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Tuesday, July 15

Mulatto & Nas!

The boys of Mulatto are back at it -- this time with Queens' frontman NAS! The band is credited for performing on 'Ya'll My Niggas' (from Untitled, in stores today!) and bassit Dustin Moore produced the track 'Breathe', also featured on Untitled! This is big news for our boys. If you aren't familiar with them, 21-7 has got you covered. Check them out, and GET FAMILIAR!

Mulatto will be peforming with Nas LIVE tommorow night on Jimmy Kimmel. Don't miss this! If you won't be home, get your TiVo on!

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, get down to The Roxy on Friday for a FREE, ALL AGES Myspace show: Nas ft. Mulatto! Go to for more info.

Mulatto's Myspace Page

Support good music, ya'll!


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