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Monday, June 30

Kid Cudi

ima grinder jus like yall, so walk thru my grind wit me...i jus wanna make good shit at the same time give others hope....its bigger than me at the end of the day

These are the words from the next big thing, rapper Kid Cudi.
From Ohio, now living in BKLYN, this dude is using his gift of writing and rapping on his journey of self-discovery while giving us something to nod our heads to. He got some great freestyles and his Day N' Nite track is my shit.
His mixtape A Kid Named Cudi drops July 17th.

"Im jus Cudi u know? wierd...i love cheeseburgers and beer...i only make music about lifes goal is to live on the moon lol....ima Lover, ima difficult 2 deal wit at times...a lot of people dont "get" workin on who iam thru my music right now which is why ull hear a lot of personal records from me, jus open up 2 me cuz im openin up 2 yall..."

on other cool notes, he's got style, he's tatted up, has a cute, innocent smile,
plans on acting in movies, and gets high to the sky. We can tell there's a lot to this kid.
Kid Cudi, you must chill with us.

check his myspace @
and his blog/site for tons of good stuff, like videos.
Get to know him...we plan to.

BET Awards 2008

I hear that this award show was 1 of the best BET has done. Bravo to them. However, I didnt get to see them, and unlike MTV, BET doesnt show re-run after re-run. But damn can you show some re-runs!? It's only been aired again once since it premiered a week ago. It's not like BET has such an amazing show schedule that they couldn't show it a little more. But according to my t.v.'s guide it'll be showing tommorow at 8:30pm. Here's the amazing Ne-yo's kinda fuzzy but you get the greatness...oh and our latest obsessions, the Jabbawockeez joined him. Holla!

Oh and Kanye won best male hip hop artist...and brought Weezy on stage with him. Now that's the beauty of hip hop.

oh to be in love

The Jabbawockeez have been sitting on top of the world after winning the title of America's Best Dance Crew season 1. We know they ain't been getting no sleep.
With all their t.v appearances, performances from the West to the East & everything in between, even charity events, plus they're the new models of SHMACK clothing.
We are constantly being reminded of their greatness.
And these dudes desearve all the praise. A group of hip hop loving, b-boy moving friends from Cali are defitnitly America's Best Dance Crew. They hit their moves so smooth and so hard at the same time. The masks just accentuate their skills. And it hides them individually as they dance, that personally, anyone of them can get it. But when they take the masks off they just seem like a bunch of cool dudes we would love to chill with.
Everytime I hear Rick Ross' Boss track, I think of these dudes. They got that kind of effect on people.

Check their site for all the good info.

Jump for these great compilation videos
man oh man they're the shit.


The Streets is Talking. The 2nd video by NY skater, Ian Reid. Not much to say about it...Just watch.

The 1st vid was Ian Reid’s - Sex, Skate, Hood and Videotape
It was a success.

Air Yeezy

The official pic of Nike & Kanye West' Air Yeezy
I wonder what the selling price will be

JUMP for a close-up pic

p.s great hat kanye

thanks to for the pics

Amy Winehouse is a G

Now she's punches fans and shit..

The Dark Knight

Aw man aw man, is this going to be a movie to see or what!?
The Dark Knight, another spectacular addition to the Batman movies, comes out July 18th, 2008.
I nearly orgasmed when I saw the trailer. Heath Ledger as our favorite villian, Joker is genius!
Rolling Stones reviewed it already and here's a piece of what they said:

Heads up: a thunderbolt is about to rip into the blanket of bland we call summer movies. The Dark Knight, director Christopher Nolan's absolute stunner of a follow-up to 2005's Batman Begins, is a potent provocation decked out as a comic-book movie. Feverish action? Check. Dazzling spectacle? Check. Devilish fun? Check. But Nolan is just warming up. There's something raw and elemental at work in this artfully imagined universe. Striking out from his Batman origin story, Nolan cuts through to a deeper dimension. Huh? Wha? How can a conflicted guy in a bat suit and a villain with a cracked, painted-on clown smile speak to the essentials of the human condition? Just hang on for a shock to the system. The Dark Knight creates a place where good and evil — expected to do battle — decide instead to get it on and dance. "I don't want to kill you," Heath Ledger's psycho Joker tells Christian Bale's stalwart Batman. "You complete me."

