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Monday, March 23

Yo Generation Y

So yeah, I was watching a video blog thing from a rich kid, who u guys probably know, but I will keep nameless. Any who, it was about an event for up & coming young entrepreneurs...well he was calling it Generation X. He kept repeating that this event is for us, Gen x.
Well I wanted to put it out there, for the record, that we are not Generation X.
We are Generation Y!

Gen X is like, our employers & shit. They're in their 30's more or less.
Generation Y is people born between the 80s & the 90s. Which is us.
Known as the tech-savvy, internet generation. Holla!

p.s. I just thought it was funny that all daddy's money couldn't buy him research. but hey, to end this positively, hope his event went well & shit. No matter what we're called, our generation is still the shit!


Fresh 5 said...

He mentions the X as unknown, like i take this as his ignorance, or him actually trying to set a "X" is hot..thats all..i speak better n person..will have a convo on this on the train tho..

ELLE said...

lol..he thouhght he knew wat he was talkin bout..

A-LI$T said...

who is he? why nameless? who cares!! i wana kno We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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