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Sunday, February 22

The Oscars 2009

I truly enjoyed the 81st Annual Academy Awards tonight. From the Red carpet to the show it was an amazing night. The Red Carpet was phenomenal. Everyone seemed to be getting right. I'll be back with that tomorrow. But the show, the show was moving and inspiring.

The opening number was great. Hugh Jackman stepping, lol. Loved the Curious Case scene, The Reader skit was hilarious, he was even cracking up. The cheap setting was smart. It was great.
The pass winners announcing the nominees & new winner was a beautiful addition. The introduction of nominees from fellow actors was really heartfelt. It added a lot of praise, appreciation, and heart into the award.
Best Supporting Actress Penelope Cruz in Vicki Cristina Barcelona. She talked about how Art is a universal language. It was a beautiful speech.
Omg, Milk Writer Dustin Lance Black's speech was tear jerking. The most beautiful words. I felt his whole heart. Read more...

Animated short nominees were off the hook, I want to see them all. I loved the Art direction nominees, Costume design whoa beautiful (the Duchess won). For Make up the Curious Case of Benjamin Button won. That aging make up was unbelievably good.
Heath Ledger won! Best Supporting Actor. Greatness. I'm happy his family accepted on his behalf.
Kate Winslet wins! Best Actress in a Leading Role. I adore her. I love Meryl Streep, and Anne Hathaway was very humble and emotional. I think with all the awards, all the nominees were worthy and everyone should be extremely proud of the art they created.
Sean Penn won Best Actor in a Leading Role. I have yet to see Milk (yes shame on me) but I can see it was powerful & I know Sean did a hell of a job with that role.
Slum Dog Million won Best Picture and wow, I couldn't be happier. I love that entire cast. The lead actor, Dev Patel is only 18yrs old, and his colleague said he was a lot like his character that he was a loser kid no one expected anything of, and then unraveled into this amazingness as they shot. It was really their night and the entire cast was very humble. I love the Indian culture, especially the dance. But my favorite part of the night was when Ryan of E! interviewed the kids from Slum Dog and it was the sweetest interview ever. They were such a happy, spirited, and united cast. Danny Boyle (director) was cheesing all night, every time they won you could see the joy in his face. They took home 8 Oscars.
Congratulations to everyone. All these movies nominated were brilliant.
I loved this Romance 2008 clip they showed. Beautiful.

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