Vintage Sunglasses

Eye wear is popular and HOT, when done right. Current eyeglasses trends include everything from big bug-eyed frames to 80's inspired frames in funky colors and patterns. Take a dive into the era that did sunglasses unbelievable justice with Vintage Sunglasses. VS offers a TON of never-been-worn vintage sunglasses from over 22 different designers (including Cazal, Ray Ban, Cartier, Lacoste, and more). The site organizes them for easy access by men's designs, women's designs, brand (which is broken down by series), and type of frame (aviators, over-sized frames, shades and classic frames). VS is your very own crusader for beautiful eye wear and has made it more than easy to search for and find your perfect pair. Or two. Or three.

Pictures after the JUMP.

Neostyle Plaza 31- $173.00

Jaguar 705- $285.00

Cazal 163- $1,588.00 (don't worry, we can't afford these babies either)

Frames featured at the beginning of the post are from the 100 series by Cazal, 191 ($191.00)
Feel free to buy them for Mack for her birthday which is coming up. That wasn't a hint at all.

See more at the site:

Monday, July 28

Aubrey O'Day going solo

This bitch is making moves! Besides Danity Kane, homegirl is acting in HairSpray on Broadway and now has her own clothing line! Whoa! It's called Heart On My Sleeve. It's basically a bunch of cheesy/ass quotes on tees, undies, & hoodies, for guys, girls, kids, dogs, and she has some cute accessories. I am so diggin' the DJs make me horny cropped tee, plus I love the ANTM models....Aubrey shouldn't model though. Her facial expressions are the freakin' worst!
Well anyways, the clothes are affordable, printed on quality American Apparel. Check the site.

Who loves the Disney channel?

It's my guilty pleasure. I have a love-hate relationship with Miley Cyrus...I hate Miley Cyrus but i love Hannah Montana. I super love Wizards of Waverly Place cause Selena Gomez is the shit (in many ways) & ICarly is the shit too. But these 15yr olds have become too much for me. Selena & her bff, Demi (another Disney star) started making youtbe videos like Miley & her bff Mandy (whos like 22) do. Well Miley & Mandy decided to be mean girls and make a parody making fun of Selena & Demi. HATEEEEERS! I think it's just sad. Selena & Demi's video was stupid...but teen girls are just the teen girls are even more worst...add celebrity to that and you get fucking....Lindsey Lohan...these little girls are too grown. That shit aint cute...well anyways I think A-List & I should do a bff youtube show too...We're not rich or celebrities (& im not a teen) but maybe we can do parodies of these dumb bitches & build our fame...what yal think? the 2 videos here.

in response, Demi & Selena said they were suprised & honored by it.

Sunday, July 27

Rick Ross F/ Jay-Z: Maybach Music

People are mad at Rick Ross for supposedly being a C.O. before being a rapper, but this song is fire!!!

Maybach Music - Rick Ross Feat. Jay-Z

mad music posts...we know

Music rules the world, what can we say.

Here's the new Shwayze...we told you it was coming. I really wish they chose better chicks for their videos. But Shwayze & Dj Skeet Skeet are so cute...we dont mind watching it. Corona & Lime ladies & gents.

Corona & Lime - Shwayze

Mama's Boy

They are the shit man.

Art & Beer

Royal College of Art & Becks beer have collaborated to create Beck's Canvas. Cool, right?

King Stampede

21-7 digs King Stampede. These are their new Summer hats. Available now at Boundless NYC.
Pics of all the hats after the jump.

Please, no one cop this white joint. White fitteds are a no-no!

Saturday, July 26

what the hell AMERICA!?

This pass week on America's Best Dance Crew, America fucked up!!!! Super Cr3w & Supreme Soul were the bottom 2. Can u believe that bullshit! So Real is whack & Boogie Bots are whack! I had to cry in this one. Nither 1 of them desearved to go home. SMH America, smh. Can you get anything right?

Super Cr3w was saved

oui vey.

These girls look like a hot mess in this video. Why won't somebody tell Aubrey about herself? And Diddy, what the fuck is up with their stylist? I don't know who these girls are...and their facial expressions...oui vey, i cant take it. It's a shame, cause their music is great...the dancing is good...and they're suppose to be one of the best girl groups out now. On FNMTV, they straight played them, basically callin em a whack wanna be pussycat dolls, lol. I have so many ideas how I can save them....Diddy please email Elle at PLEASE for Danity Kane's sake.


we love keri hilson

She's a bad bitch. she's gorgeous, sexy, can move, got style, and is an amazing artist. this song and video is great. We support Keri Hilson. Ladies & gents, here's Energy

Energy - Keri Hilson

Not enough proof, but still interesting..

