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Friday, February 27

3 shootings 1 day

I have a lot of pride in being born & bred in East New York. But it's bad out here. Every time we think it's gotten better, it all turns around. All in one day there was 3 shootings. On Wednesday, a 22 year old girl was shot in the head & killed on Jerome & Linden. And a 20 year old, with her, was also shot in the head, but is in critical condition. The 22 year old had a restraining order against these girls who she had problems with in her own building and they jumped her the morning of her death, where her father made a police report and nothing was done. One of the problem girls' boyfriend shot the victims from a car.
On Sutter Avenue a girl shot her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend (21yrs old) as she walked down the street. She died.
Also on Wednesday, in East NY, a mother and her boyfriend where fighting when he pulled out a gun and started shooting a closed door. He shot that woman's 11 year old daughter in the chest. She is in critical, but stable condition.

This is all so sad. It's scary because they happened right outside on the side walk. And I learned very young, that a bullet has no name on it. Why do people want to kill? I'll never understand.


Jess said...

Sad the hood you call home is the same place that ends up killing you.. smh

21-7 Magazine said...

thats horrible i dont want to live there!


ELLE said...

lol shut up a-list... We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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