Oh yeah oh yeah! Jump for the trailer!

Take a Peek

I was just saying to myself, I need a site that I can listen to some new hip hop...i sent out a few texts and got some cool sites coming at me. But I checked my myspace friend request and I saw an interesting profile, SNIQUE PEEK lets us hear new and/or never heard before music, everything from hip hop to house and more. So def check their site and friend request em on their myspace, they're cool peoples.

peace yal


Travis Barker satisfies every girls freakin dream! He has style, he's tatted up, goes crazy on a drum set, he's cute as fuck and as you may know, he is always collab'n and remixing the hottest songs.


The Game & Travis Barker. You already know it's hot! Peep Travis tearing up the drums to The Game's new song "Dope Boys"

He also has a sweeeet show going on with DJ AM right now. But us East-siders can't join in on the fun because it's in Hollywood :( But- if you are in Hollywood- They're performing July 30th & Aug 27th live at The Roxy Theatre. And for my fellow East-side riders- it's 2008 and YouTube is here to save us!

peep the official TRAV$ BARKER myspace:

peace & love

Ghostface x Zoo York =

Ghostface Killah & Zoo York collab'd for this beautiful deck & tee. It's to help promote Ghostface's new album The Big Doe Rehab. These are limited edition, there's less than 500 promo-only products! Check for 'em in early Feb 2008.

Check the official Zoo York Blog
Ghostface Killah at


First off, he is a GENIUS!! Angus Oblong is the creator of The Oblongs. Since he did construct The Oblongs, it's not so far-fetched to say he's funny, cool & a little weird. His bio titled, "My moment with Angus Oblong" by Starla Easterly, showcases it all:

Claiming to have been born in 1863, the young man sitting before me says he was once named Engelbert Humperdink. He claims to have changed his name to "Angus Oblong" at the age of 14 after having been struck by lightning thrice within 2 years. "The name was bad luck," he says. “Zeus apparently wanted me dead. But so do my three ex wives.” (FULL)


The Oblongs aren't a ordinary family. They live in Hill Valley, a polluted area that caused the people living there to be physically deformed. The show revolves around crazy trials with the conjoined twins, Beth (the girl with the penis-looking growth on her head), the kid with one hair and wig-wearing Ma & no limb-having Pa. Personally, The Oblongs is one of the best cartoons. It's different, creative, politically incorrect and hilarious! What more could one ask for?

The Oblongs is currently being aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, TBS and (if you live north of the border) Teletoon. The Oblongs is also available on DVD at Best Buy!

peep the official website too!

:) signin out- 21-7

I Love The New Millenium

VH1 has really become the best channel ever. Their Series (I Love The 70s, 80s, etc.) is the smartest idea on TV. Although I think it's pretty dumb to do the "I Love The New Millenium" before it's been a decade in, it's undeniably hilarious. It's too much fun looking back and remembering all the things that accompanied the life of you, friends, family and all off America. And who better to do it with than some of the best personalities TV has to offer? The show is genius, every year I'm laughing my ass off.
Catch the marathon, you don't even need to watch it in order!

Thanks VH1, you're the shit!

check the series on

Sunday, June 29

Ne-Yo: To Whom It May Concern

Yeah, A Millie freestyles were crazy before, but now Ne-Yo's rapping!? Or shall I say dissing.. Apparently, it's directed at Chris Breezy.

Peep this insane shit, with a wonderful slideshow while your at it ;)

-21-7 bitch

Saturday, June 28

Luke is Back With the Dopeness!

Luke Shapiro is back! Some footage from back in '94 was found, Peep episode 1 of Luke's Dope Show:

Jump for episode 2 :)

Episode 2 of Luke's Dope Show:

subcribe on youtube to know when new episodes come out!


Thursday, June 26


Remember It's Your World/Pop's Reprise on Common's CD "Be"? Well listen to the wonderfully repeated words of Pop's Reprise!

