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Tuesday, March 24

Love, Sex, Magic babyyyy!

I posted the song a in early March, now the video is f'n here!
1. Ciara if fucking sexy.. her dancin is on point
2. Whats good with artist getting dirty with eachother, like kanye & keri.. i dont mind.. but whoa! it makes me hot!

Ciara F/ Justin Timberlake- Love, Sex, Magic


Loniii said...

interesting collabo.
not really sure if i am feeling the song.BUT THE VIDEO IS cool cool. the beat definitely is a JT future sex love song beat.

Backyard betty said...

geez justin ::Fans myself:: wouldn't mind trading places with ciara around 2:15 into the video lol

ELLE said...

i dont care 4 the song...the video is ok...i think it's kinda cool that ciara doesnt mine dancing around like a piece of least she's comfortable with her sexuality that..u kno, who cares if all ur really doing is giving the guys something 2 fiend for...and the girls something 2 wana be so that guys will fiend for them 2 We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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