NASA - Evidence of Life on Moon & Mars

The Foreign Exchange: Leave It All Behind

The Foreign Exchange is made of Nicolay and Phonte. Nicolay is the producer, best known for his work with the Justus League. Phonte, the frontman, is best known for being 1/2 of the group Little Brother. Their accomplished backgrounds help set the stage for their first album's, Connected, success. Now- they are back again, for another triumph.
The Foreign Exchange sophomore album, Leave It All Behind, is due Fall 2008. Expect the single to drop soon!

JUMP for more

"I can’t tell people what to expect... What I can tell them NOT to expect is ‘Connected Part 2.’ This is a totally different record with a different energy, but it’s still me and Nic doing what we do. I feel like this is the kind of record I’ve wanted to make all my life; I can’t wait for the world to hear it.”

Unofficial Track-listing:
1. Back To You (Intro)
2. Sweeter Than You
3. House of Cards
4. Leave It All Behind
5. Another Day
6. Keep it Moving
7. All I Do F/ Darien Brockington, Median & Cesar Comanche
8. Still Connected (Skit)
9. We Alright (Be Alright Part II) F/ Median
10. Nic’s Message (Skit)
11. Lights
12. New You
13. Dreamer F/ Rapper Big Pooh & Darien Brockington
14. Tay’s Message (Skit)
15. Brand New Day
16. Believe It F/ The Dream
17. All That You Are (Nic’s New Groove Remix) F/ Median & Darien Brockington
18. I Need Her F/ John Legend

Never heard the magic? Listen to some jams off their first album, Connected:
May we suggest?
Be Alright, Nic's Groove, All That You Are, Come Around, Happiness
The Foreign Exchange - Connected (2004)


The IBE DVD Trailer

They get it poppin' overseas too!
The Notorious IBE is one of the leading Europe hip-hop dance events
This was the 8th event, held on June 6th, 7th & 8th of 2008
You can peep more video's here

Friday, July 25

Brooke Hogan

I like her. She's mad down to earth, crazy cool. Another thing I dig is that she's not super skinny, she's not stressing to lose weight to keep up with coke-heads. The only thing that kills her vibe, is that she's a famous off-spring- but she can't help that. And she can't help but to aspire to be a singer. About Us was a hit though..

(Brooke Hogan voice) "What it do Paul Wall?"

Now that she has her own spin-off show, we can get to know Brooke a little better. Even though it is clearly scripted! She's an actress!! Spoiled and famous, living life. Team Brooke Hogan!

Episode 3 premieres tomorrow, July 27th at 10pm EDT
Tune in to it on VH1!

Brooke Knows Best on

Russell Brand to host 2008 VMAs!

This british man may not be Diddy, Chris Rock or Jack Black- but I think we can trust MTV and believe Brand will keep us laughing all night long. He has a very accomplished resumé and is well-known in England. He used to host MTV Select in the UK, but was dropped after showing up dressed as Osama bin Laden a day after the tragedy. With that being said, he just might be an unexpectedly entertaining host.

Don't forget to keep up with voting on!

VMAs will air live from LA on September 7th!

JUMP to view Russell Brand performing


Thursday, July 24



This might not be the official Jean Grae page, but it has all her songs!


LUPE on CNN'S Black In America tonight!

Our man Lupe Fiasco will make an appearance on CNN's groundbreaking television documentary series, Black In America. The show airs tonight on CNN at 9pm Eastern. Tune in! It you aren't familiar with the series, check out the website and GET familiar. Tonights episode focuses on 'The Black Woman & Family'. Soledad O'Brien will explore the different experiences of a black woman and her family, single parenthood, and the destruction that HIV/AIDS has had on the black community. She will also track the growth and continued success of Black women in the workplace. If you miss tonights show, it will be re-aired on Saturday July 26th at 8pm Eastern.

A Beautiful Poem...

The Mack had this posted on her myspace, isn't it the most beautiful poem ever?
It's so crazy how words can motivate.

After a while you learn
the subtle difference between
holding a hand and chaining a soul
and you learn
that love doesn't mean leaning
and company doesn't always mean security.
And you begin to learn
that kisses aren't contracts
and presents aren't promises
and you begin to accept your defeats
with your head up and your eyes ahead
with the grace of a woman, not the grief of a child
and you learn
to build on all your roads today
because tomorrow's ground is
too uncertain for plans
and futures have a way of falling down
in mid-flight.
After a while you learn
that even sunshine burns
if you get too much
so you plant your own garden
and decorate your own soul
instead of waiting for someone
to bring you flowers.
And you learn that you really can endure
you really are strong
you really do have worth
and you learn
and you learn
with every goodbye, you learn.