Be, be here, be there, be that, be this
Be greatful for life, be greatful to life
Be gleeful everyday, for bein the best swimmer among 500,000
Be-nign, be you, be mom's mean pie, be little black sambo with bad hair
Be aware of what a lynch is, Be, be boundless energy
Be a four star ghetto general, be no one except I
Be a strong academic student, be an A student in sociology
Be food for thought to the growin mind, be the author of your own horoscope
Be invited, be long-living, be forgiving, be not forgetful
Be a proud run, only to return to fight another day
Be peaceful if possible, but justice in any way
Be high when you low, be on time but knowin to go
Be cautious of the road to college, takin a detour through vietnam or the middle east
Be absent of wars at any past or present fought amongst themselves
Be visual of foreclosure over your shoulder while beggin
A nation built on free labor for reperation, Be a cartopogropher
Be a map maker, be able to find afro-american man
search thoroughly it may be close to black man
Be ammended 5/5ths, be ammended 5/5ths human
Be the owner of more land than is set aside for wild life
Be cupid, to world government
Be found among the truth, lost tribe
Be at full strength when walking through the valley
Be not foolish as tender 18 of the mountain tops
Be a brilliant soul, sparklin in the galaxy while walkin on earth
Be loved by God as much as God loved Ghandi and Martin Luther King
Be that last one of 144,000, be the resident of that twelfth house

How does Shaqs ass taste, Kobe?

This took place June 22nd after Kobe lost to the Celtics, Shaq is definitely not a freestyler but still funny as everrrr! Shaq blames Kobe for his divorce and gets on him for not taking the crown at the championship. Shaq rapped: "I'm a horse, Kobe ratted me out, that's why I'm getting divorced." which is most likely a response to what Kobe said to police during his 2003 rape case, "Should have done what Shaq does... Shaq would pay his women not to say anything."

Tuesday, June 24

Thanks Vogue!

Please Vogue, don't do us any favors. This JULY 2008 issue of VOGUE USA is Bullshit.
A) its a really boring issue
B) they show letters from readers on the controversal Giselle and Lebron James issue with no response
and then C) they have the balls to do a story saying this: Is Fashion Racist?
Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn, & Arlenis Sosa shouldn't even have done the layout. Vogue does this story trying to show their love of ethnicity, yet there is no ethnic models in any ads or any of their other fashion editorials. Isn't that lovely?
Everyone's making this big deal of the VOGUE Italy issue using all black models. But fuck that shit! Are we greatful for this? Do not patronize us by saying "hey we'll give you guys an issue...maybe that'll shut you up." No, just include everyone. Can we have a diversed magazine every month? Diversed runways at fashion week? Vogue shouldn't have an all black magazine just as much as their shouldn't be an all white one. They're clearly missing the point.
But to look at the dopeness in it, lets hope it's at least a start.

any thoughts?

Sunday, June 22

helplessly devoted

A few new kicks for you helplessly devoted sneakerheads

Nike Air Max 1 "Keep Rippin Stop Slippin"
Mid July they'll be out (i hear there's a pair on Ebay tho)

Vans Chukka Low Christian Pfanner

out now!

Nike SB BMX pack blazer

Brooklyn Projects will have em June 27th at their Echo Park store...but the end of July all in the pack will be available

Saturday, June 21

fancy footwork

These Chromeo fellas are the coolest. From their music to their gear.
Dave 1 & P-Thugg both got some great individual style. In this myspace video they talk fashion & their fav nyc shopping spots. Places like Odin & Flight Club. They're the shit right? Yeah they are.....if you don't know...start with their myspace to find out.

MySpace Presents: The Fit with Chromeo

And I def agree with P-Thugg about the Jordans. At least 5, c'mon

Kanye on Soulja Boy

Soulja boy is fresh ass hell and is actually the true meaning of what hip hop is sposed to be. He came from the hood, made his own beats, made up a new saying, new sound and a new dance with one song. He had all of America rapping this summer. If that ain't helping Hip Hop then what is? A bunch of wannabe keep it real rappers that ain't even relevant, recycling samples trying to act like it's 96 again and all they do is hate on new shit? Niggas always talk about the golden age but for a 13 year old kid, this is the golden age!!! That song was so dope cause everything he said had a hidden meaning... that's Nas level shit... he just put it over some steel drums which is also some Nas shit if you had the 2nd album cassette with the bonus track "Silent Murder" on it. In closing... new niggas get ya money$$$$$$$$$$$ Keep this shit fresh and original.... ain't no fuckin' rules to this shit and that's what real hip hop is to me.

I hear that hot shit
Kanye West Tell 'Em

JUMP for the ridiculous beef that caused this statement.

Leave comments!

this shit is quite comical.

