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Friday, October 31

Barack Obama: 30 minute Infomercial

Part 1

Jump for part 2, 3 and 4!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Seal: A Change is Gonna Come

Seal and Obama Bring Change
"A Change Gonna is Come" is off of Soul available November 11th

Happy Halloween!

Be safe guys!
I'll be around West 4th...if you spot me, gimme some candy!

p.s I wont be dressed as donkey

Asher Roth

Gracing XXL Magazine's Top 10 Freshmen comes a college kid reppin' PA, USA. I saw this cutie & had to know who he was, 'cause I had no clue. And this is the best new shit I've learned all week. His myspace let me know just who the fuck he a nut shell,
he tells us he's making Hip Hop History
he also goes by Asher Paul Roth ( a middle name I'm fond of)
He tells us about his friends' thoughts on him, They say I'm poetic. I say I'm nice.He got a chance to spit for Jay-Z, was found rapping in his dorm room & says he throws keg parties every Sunday,
Industry vet
Steve Rifkind says Asher is the "best lyricist he has heard in the last 10 years."
But Roth says, "Funny thing is I'm not even a rapper. See me.

This kid is crazy. His words are ridiculous & his voice makes my private parts tingle.
On his way to becoming Hip Hop greatness, Asher Roth is the mother fucking shit, so it's imperative that you get up on it.
He's my new objective. You know how I feel about skinny dudes with talent, who smoke, drink, love apple sauce, & talk shit like me. He talks shit better than me..'cause he is the truth. He spits knowledge & makes you laugh.
Plus he's sexy ass fuck...icing on the cake.
Check his Myspace right away, listen to his hit I Love College...And definitely check his website
You can listen to & download his mixtape The GreenHouse Effect Vol. 1 there.
It's fucking phenomenal!

Dey Know Asher - Asher Roth


Damn this leather is bangin'.
For all you ladies tired of rockin' your H&M "leather" that you & all of NYC owns..
in 3 different colors...take a look at this jumpoff.
It's a dark green color with a hood, & other great details, like slash pockets.
It's a bit pricey, converting to about $400.
But hey, consider it an investment.
I think I'd be happy with this jacket for a minute.
Check the CTRL site for more good shit...they got lots of it.


FIT Student Art

Hell fucking yeah for both!

We love boys who rap.

b.w 27th & 32nd st on 10/30/08

Mark Ronson

This man is like no other. Mark Ronson has been hitting New York City's Nightlife scene off with his crazy DJ skills, since way before we thought dry humping was fun.
And he's grown into a Grammy winning music producer. Potential heavy-weight status here

Stop Me is a crazy one
Ft. Daniel Merriweather

he also got crazy shit with everyone from Amy Winehouse to Ghost Face Killah
He's on the Nov. issue of Paper Magazine(read it on their site)...This dude is a hell of a success story still growing.
And he's sexy to fuck.

jump for a look inside that issue of Paper Mag

in case you dont feel like droppin the's a look inside their Night Life issue

Dear A-li$t,


Thursday, October 30

Kanye West's vision of an Absolut World

I'd rather do Kanye, than be him.




New Ace Hood: Ride RMX/Get Em Up

Ace Hood featuring Trey Songz, Rick Ross, Juelz Santana
Peep mad heads in here!

New Lloyd Bank$: Halloween Havoc

LLOYD BANK$ newest mixtape HALLOWEEN HAVOC drops tomorrow!
Download link will be available at

New Header by Autumn

Thanks to Autumn for the header!

Most Official Bitches

Married to the MOB hits us off yet again with another bitching collection for Holiday 2008. Leah is definitely taking MOB to legendary status, adding new shit like hats & scarves, she designed some new denims (not in white gratefully), bombers, some tough leggings, sweaters, & of course her tees always reign supreme. The lookbook also shows the new MOB dunks set to drop Nov. 8th. But besides those, this most official bitch is rockin' Chanel all day.
Jump for the line..and to listen to me talk shit.