-Unknown Author


Friday at 8pm on FNMTV, Tokyo Police Club will be performing!
Video premieres: Chromeo “Momma’s Boy”, Danity Kane f/ Missy Elliott “Bad Girls” & Bow Wow f/ Soulja Boy “Marco Polo”
It's hosted by Pete Wentz and features special commentary by Pink


Also coming up this week you can vote on the best hip-hop and pop video's for the VMA's Vote here


Jump for sneak peek video's & pics!

Sneak Peek of Chromeo- Momma's Boy

Bow Wow and Soulja Boy - Marco Polo Sneak Peek

Photo credit: Chris Polk/MTV

Tony Hawk started a cool new website called, in the Spring. It's a host for all different type of action sport's videos. Like, Skateboarding (of course!), Snowboarding, Surfing, BMX & Motocross. also features videos on Tips, Tricks, Bails & Culture. At the end of every video you can vote SHRED or DIE. And once you create an account, you can uploads video's too!

There is maad shit going on at! Check it!!

Here's one of the videos featured: The Maloof Street Contest

Wednesday, July 23

Next Selection x MOB

Their 45$ with free shipping
Order here

Ryan Leslie Presents: Diamond Girl (The Movie)

After the last Ryan Leslie post, 21-7 has been checking out his YouTube vid's. This is a short film he made, make sure you ready! It's about 12 minutes long!


A Military Intelligence Agency has been assigned to recover a diamond that's been stolen from a very powerful Russian family. They suspect that a notorious dealer has been hired to sell the diamond on the black market. After shadowing her for a few weeks, the agency finds that she's very close to a certain music producer. They decide to recruit him into their service, and this is the story of how he manages to help them recover the precious stone.

Subscribe!! This shit is entertainment!!

Lindsay Lohan: Bossy

Fuck the haters! 21-7 fux wit Lindsay Lohan, she's the shit!

Bossy (Album Version) - Lindsay Lohan
Don't front, I can hear you humming...

I’m just a little bossy
I like it how I like it when I like it
And that’s how it is
I’m just a little bossy
You got a problem with it?
If I want it I get it now
la la la la
la la la la- I get it now
la la la la- I'm just a little bossy
la la la la
la la la la- I get it now
la la la la- I'm Just a little bossy

Trouble The Water

Trouble The Water is an award winning documentary that explores the physical and mental destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, LA and other areas of the South. Directed by Tia Lessin and Carl Deal (Farenheight 9/11 & Bowling for Columbine), it features Kimberly Rivers Roberts and Scott Roberts. It is an in-depth look at the before and after effects of the disaster, and about the highly publicized and controversial methods of recovery that our government took (or didn't take, rather) in the wake of the event. It's message and images are powerful; we can all remember the helplessness that was felt even by those not living in the South and with no connection to the South. Be ready to revisit that pain and gain a more detailed understanding of the severity of the situation. The trailer alone speaks to you and makes you truly wonder, who did more damage: the hurricane, or us?

Check out the trailer below:

The film opens in New York and LA August 22. If you don't live in the NYC or LA area, don't worry: It will be released nationwide soon after.

Get educated, people!

Alex (loves the city of N.O.!)

Red Bull + Cola =

Hey! All you Red Bull lovers, here comes a new drink for ya..

Some of the ingredients are: lemon/lime, cinnamon, pine, corn mint, vanilla, ginger, licorice & orange.

The up's:
No phosphoric acid
No preservatives
No artificial flavors

In a store near you August 1st!

More info at:

Rihanna: Disturbia

Just a little wierd, no?
But I still love a creative mind!

F.Y.I: Disturbia was co-written by Chris Brown

Remember: Buzzin Premieres Tonight!

On MTV at 10:30pm! (for the east side)
Hopefully it'll be hot... we'll soon see!

Ghostface tees

Hoodman Clothing & Design, Ghostface, and the Theodore Unit have collaborated to create 2 limited edition tees. The “718” tee has the Staten Island skyline of the Verrazano Bridge on it. And the “Bring Da Ruckus” tee has a Gohostface pic & the back reads the first verse and track from the Wu-Tang Clan’s first album, 36 Chambers. All the tees are signed by the man himself. You can cop theses killer limited tees at

Jump for more pics


Young Jeezy ft Kanye West: Put On

what do we make of all the usa flag waving?

Tuesday, July 22

21-7 Link Banners!

These are our new (temporary) banners, We got some crazy fire ones on the way. Add them to your site!!
There are a few more on our myspace, check em:

F.Y.I.: When you click them it brings you right here.. home!



Thx Darius!

Elle Got Happy Feet!!

Peep, the one and only, Elle with a case of Happy Feet!

& again...