Simply put, you can hate on down south music as much as you want, you're only human, we all hate something or someone. But that music is their culture. It's where they're from and what they do. And they're cakein' from it. All of America and who knows who else was crankin' that. It's not no Raekwon or B.I.G. but it's hip hop. It's just another form. Like it, Love it, Hate it, you gotta respect it.

Check Out Life in Britain

Loose Women F/ Natasha Hamilton


& yeah it's just like The View

The lovely young lady featured is Natasha Hamilton from Atomic Kitten!

Loose Women is a British Talk show hosted by many women but only 4 at a time. Leading hosts Jackie Brambles & Andrea McLean. Also Lynda Bellingham, Sherrie Hewson, Coleen Nolan, Carol McGiffin, Jane McDonald and Denise Welch. They talk about "off-the-wall" topics and say "off-the-wall" things. Sounds a lil scripted to me!

Friday, June 20





Fuck NYPD.

NYC is NOT letting NYPD rest!
Because they never let us rest.
On June 18th, this past Wednesday this happened:

Rodstarz and G1 of the group REBEL DIAZ were up in Bronx on Southern Blvd in Hunts Point, when they noticed the police were harassing a street vendor who was selling fruit. The two went over to witness the cops in action and when they saw the police being abusive they pulled out a cell phone to video tape the incident and asked for the officers badge numbers. Subsequently they were beaten, detained and taken to 41st Precint in the Bronx under the direction of Captain McHugh.

The Rebel Diaz brothers have been released. But the protesting will be non stop. Not just for them. But to stop the NYPD's abuse. What happened to Sean Bell isn't the first and it won't be the last if we don't do something about it.

Please check for more info on the issue and how to get down.
Also check for info and to listen to their music. They're nothing short of the shit. Lah Tere is an ill female emcee.
Show support yal.

Nasty Gal gets Nastier

A while back we wrote a review on one of our favorite Ebay stores, Nasty Gal Vintage. A shop dedicated to the discerning fashionista. Well that was then and this is now.
Nasty Gal has opened their very own online retail store,
The site just opened, so it still has some work to be done, but there are still those great vintage clothes to buy. And it looks like we'll soon be able to shop for vintage and new clothing. Most of my favs are sold out, so you know what that means, you better jump on it.
Congrats to Nasty Gal for their success so far.
We love our little Nasty Gal.

A Young Millionaire

In his first week Lil'Wayne sold 1,005,545 copies! Whoa! Over a million in his first week!
He's gotta be sitting on cloud 9 right now.
Wonder what he's going to do with all these millions.

Wednesday, June 18

21-7th post!!!

This marks our 217th post. Thanks so much for rockin with us.

Tuesday, June 17


The Celtics take the victory! East siiiiide!!!!!
Congradulations to the Boston Celtics on winning the 2008 NBA Finals.
Game 6: LA: 92 BOS: 131
17th Championship on June 17th, 2008.
since 1986, in 22 years.

Man im so hype right now. Anything's possible. ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE!
-Kevin Garnett
NBA Champion

*the audience chanted like a fucking choir!
na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye

Monday, June 16

Baby would you be my.. tells us there's a Corona & Lime video on the way. Yay! Mr.Skeet Skeet himself posted some pics & it looks cool. Shwayze & Cisco are fucking it up with the gear. They're lookin' super duper cool...the black/white concept is great & ya gotta love the supras! the ladies got style we diig.

listen to the track on their myspace, it's a good one.
once the video premieres, we'll have it for ya.

peace yal

Louboutin is a genius

Christian Louboutin is a legend when it comes to footwear. An inspiring artist of the guilty pleasure we call high heels!

His work is outstanding. The art he creates on a pair of shoes is like no other art done. He created these bad boys for the Rodarte Fall 2008 collection. And they sadistically turn me on.

sisters, Kate and Laura Mulleavy are the master minds behind the label Rodarte. They were inspired by Japanese horror films, which is defitnitly evident, but the collection isn't all horrifying screams.

Jump for our favs from the line & for a review

The line transitions from Spring to Fall with light, natural colors, moving into blues & browns, with some intense blood-like reds & some grays thrown in. The knits, from the dresses to the tights certainly remind us of the hot girl in 4 inch heels running from the killer, who falls and gets slashed like a thanksgiving ham. But in this movie, she awakens with deep colored lips, pale skin, and hits the runway.
This collection is filled with great ready-to-wear pieces perfect for fall....tailored (zippered) pants, knitted cover ups, full skirts, flowy dresses, and oxford-style tops. You can take these from day to night....if you could afford 'em....but since most of us can't, take inspiration & make it work.