Make sure you hit their online shop with the quickness!
You get to see more gear & more color-ways

I fucks with MOB. They're holding it down for the ladies & Leah always manages to keep shit interesting...
But listen, I'm a critic & I always keep it funky. The new jeans are great. I'm actually considering dropping $140 for 'em.
However, the styling of this shoot was horrible. The outfits were not put together well. Honestly the shoot reminds me of that annoying ass white girl (who's actually mad cool) but tries way too hard to be down. Which I think MOB sometimes portrays. And although the model is pretty, her poses are amateur. Granted, she's not a professional. She's MOB's own, Tabatha..but c'mon love, you can pose better than that.
I love the setting of the shoot...being a million dollar bitch means living in a million dollar crib.
I think the Bitchy hoody is ass...but bitches are lovin' it cause at $155 that shit is already sold out! the grey one is.
I like the leggings & I'd fucks with every tee in this collection

Thanks to Nitrolicious for the pics

Stop jockin, cop your own swag!

Old Spice has a new demographic!

Exclusive Media Thursday's with DJ LJ

Rain check!

I Don't Care

Fall Out Boy is the shit...eyeliner & all
This video is the shit..peep all the cameos...and homie flashing everybody, their guitarist Joe, he can get it.

Wednesday, October 29

Kanye West is the fucking man.

Kanye West is a beautiful artist. A crazy mother fucker like no other.
He's the shit.
Our big brother.
Diamonds From Sierra Leone - Kanye West

New Adidas

Alyasha Moore is blessing Adidas with a new collection inspired by vintage America. It consists of a unique line of sneakers, outerwear & more. Expect this to drop early 2009...Jump to see a preview of the good stuff. I really like these swing dance inspired sneakers above...& she designed some tough jackets. Check it

We are more than Democrat and Republican..

Remember when we were in elementary school and we could be anything we wanted to be.. even the President? That is what's so great about The United States of America right? Equal opportunity.. well not exactly.

Did you know that America has 21 candidates running for President? And over 50 write-in candidates trying to get on the ballot? Mack posted about how votes are counted American style. Presidential Candidates are casted on ballots state-by-state. Therefore, some candidates are only on a few state's ballots. This makes it basically impossible for them to win, because a candidate needs to win over at least half of the electoral vote (aka the state-by-state vote) to become President.

You might say you won't vote Third or Independent Party because they are most likely not going to win. You are giving up your freedom of choice by not voting for the candidate that's best for you. Just because the majority of America choices between Democrat & Republican does not mean you have to. It starts with your vote, for a Third or Independant party candidate to receive the funding needed to become the next President of the United States.

Jump to see the 2008 candidates you never heard of!

Candidates are separated by Parties:
Independent-Ecology Party/ Peace & Freedom party/ Natural Law Party
Ralph Nader & Matt Gonzalez

Green Party
Cynthia McKinney & Rosa Clemente

Boston Tea Party
Charles Jay & Tom Knapp

Democratic Party
Barack Obama & Joe Biden

Republican Party
John McCain & Sarah Palin

American Independent Party
Alan Keyes & Wiley Drake

See all the candidates at

October's 21-7th Post!

This is October's 21-7th post! Yay!

"Dirty little girl like you needs to be mine.."


Yesss Miguel! You can always expect some different new shit from him. Download his mixtape and give him a listen!
Miguel- Ooh Ahh
Ooh Ahh! - Miguel

Freshjive: The World's Got Problems

Freshjive just released this new collection of powerful tees. The tees are tough..the graphics & the words are so fucking real. But what's more real is the sub-section in the Freshjive website.
It's called The World's Got Problems and there they discuss everything horrible that our government does to us. Current & pass events that show us how free we really are. This site is a MUST READ!
The words are honest & sad...the videos are real & scary. When I read stuff like this, it makes me not want to live here anymore. By here I mean earth...because trust, these things aren't only happening in America. These are our World problems. The question is..when is it going to stop? And who's going to stop it? What are we suppose to do when we get beat up for speaking up?

gives the term 'fashion statement' a new definition.
Make statements by taking action in what's happening in our world.
It's going to be a fight...but unfortunately, that's life.
Spreading knowledge is a start.

Jump to see the tees
and please visit the site

thanks to hypebeast

Best Remix Ever

SM @ Missbehave, thanks!

Politics, in plain english

A lot of new voters don't truly understand the difference between the popular vote, and the electoral vote--further, they don't understand that the popular vote doesn't determine who will be the next President. Watch this short and easy video to understand exactly what a popular and electoral vote is, how the electoral college works, and how your vote helps determine your state's choice. Get educated, we vote in 6 days!

Halfway House


Joe Budden- Halfway House

Purchase your copy, for only $8.99 here!

Padded Room, February '09! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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