Don't you just love her?
I do!

These videos are hosted on the official 21-7 Magazine Myspace! Make sure you check out our vid's there every once and a while.. there is always something new!

Ryan Leslie makes Addiction

Ryan Leslie is a beast! A friend of a friend showed this video to me a few weeks ago--I definitely don't think he gets the credit he deserves. Check him out below:

Check him out on YouTube and witness more of the magic:

"Maybe it's how I smell in Paris Hilton cologne" -The Game

The Game's not lying!
Many people are saying that her new perfume/cologne fittingly titled Paris Hilton is her best yet. Go to your nearest Macy's a take a whiff!!

They call it Afrobatics baby!

Wow! The birthday celebration turned out a little different than what we planned, but it was still an amazing day! Instead of Santogold, Kid Cudi & friends, we ended up being entertained by some real mothafucking HUSTLA$$!!

JUMP for more

Their names are Meek da Freak (Left) & Sugar Ray (Right) a.k.a. THE SHIIIIT but they prefer, The Afrobats

Please respect the grind- they are not new to this. They have made appearances in other events such as; Law & Order, The Broadway play "Forever Swing," and even went on tour with KRS1. Their 20 minute routine was entertaining every single second.

Who woulda thunk gravity-defying stunts + hilarious racist & sexist jokes = a genius hustle!

Sugar Ray jumped over these peeps ^ in the vid below

Still want more?

Respect the grind!

Monday, July 21

Nigel Sylvester







As much as I hate Paris Hilton, I love this

The song is hard, no?
Paris Hilton- Turn It Up

Sunday, July 20

Happy Birthday A-List!

Today's ya favorite A-Lister's birthday! She's coming to NYC to celebrate of course. We're super freakin' excited to see Kid Cudi & all them at Central Park. Yal betta come...with balloons! It's gonna be wicked packed so get there early...enter the park @ 69th & 5th or 72nd & central park west.
Happy Birthday A-List! We love you!

Friday, July 18

New Gym Class Heroes

Peace sign/index down was produced by Cool & Dre & features Busta Rhymes. I'm hoping the song will grow on me & I'm hoping their 3rd album The Quilt (out Sept. 9th) will be as great as their 2nd album, which was & still is my shit. I never heard anyone rep upstate like they did on that album (& they do so in this song). I think its kinda wack they didn't flip the bird in this video, cause isnt that what 'put up ya peace sign, put ya index down' means?

Johnny Cupcakes L.A. Store part 2

We showed you the first video Johnny Cupcakes showed us, about his plans for the LA store, well in this video, he shows us some of the work in progress. It's amazing what retail stores are looking like now-a-days. Wish we could make it to the grand opening, Aug 2nd. Hopefully there'll be a video for that soon after.

Johnny Cupcakes LA shoppe: Webisode #2 from Johnny Cupcakes on Vimeo.

Vacation...with a twist

Summertime is prime travel season. Hot vacation spots include Miami, Cali, the Carribean, PR, DR, HAWAII, and other exotic locations that the average college student can't afford. If you're anything like me, sometimes a quick weekend escape away from the hustle & bustle of NYC is all you need. Solution? Kate's Lazy Meadow Motel! This tralier park-ish dream vacation spot is located right smack dab in the middle of the Catskill Mountains, near the famous Woodstock, NY! Instead of your standard trashy motel spot, Kate's Lazy Meadow is actually really charming. The rooms/cabins/trailers are decked out in wacky decor (kitchens are decorated '50s style!) that reminds you of Martha Stewart on crack while watching That '70s show, and provide the perfect weekend getaway on a budget for solo campers or group outings!

JUMP for more info & pics!

Multi bedroom size suites are available (Lazy Cabin & Lazy Lodge are specifically for large groups, 6-8 people), or bring your hunny upstate for a private Airstream trailer getaway (see main photo @ top). Fulfill all your cabin fantasies and then come home and tell everyone all about them! Each room is equipped with high-speed internet and cable television (a modern day camping MUST), DVD/VCR (VCR's still exist?), a selection of zany movies for your viewing pleasure, private bathrooms for each bedroom, direct phone lines w/ voicemail, toiletries from around the globe, and more! Theres tons of typical camping activities to do in the area such as canoing, horseback riding, hiking/biking, ect. Or you could just round up the crew, road trip upstate, and kick it inside with the TV, AC, tons of junk food, and a camera to document the entire thing. Rates are pretty affordable, especially if this is a group outing and you don't mind sharing beds. Love each other, ya'll!

Kate's Lazy Meadow Motel is located in Mt. Tremper, NY (845!) Check out the website for more info & to make reservations:

Happy camping!

alex the mack We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

Dig it? Click it!