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Thursday, February 26

let's talk shit


Soooo here's Kanye, Amber Rose, & Kid Cudi during fashion week. I like Amber's style. I like her name. These boots are fya, & so is that America coin purse, who they're by is on the tip of my tongue. I love her pink lipstick, those shades are hot!, but I'm not crazy about the lame' leggings paired with a denim jacket. This outfit does look mad 80s, but it's still simple & yet modern, so I dig it. Kanye in New Balances. I hate New Balances no matter how many pairs Alife drops. Some people, certain styled people can rock 'em & they work though. Some how I think Kanye looks ok in these because he's older & NB are an old school kinda kick. He looks like a regular dude, & I can respect that. Now Cudi. I am so over this skinny jeans & Jordans thing, but hey if you like it, then rock it. But what I'm not feeling is this wallet hanging from his jeans. I commented on it with the 106 post, and I've seen about 3 different pics of him, at 3 different places, rockin' this same LV wallet in the same spot on his jeans. He's obviously trying something, and I sense people will follow soon. Hey, to each it's own right? I still love Cudi's style, minus the chain, but I'm just sayin' though. I'm wide awake, it's 2am, so I'm just talkin' shit right now. Blogs allow this. lol


Anonymous said...

kanye looks like an asshole.
an asshole with a mohawk.

cudi looks like a normal ass dude
which is cool.

amber steals the show, hands down.

ELLE said...

lmao...mayb a little bit

BackPack said...

Well I mean I think Kanye's outfit is dope minus the New Balences...yuck. Loll

Cudi's pretty dope..the dude likes to be...HIM

BackPack Productionz

Anonymous said...

i hate new balances. i think i had a pair in 4th grade... they were crap.
people have been rocking the coin purse before cudi became popular. i like it.

DeadStock Ric' daily junk said...

I am in love with amber.......

kanye and new balance ? no bueno ye....haha

and worrrrd.....that LV coin purse been around for a min.......i was even gonna cop one in the summer..haha

amber <3

Loniii said...

i do not like the coin purse.
& amber can not replace alexis, only maybe with her style, maybe
& that's all.

ELLE said...

the lv coin bag has been around 4 ever..and its dope...i just dont like it hanging from the jeans...and i liked alexis cuz she was quiet...she didnt seem occupied with the limelight and she's pretty....but amber's style is fun...and she's beautiful...cant really compare them...i wonder how serious ye is with her tho

Loniii said...

yeah me 2@serious
but can not agree with you on the coin purse. i really do not like it. looks like a big wrislet, see wrislets i can do, but that hanging there nope.

LeiTxo said...

Damn 'Ye.. you look bummy.

-LeiTxo We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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