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Tuesday, March 31

Topshop Soho first look

I am so fucking happy that the Topshop opening is almost here. Thursday, April 2nd, at 11am Kate Moss will be cutting the ribbon to open the doors at the 1st ever USA Topshop store. On Broadway & Broome. My heart is beating with joy...however, although I am super duper excited to drop some of my hard-earned refund check at Topshop, they have the most amazing fashions at such great prices, I'm not excited about waiting on line, having to elbow bitches, my size being missing, and not being able to try shit on because the line will be outrageous, and I have a stupid exam at 2pm.
But I guess those are just the woos of being a fashionista. Oh yeah, and on the 3rd floor there's a shoe lounge!!! I'm going to have a ball.
After the JUMP are more inside looks. It's official!


Loniii said...

poor elle
get me something, ; ].

BackPack said...

this spot is pretty dope...gotta give it a look

A-LI$T said...

looks wonderful We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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