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Sunday, March 29

Prince x Target

This is for the Prince lovers, including you (SEX)avier. Oh baby, check out his Target commercial. Target is always coming up with these creative and pure genius commercials that never fail to amaze me and now Prince, woooo they must have paid big bucks for this feature. OK then target, we see you. Ladies hold your panties. lol


LeiTxo said...

Prince is whack.

Yes I said what everyone in America really thinks of this dude.

C'mon whens the last time you and your friends were sittin' in a whip drivin' to wherever and somebody busts out "Put some Prince on!". Pfft.. didn't happen when he was overhyped and still doesn't happen now.

I OD'd but I just speak the truth.



Elle said...

naw u speak ur is a legend...he's not exactly car bumpin music...but he is defitnitly listened 2

Backyard betty said...

yes I'm guilty for bumping "I want to be your lover" during the summer in the car!..I love Prince.

(SEX)AVIER said...

man o man if you dont like prince you gotta be buggin

"sitting in your daddys car/ but its you i really wanna drive"
cmonnnnnn man prince is fucking classic We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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