This line is indeeed the shit!

Seeing Sounds / Lazer Gun




M.I.A. Retiring?

This may be a rumor....but strangely im not sure it is.
The New York Times says that M.I.A. told the audience before she left "This is my last show. Thanks for coming to my last gig,” .

Aaand I was at a Club Monoco interview & the manager was tellin me bout her concert at McCarren pool & was saying how off the hook it was & said "but yeah she's retiring" he said because she's engaged to this super rich guy thats the son of a music mogul. Which is very true....he said she already cancelled shows...which is are you doing this M.I.A.?..i hate to believe someone who is doing stuff like THIS, (Read below for what she did) would stop sharing such amazing music with us just because she's super duper financially secure.....buut I can't believe that because not only does she not clearly need the money, she doesnt want it, she does amazing stuff like THIS:

M.I.A. was doing an MTV Movie Awards after-party & told the auidence how much she was paid & said this mid-song
“They’re giving me $100,000. Not bad, eh? I’m going to use it to build schools in Liberia. It costs $52,000 to build a school for 1,000.”

isn't that amazing!

...but i'm sure she'll respond to it all soon, let us know whats up.
We love you Maya!

Nas for Complex

Here's a layout Nas did for Complex mag.
I don't know how I feel about Nas in bright colored jeans yet. But artistically, the layout is very cool
JUMP for the whole shoot.

A Millie freestyles

So Lil Wayne created an epidemic. Mad artists are doing freestyles to the A Millie instrumentals...Lil Mama, Jigga man, new boy Tyga, Fab, Will Smith? etc etc. I think its great that everyone's fucking with this song.
Who's freestyle yal liked best?
Listen to em all here

Sunday, June 15

Where Brooklyn at?

Fuck the Lower East Side! Naaaaaw I'm just playing. lol. We love LES, we love manhatten, but Brooklyn is where it's at. Just want to spotlight Coney Island for a sec.
Coney Island is another one of BK's very cool areas...and the park has been around since the 1800's. We don't know whats the deal with it being closed down & shit, but we suggest you enjoy it while it's here. The crowd is extremely diversed and there's tons to do & tons to eat. We went down today & even the water looked beautiful. It's a fun place to go chill with some friends, meet new people, breath the brooklyn air, and just have a ball.
See yal ma'fuckas there!


NBA Finals: Boston Vs LA

It's 3:1, 5th game & the Lakers are winning.
The Celtics have already won 3, if they win this 1 that's it, the championship is theirs.
LA really gotta fight to take this 1.
Being that my name is prounouced like the cali city, & being that i think cali is pretty cool period, I'm a fan of LA (not that I watch basketball 'cause I don't lol) but over at my house we're rooting for Boston.

Here's my fathers reasons why:
-East vs West....East gotta take it home!
-Celtics haven't made it to the finals in a minute
-Some of the players are retiring soon, so it'll be nice to see 'em win
plus I dig Boston accents lol (shouts 2 our girl Loni)

Well I'm watching the game now. Let's see how it plays out.

And oh yea, Happy Father's Day fellas!

MGMT Time To Pretend

We mentioned MGMT in the converse its time to spotlight 'em!

Their site tells us
MGMT is: Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, two psychic pilgrims

They comming straight at ya from BROOKLYN, NY. Yeah you already know!
This video for Time To Pretend is out of this world. Like nothing you've seen before.
When I first saw it, I thought of the book Lord of Flies (by William Golding). I had to read this book in junior high, and although I can't remember how much I enjoyed it or not, I clearly remember the plot. Basically a bunch of school boys get trapped on an island. I plan to read it again. But this MGMT video is that and so much more. The graphics are outstanding, they make it rain money, they're surfing through rays of rainbow lights, there are too many effects to discuss, and the only word to describe it all is, psychedelic. (i hate the giant cat though) The lyrics are even more amazing. It sounds like a Peter Pan story we could fucks with. JUMP to read 'em (This is our decision, to live fast and die young)

I'm feeling rough, I'm feeling raw, I'm in the prime of my life.
Let's make some music, make some money, find some models for wives.
I'll move to Paris, shoot some heroin, and fuck with the stars.
You man the island and the cocaine and the elegant cars.

