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Saturday, March 28

remember this hit.

This is my shit, Theophilus London f/ Solange-Sandcastles/BlackxBlue, live at SXSW. 21-7 featured this song way back when and that is when i first fell in love with T London. All of his performance I have ever seen are hype, this man gives awesome performances. Solange was jamming in that lovely spring attire. Woooooo!


21-7 Magazine said...

lovesss it.

and wtf is gigging?


Loniii said...

aint it another word for jamming.

Backyard betty said...

Theo is most def doing his thing..

ELLE said...

the video refuses 2 play 4 me in audio....but it looks like fun...this track is my shit 2

Loniii said...

awww, elle i am sorry. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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