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Wednesday, March 18

ZAC EFRON is the future

Well that's what Interview Magazine claims, I can see it though. This is an "all grown up" shoot. Zac is very dirty, sexy and.... grown. In one shot he even has a BUTT-NAKED chick laying on top of him. Vanessa, speak please. Naw, I'm sure V is fine with it, she had her own naked pictures published. And I just realized this but, Zac without the "k" is really freakin cool!


ELLE said...

zac witout the k is not a fan of him tho...but he does seem 2 be takin ova

A-LI$T said...

yeah this is def. setting up his career! i cannot believe he has a NAKED chic ontop of him... no mor HSM!

ELLE said...

yea that shit crazy bugged..and crazy hot...i mean he's still doin disney movies so i think its interesting wat they're letting him slide 4 wen they never let the girl disney stars slide. smh, always a double standard...but shit this pic is hottt. i think this is the only time id say this 2 zac, get em daddy We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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