This is our decision, to live fast and die young.
We've got the vision, now let's have some fun.
Yeah, it's overwhelming, but what else can we do.
Get jobs in offices, and wake up for the morning commute.

Forget about our mothers and our friends
We're fated to pretend
To pretend
We're fated to pretend
To pretend

I'll miss the playgrounds and the animals and digging up worms
I'll miss the comfort of my mother and the weight of the world
I'll miss my sister, miss my father, miss my dog and my home
Yeah, I'll miss the boredem and the freedom and the time spent alone.

There's really nothing, nothing we can do
Love must be forgotten, life can always start up anew.
The models will have children, we'll get a divorce
We'll find some more models, everyting must run it's course.

We'll choke on our vomit and that will be the end
We were fated to pretend
To pretend
We're fated to pretend
To pretend

Fucking ill right?

America's Best Dance Crew

This is a really tough show. What was so amazing 'bout season 1, was that every group was extremely different. Like they all repped different styles & they all went hard at what they did. I think season 2 is gona try to do the same thing, except the genre of groups is going to be different, of course. Hopefully America's ready for the switch up. And hopefully these crews bring it even harder than season 1's crews. I don't think any of the crews really brought it for the auditions so I won't call out any favs but I'm confident they'll bring it for the actual show. They betta.

Premieres this Thursday! Holla!

Free Hugs

It's Coldplay weekend on MTV Hits. And they've been raising awareness on some great causes. This video is amazing. What's outstanding is that it's a true story:

Free hugs is a real life controversial story of Juan Mann, A man whos sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives.
In this age of social disconnectivity and lack of human contact, the effects of the Free Hugs campaign became phenomenal.
As this symbol of human hope spread (JUMP to learn more)

across the city, police and officials ordered the Free Hugs campaign BANNED. What we then witness is the true spirit of humanity come together in what can only be described as awe inspiring.
In the Spirit of the free hugs campaign, PASS THIS TO A FRIEND and HUG A STRANGER! After all, If you can reach just one person

Visit for more info & to join the movement

The song is All The Same by Sick Puppies

Friday, June 13

I Look at the Dopeness, You Look at The Wackness

It's the summer of 1994, and the streets of New York are pulsing with hip-hop and wafting with the sweet aroma of marijuana--but change is in the air. The newly- inaugurated mayor, Rudy Giuliani, is beginning to implement his anti-fun initiatives against "crimes" like noisy portable radios, graffiti and public drunkenness. Set against this backdrop, Luke Shapiro (Josh Peck) spends his last summer before college selling dope throughout New York City, trading it with his shrink (Ben Kingsley) for therapy, while crushing on his step-daughter (Olivia Thirlby). Famke Janssen, Mary Kate Olsen,and Method Man round out the cast in this edgy, bittersweet, and funny coming of age story.

jump for rest of story!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

GENRE: Comedy, Drama
RELEASE DATE: July 03, 2008
DURATION: 100 min.
STUDIO: Sony Pictures Classics

The Wackness is inspiring, creative and deserves all awards! It features actors such as Josh Peck (Drake & Josh), Ben Kingsley (Gandhi), new-comer Olivia Thirbly and interesting performances by Mary-Kate Olsen and Method Man.

1. Luke smokes blunts on the streets
2. "Girls- I like 'em brainless, Guns- I like 'em stainless steel"
3. Luke is NOT a virgin, he just hasn't had sex yet
4. Mary-Kate is a hippie
5. Method Man's Jamaican accent is hilarious

The script is filled with much humor & some cool words of wisdom. The movie has great effects (the intro to August is super cool), you get to hear your favorite 90's music (like Total, R. Kelly, & Craig Mack), watching NYC circa '94 is beautiful (Luke lives in the upper east side), sex is considered the ultimate drug (the shower scene will have your adrenaline pumpin'), Luke tags up (we spotted a Miss 17 tag up in there), Stephanie's character is definitely one to watch, all the characters have a special uniqueness they bring to the point of the film, and it leaves you reminiscing on the old days & wondering 'bout your new days. At the end of this dope film all we could say was "Word"


The Wackness Links
Facebook Group

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

Dig it? Click it!